Sex, Candy and Freud…not necessarily in that order

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Shopping, chocolate, lingerie stores (Palmers, Europes Victorias Secret, literally on every other block) and a visit to the psychoanalyst could a woman want for more? Oh, then theres the shopping. For this city of window shoppers, Merchants cram as much as they can in the windows and doorways for the Sunday (nothing is open) and evening strollers. Although businesses close early (Vienna makes serious business of leisure) you can still shop. The prices are conveniently posted next to everything you can price and pick out your items and return when they open. Candy making is an art form here, also eating sweet tortes, marzipan or a fancy fruit concoction with your morning, afternoon and evening coffee (trust me, 3 times a charm). Evidently, Libra has a weakness for sweets. Evidently.
As Im writing I hear those old familiar sounds, the steadily increasing rhythm of moans echoing between the buildings. Im continually trying to distinguish the audible difference between pigeon and human lovemaking noises. Or it could be someone having a seizure, Goddess bless em. What is that sound? The flapping of wings generally clears it up, but not always. Those could be thighs, slapping together.
Yes there’s Sigmund Freud, lingerie shops and the occasional shocking show of tongue. Which brings us round to Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, in the sign of Scorpio in Vienna. As the founding father of psychoanalysis, Freud had his first office here, a trip to the Freud Museum was a must see. I found Freud’s home rather dark and dreary. And the tour was dry, 6 mostly empty rooms full of scientific papers, diplomas and certificates and photographs of Freudian friends and family on the wall. There were cute pictures of an older, Cancer-ridden Dr. lounging in garden villas with his Frau, daughter, and loyal doggies. The pictures indicate he was a flower and nature lover, although his ‘obsessions’ (their quotes) were: traveling, smoking and collecting. Someone forgot to include the juicy stuff maybe some patient notes or Freud’s diary of sex dreams? Neine! In Freud’s office, sexuality was (and remains) discussed in polite discourse, just like I’d-rather-talk-about-sex-than-actually have-it-Libra. The couch was the first ever used in psychoanalysis. This new intimacy was risky in this strictly business relationship. Freud found, when reclining, people were more easily able to free associate. Here’s a free association: when you lay down to relax you’re usually taking your clothes off. Discussions on oral fixations and Oedipal syndromes only – nothing suspicious going on here, Bill. See my library shelves full of books on the subject? Psychoanalysis and sex: both Venus in Scorpio preoccupations, and both done in a Libran, I’ll keep my clothes on fashion. This reminds me of a Details magazine survey I recently read. Women were asked if they’d rather forego a month without their favorite clothing items or 3 months without sex. They chose to forego sex. (All hail Details. Men may be simple creatures, but in our way, so are we.). I propose a similar question: Would you rather have a session with a fabulous psychotherapist or a mind-blowing orgasm? Most women would choose therapy. What do you think?


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  1. Lise

    Jessica, you made me smile and laugh out loud when I read this! I was conflicted for a few moments. So the question is IF you couldn’t have a free-for-all shopping session at your favorite store (since this trumps everything!), would you opt for the mind-blowing psychotherapy or the mind-blowing sex? As a Virgo, my mind first leapt to the juicy thought of the best psychoanalyist in the world. I mean, c’mon, the Virgo energy is constantly processing and analyzing the why’s and wherefore’s of behavior and personalities not just related to themselves, but absolutely with their most important relationships. It’s a burden but someone has to do it! 😉 But I love it when my “internal processor” is turned off and things become singular and simple. It’s a welcome relief. And no better way than with the mind blowing sex and the connection to my physical self. I wonder about other Virgos? I bet more than not, the Virgo energy would opt for the sex! After all, can anyone really out-analyze the Virgo energy? 😉

  2. Lise

    Guess my point is, who needs Freud when you have the energy behind the Virgo processor. Give me mind blowing sex!


  3. Jessica

    Lise, I love it!!!! will never, ever underestimate the Virgoan sex drive…you are the Virgin after all, the paradoxically chaste babe saving herself for a one and only. Physical connection is incredibly grounding, and considering you Virgos are constantly “processing” maybe y’all need those booty calls to keep your mind-body connection humming…

    Funny, funny!

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