Clear Your Energy Class


Energy is everywhere. It’s in the papers, news, on social media. Your neighbors, loved ones and friends create energy, with their emotions. You do, too. It’s an ENERGY UNIVERSE!

Yet there are some energies that do not feel good for you. These energies can cause you to feel any number of things: angry, sad, anxious, panicky, weird, confused, yucky… All have the common quality of causing you to feel badly, and feel very unlike yourself.

Join me for a 90-minute session. I will share 3 practices with you that keep me feeling sparkly, good, and in my own clear energy.

When: Saturday August 26 2023, 12-1:30 HAST
Where: live, via Zoom
Cost: $65 before August 13; $95 after August 13

*This is a live event. Recording will be provided to all participating live attendees.

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