Virgo Says: Need Specific Help, Perspective, Recommendations. Stat.

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Dear Jessica – Do you have any specific recommendations for a Virgo while Saturn is in Virgo? It must not be a coincidence that a few weeks ago I felt compelled to pick up “Soul Without Shame” again (working on/with our inner critic) in preparation of something, what I cannot say. I can sense in a crystal clear way that this is my work for the next few years but my heart is heavy at the seemingly insurmountable work ahead despite my best efforts to gain a different perspective. If Saturn tends to highlight the flaws of the sign it’s in, won’t this be a challenging time for Virgos to find perspective on the whole since we tend to have overactive inner critics. How do we find the perspective when things appear double stacked?

Dear Concerned,

Before advising, I really want to give you specific recommendations, Virgo, I really do. Yet I’ve sat down several times to write, and stalled out. In my frustration, I had the strange impulse to make you a guidebook, to hire a research assistant for this most pressing issue, making sure she cites her sources with footnotes. To be quite honest, I’ve been a little anxious about writing you. “Hmmm…What’s that about?” I’ve wondered. And then, how on earth will I give this most conscientious, analytical sign her due?! I’m not a procrastinator Virgo, but I must say, I’m feeling amazing pressure to give you great advice, to tell you exactly and precisely how this will be for you. And that pressure of this monumental and suddenly infinitely demanding, complex task has all but stopped me in my tracks.

Then it struck me: this is probably what you’re feeling.

After I figured this out, writing you went a little smoother. In a non-pressurized moment I sat down and advised. Visualizing a wordsmith funnel or sieve, I put forward my best effort to purify the dross and essentialize the message. As only you can, I do hope you’re able to skillfully apply some of what you read here. But on the off chance this is not useful – I completely forgive myself for not being a better astrologer. It’s something I’ve had to do a lot of lately, and I’ll keep doing it. We’re all facing this with Saturn in Virgo. You might want to try it, too. (Therapy helps. When I compare myself to others, she reminds me that I have thirty-four years old of wisdom and who on earth would expect me to give fifty-four year old wisdom.)

All the answers are within you, Virgo. As the self-help sign of the zodiac, you are infinitely resourceful. That said, here goes…

Dear Concerned,

It’s all good news for you! Isn’t it high time you welcome Saturn into your sign? Why? Just ask the Leos, those who have had Saturn visit their signs during the past two years. Of the two Leos I know personally, not one but both have grown by leaps and bounds professionally and personally- and they’re turning lead into gold as we speak (for more on turning lead into gold click here). Of the clients I have, all are making great breakthroughs. You could say, of course, well Saturn finally left their sign – hellooo? But then you’d be missing approximately one half of the point. They did the hard work, the discipline, focus and general streamlining required by famed taskmaster. Saturn delivered. When Saturn leaves your sign, he thrillingly, concretely delivers exactly what you’ve done in the two year interim. And that means work.

One astrologer, Bill Tierney, calls Saturn “your guardian angel.” Why oh why would we call the planet, oft-associated with Pan or the Devil , our angel? Saturn asks us to live in 3-D reality, and living in reality is tricky because it requires us to clearly see the obstacles before us – without entirely believing them. In short, our faith is tested. He’s also affectionately known as the “grim reaper”, effectively drawing lines in the sand. By ending one chapter of our lives and beginning a new one, we’re free to move forward.

When Saturn transited my Sun in Cancer, I drew lines in the sand with my most important relationships. I created new strong boundaries because I needed them. My current ones were weak. This was uncomfortable for me and the people I cared for, and a few relationships didn’t last. I understood that I needed to do it, though. And later, new and wonderful people came into my life because my “relationship space” was freed up for healthier ones with a higher level of respect – with people who are in my life now.

