Aries Asks: Do Aquarians ever admit they were wrong?

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Dear Moonkissd,

I love your column and was wondering if you are the fiery redhead damsel in the picture? My second question is this: I am an Aries Woman (4/9) who had a tumultuous relationship with an Aquarius Man (2/14) that was seeped in betrayal by my ex best friend Pisces (3/3). I became pregnant and it ended in a miscarriage. It turned out that the Pisces ex best friend was leading my Aquarian on, thus muddying the waters for me. All three relationships ended with a bang, not a whimper. No one has spoken in two months. Just recently, I feel that this Aquarian is trying to reconnect with me through other people. Is he after friendship or trying to re establish a love affair? Do Aquarians ever admit they were wrong and try to reconnect?

He knew I really loved him and this ex friend of mine did not. I don’t think he is a healthy person to have in my life but I am trying to prepare myself for his re entry in my life. I am very intuitive and can read people very well but it sometimes gets lost in translation when I am involved. I just feel something tugging at me letting me know he is trying to reconnect. What do you see? Thanks in advance for your help.

The redhead damsel is my alter Moon in Aries ego, but alas no, she is not me.

About your next question: I have no idea whether he’s trying to reconnect friend-wise or as lovers. With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius hanging around Neptune for the past few weeks you’re picking up on something. Certainly friendship is a prerequisite to the Aquarian relationship. In fact give an Aquarian a choice between being “just friends” or something more…and they’ll choose friends, first. Partly because they want to be liked and friendships are a safe, fun way to get to know some one. Also, they’re too damn smart to let their emotions get the better of them. This can be a liability. They figure they’ll feel later, and via self-mind control they do their damnedest to suppress the emotions of …romantic love. Attraction takes them to the edge of reason – those wacky, out of control, ungovernable emotions. And that’s just not their, to use an Aquarian word, paradigm (a paradigm is a mentally self-constructed head-space).

And perhaps this head over heart thing is why Aquarians are so vulnerable to relationships with permeable membranes – polyamourous relationships, sudden affairs, ménage a tois. They’re all “it’s cool baby, I’m not attached” and then the most unfathomable thing happens – in this case, another woman – forcing him to confront in no uncertain terms, a divided head and heart.

I’m thinking your Aquarian is out of touch with his emotions and that’s what led him into the arms of the Pisces siren. And if you viewed this whole relationship dynamic as an Astro-projection (since you didn’t offer birth years or times I’ll take the liberty) – he got together with a misunderstood part of himself – a soulful, compassionate and nonsensical Pisces who doesn’t give a wit about anyone’s head paradigm. So your Pisces friend didn’t muddy waters that weren’t already muddied to begin with.

Lastly, Can an Aquarian ever admit their wrong? Yes. But that doesn’t mean it won’t take hammer, pick and nail (read: exhaustive conversation) to arrive at this point. If he thinks he’s wrong, self-honesty always moves him to make amends. But if he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong, good luck. In which case, you’re dealing with the sign’s notorious stubbornness and that is about as satisfying as chipping away at a piece of granite. You truly can’t see in yourself that which you’re unwilling to see.

To be honest, I wouldn’t take up that battle, Aries. Loving relationship isn’t about proving that anyone’s wrong, or right. The fact that you were betrayed is all the validation or proof you’ll ever need. You were hurt. Your best revenge is living your life successfully, without added confusion and heartache. However, I do know love isn’t always that simple and healthy choices don’t arrive magically like Cinderella’s carriage – not before a certain amount of personal work. So if you decide to get back into what you call an “unhealthy relationship” do it with full knowledge that without healing the exhaustive history between you, it could very well happen all over again.



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  1. Vance

    I’m an Aquarius yes I can admit when I’m wrong funny your an Aries because a person I pissed off a woman who was an Aries I take full responsibility and I have also accepted that I’m now dead to her serve me right though I asked for sex when she was more worried about her dog dying of cancer and in the end it was put down and that dog had been with her through an abusive relationship. I didn’t help my situation with her lately because we were both friends with a Virgo and this person I felt was very cunning and couldn’t keep secrets and over it really got to me and I told her how fake she was and I knew the Virgo before the Aries she knew her from school I knew her from the Virgo. But there one thing I learnt in life once and Aries made a choice they stick to it so I didn’t argue but I able to move on from because I took responsibility from day one.

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