Reese Witherspoon: 22 March 1976 

Charming belle Reese Witherspoon claims her blonde hair and Southern background has never helped her image. She says, “Immediately, when people meet you, they think of you as not being smart.” Perhaps that’s what fueled her standout performance in Legally Blonde, the story of a debutante who wants to prove her intellectual worth. To happily satisfy their self-starting Cardinal energy, Aries needs a grand goal to fuel their considerable inner fire. But whereas male Rams thrive on physical competition, equally competitive female Rams oft channel their considerable ambitions into professional pursuits. Daughter of a surgeon and college professor, Reese is motivated by the desire to achieve, an Aries pursuit in itself, but she’s not going to be held back by her sex, either. In Interview Magazine, December 2005, Reese said: “I grew up in an environment where women accomplished a lot. And if they weren’t able to it was because they were limited by society. I grew up with a grandma who was incredibly intelligent but was limited by the bounds of society and propriety.” The memory of her grandmother’s unfulfilled potential continues to motivate “little Miss Type A” (her childhood nickname) to greater heights.