Or we could just cave in, fold up. That’s, Saturn the trickster. We could not rise to the occasion by giving into the bogged down, leaden feeling. We always have choice. We could feel like the ultimate loser, King of Loserville. If we want to move mountains we’ve got to push. We’re so tempted to believe that the world – or even Saturn – is thwarting our best efforts. Isn’t projection wonderful? We fail to see the mountain (of work, resolve, discipline, time management etc…) as a life symbol for cutting our necessary losses, honing and becoming our personal best. With Saturn, we learn patience, to delay gratification, to put off today’s rewards till tomorrow. It occurs to me that this mode probably feels already familiar to you. So Virgo, take it a step further – it’s all about your goals, your healing, and your life path. Look at every obligation you undertake through the glasses of you.

Saturn in Virgo isn’t all about the shadow, though that’s one component. Saturn’s visit will give you a chance to work your sign’s angle. In Cancer, Saturn we focused on family, emotions and nurturing relations. In Leo, our ability to shine, create and live an authentic life. In Virgo, we need processes and procedures in our lives, a greater connection to the whole, to learn the even greater lessons of self-acceptance and self-love.

I love that you picked up the book Soul Without Shame, for although I haven’t read it, it speaks to Virgos shame. Anything you can do to work with the critic during Saturn’s pass through the sign of Virgo will enhance your personal effectiveness, by healing that place where you’re paralyzed by negative thinking, self-doubt, unworthiness and shame. Where does Virgo’s shame come from? Go within. Maybe Virgo shame is related to defeating mental thought patterns, persistent ones that insist on feeling less-than. For Virgo, it helps to remember that it’s our thoughts keeping us separate.

In my paying lip service post I was goaded to explore “perfection,” the supposed Virgo bugaboo a little deeper. In researching the etyology of the word, I discovered: perfect is from per- “completely” + facere “to perform” I made the link, that in striving for perfection, we’re striving for completion. Soul sister to wholeness, completion is what you’re soul is seeking. What can you complete, make whole during Saturn’s passage?

And a little Virgo RX: if you need a break, you can jump into the opposite sign – Pisces, for sweet unity and connectedness. Pisces self-forgetfulness (getting lost in a painting, spirituality, beauty and creativity) is a natural Virgo remedy. I would tell other signs to be very conscious with this remedy/juju, or if I were speaking to a Virgo with afflicting Neptune. But for the most part, Virgo too easily remembers her separation from spirit. Jump into a Georgia O’Keefe painting, where the smallest flower beauty becomes infinitely larger. Completely forget your self.

And finally, here are some “guidebook” tips for Virgo I’ve garnered from Annie Bones’ Celestial Astrologer 2007:

-connect with your work and make use of your talents to achieve goals that are important to you.
-Virgos will need to make it through and succinctly handle many completion processes, and they may pass some significant milestones in the next couple of years to come.
-there will be a strong inclination to put an end to trifling details, and Virgo people will be busily focused on some of the things they do best, like: working in a timely manner, completing goals, organizing and handling important responsibilities.
-Virgo, the shy, analytical, skeptical and doutbtful practitioner, will be put to the working test of setting up perimeters and territorial lines in an ever changing environment. Virgos must create their own guidelines and set their own standards of what kind of work they will do and how much it will be worth to them. This is a very important time for Virgos, a time or work and career related establishment or closure and it is an important time in their family life, too.



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  1. Lauren

    your wisdom feels ageless to me because it comes from your heart and what richer gift can an astrologer give to herself or the person seeking advice than her honestly felt pathos?

  2. Lise

    Jessica — I think I’ve read this at least 5 times in a row right now and I am going to print it and also forward it on to several other Virgos in my Universe who are all going through upheaval right now. I’ve always been amazed at how you find the truth for Virgoans. What a daunting task! But as soon as you wrote about making the link between perfectionism (how the world defines it) and completeness (how Virgos define it and in doing so, become very bewildered by others’ impression this has anything to do with criticism), I got shivers! I agreed with Lauren. Your wisdom is ageless and your abilities as an astrologer are uncanny! Meaning, very intuitive, and I can see how your intellect works hard to make the translation and communication clear for us. (Gratefully). Thank you very much for your advice and your time. Really, it makes me weepy. But then again, the Cancers I know are very compassionate with the Virgo energy. Oh and remember, Virgos are ever so capable of finding the perfect in the imperfect. Now that’s completeness.

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