Kate Hudson: 19 April 1979

If being Goldie Hawn’s daughter didn’t make her Almost Famous, her talent, gorgeous looks and trademark effervescent personality would. The Golden Globe also helped. Kate Hudson is one of the more popular stars within the industry; co-stars and friends adore her bright, sunny enthusiasm (on the set of You, Me and Dupree she laughed so uncontrollably that several scenes needed to be re-shot). But don’t underestimate Aries’ easy, direct style. There’s an indomitable willpower beneath the golden glow, as noted by mom, Goldie, in Vogue Magazine, July 2006: “Katie is a strong-willed girl…She was always ahead of her years. In that way she is an old soul and has this great inner wisdom and the ability to listen. She seems so easy, but easy and wonderful are two different things. And if you confused her absolute decency and kindness with simplicity, you would be making a big mistake.” A doting mother, yes, but here’s also a cleverly crafted warning: don’t mess with Kate. Never, ever confuse a Ram’s kindness with simplicity – there’s a fearless warrior lurking within.