Suri Cruise: 18 April 2006

What can we say about the little baby daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes that hasn’t been said before? She’s dark haired, blue eyed and has beautiful parents. But just from knowing her Sun sign, we offer Katie and Tom some helpful advice about little Suri. She may look small and helpless now, but deep down she’s a tough independent spirit who won’t be afraid to let you know if she disagrees with you. Early on this may come out in red-faced crying fits, but when she reaches her terrible twos she’ll be cutting her teeth on all the freedom she can’t wait to taste. Certainly she’ll be bubbly and joyful (we rarely meet an Aries who doesn’t have a cheery disposition) likely surprising you both when she pulls a few devilish tricks out of her bonnet. But perhaps you already knew this about sweet Suri, whose name means “princess” in Hebrew, and in Persian, “red rose” – the flower of Aries.