Vince Vaughn: 28 March 1970

Vince Vaughn - AriesWe’re not trying to typecast, but Vince’s convincing portrayal of Swingers, Wedding Crashers and breaker-uppers gives us a sneaking suspicion that even out of character, this Aries is of the rebel without a cause variety. He’s also a funny guy and in fact the character he played in Swingers was inspired by Vince’s impersonation of pretentious actor friends. Funny, but is that really very nice, Vince? Peering out from behind Vince’s roles, we can see grin of Roman War God Mars, planetary ruler of Aries, running amuck. Fortunately through astrology we understand that every Aries has a bit of fighting spirit in him, so if there’s no war for Vince to fight, no opposition to confront, he loses his steam and vitality. Comedy helps this man let off steam, so do sports (a popular Aries activity) and partying with his buddies. Unfortunately, his masculine, martial lifestyle isn’t a hit with his on and off again girlfriend Jennifer Aniston, and co-star in The Break-Up. Their on-screen relationship resembled a volatile Mars versus Venus dilemma, rife with battle-of-the-sexes arguments, leads us to wonder if this isn’t a case of art mirrors life.