clownMany of us astrologers have a special affinity for Aquarius, and the planet ruling it, Uranus. We live life on the outer limits, like our Aquarian friends. Most of my Aquarian/Uranus-ruled friends are full of surprises, as their edgy energy compels them to do exactly the unexpected thing they were supposed naught to – mainly shake, and wake up, the old order. Funnily, even they surprise themselves with their own aberrant and strange behavior. Appreciably, they have an odd sense of humor, poking fun at their own strange self loosens up the fixed (stubborn) energy that often can quell their cool quirkiness, resulting in stagnant intolerance.

As the Sun moves into Aquarius, we’re moved to establish contacts with groups of like minds. If we’re going to be visionaries, create something different, we need – you guessed it- friends. Not BFF’s, but the kind of friends who share the same ideals and dreams for the future, hence the reputation for the sign’s impersonality. Since the north node has entered Aquarius, banding together with a tribe will always help us reach our goals.


starWe’ll also be trying to change what’s dying or broken, look at old systems with the sparkling intelligence and innovative clarity of this sign. You made your resolutions with Capricorn, but you can throw out what’s no longer working. Life coaches are in demand, as are original thinkers and visionaries. Saturn, its co-ruler is in Virgo; everyone’s become a social critic. And there’s plenty to fix – regarding our health, and the systems by which we run our lives. Aquarius other co-ruler is Uranus, in Pisces, we may feel like isolated islands in the stream but consciousness is the ocean that connects us to each other. We’re no longer separate. As we’re each waking up, we’re realizing that our individual consciousness does have an awesome affect on the whole – and vice versa.

I’m also noticing more of us interested in developing our clairvoyance and vision. People are reaching out into the psychic airwaves and picking up on other people’s thoughts, dreams and images. When we’re in sacred relationship, we’re no longer believing that our thoughts are just our own. This can only be a good thing; since Chiron entered Aquarius, healers and visionaries appear to be looking for healing bridges, new connector routes by which we can truly help heal humanity.