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Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse – Of Omens & Kings

Eclipses were the ancient astrologer’s predictive tool. The original omen of the future, when eclipses appeared in the sky, foreboding and awe would pass over the collective. This awe was the source of strange superstitions; people might cover their windows and stay indoors during an eclipse. And their awe wasn’t unfounded – because huge shifts, like the overthrow of Kings, deaths of people in power, and big news took place around eclipse time (this made the astrologers of yore either very popular or conversely very unpopular, depending on whether they were allied with the winner).

Ancient fears may not have been unfounded – perhaps just misunderstood. It was our ancestors’ natural fear of the unknown which may’ve alloted the eclipse it’s god-like power. Of course, back then there were no evolutionary astrologers hanging around, an astrologer who might suggest that instead of pulling the covers over our head we might look ahead like visionaries and embrace the next step of the journey. Because whatever happens during an eclipse time – birth/death/and everything in between – one thing’s for certain: we are making a huge forward leap in consciousness. Eclipses loudly proclaim, “It’s time to grow beyond where we’ve previously been!” And in the sign of Aquarius, the evolution of revolution is near. [Read more…]