Oprah and Eckhart, Aquarius Dream Team

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I’ve been downloading the podcast of the New Earth for 4 weeks now and am burning to talk about it astrologically. gaia consciousnessPerhaps it’s the Piscean energies circulating this month, and ruling planet Neptune in Aquarius in the air raising astral-consciousness to all-time highs. It seems Neptune’s transit over Oprah’s Mercury in Aquarius has radically opened her consciousness, and the beauty of the Oprah media empire is we’re finally able to ride this new wave of consciousness – together. Goddess bless her for bringing mystic Eckhart Tolle to the masses, via webcast for his timely book, The New Earth. And it’s a fitting title broadcasting Pluto’s entry into Capricorn, which I gleefully told a client the other day after talking about The New Earth, must surely mean: “the death of the ego.” Hurrah!

Hmm, Oprah falls into the unique category reserved for Aquarians, what do we call her? She’s not a teacher, a philanthropist, a wise one – she is a visionary. Eckhart is a visionary Aquarian, too! Here’s the thing about these two: The visionary is a person who waters the consciousness of humanity by riding new waves (Aquarius) of spiritual consciousness (Neptune), and dispersing those thoughts, and ideas to the masses. Oprah does this by connecting people to (her Venus conjunct Sun, Mercury in Aquarius) their “best self”. Oprah is a copper conductor, bringing ideas-people-thoughts and becoming your “best self” together. Eckhart is a soft-spoken channel for non-egoic consciousness (Mercury in Pisces Retrograde). This is a perfect pairing for both on multiple levels. And apropos for two Aquarians, the visionary dream team isn’t personal, but humanitarian.

Sure it’s always paid to be Oprah’s friend. But Eckhart, a plain looking man with a transparent personality to boot, has no interest in being anyone’s guru, another “thought-form” leader. He’s a gentle but blank presence, in a day and age where personality is king – making it easy to miss the entire point entirely. What he lacks in charisma, he makes up for in awakened clarity. He’s about as refreshingly clear as a glass of spring water (from another planet), and as necessary to our sanity for these dirty-thought times. I do believe this is part of his appeal, and his proof of “aliveness”: this neutral, self-described “egoless” man (his ego ceased when he became awakened; notice his natal Mars in Leo opposition to his Sun) is transparent for the message, which in personality, and in print, lacks in the “joy and zest for life” department. But that’s just my ego talking. Mystics aren’t made for T.V. Oprah is (and annoying twinge when Oprah’s well-meaning attempts to help you become “your best self” come off as commercial – that’s your ego talking, too). Turns out, the ego stays in power by having all these opinions about everyone, and again, misses the point entirely.

So here’s Eckhart, counterpoint to Oprah, with no image to glamorize, no shoes or handbag, no wellness-filled lifestyle to acquire, and no weight to lose – (unless you count the leaden thoughts you carry around in your mind) saying it’s not the thinking that weighs a person down, but identifying with the thinking. And this applies as equally to weight loss, as anything (hmmm, “shedding the pounds: a spiritual into physical realization…” is it the next Oprah wave?)

This lack of glamour is his authentic appeal. There is nothing to sell here. No personality to buy. And because of this, Eckhart is irresistible to the essential self: he is not resisting, promising, coercing, coaching or convincing (like most of us do much of the time) but possesses an unflappable lightness of being. And from listening to his response to toughest life questions from callers who call in from all corners of the world, I’ve come to believe his wisdom is un-stump-able.

Their astrological synastry for joint consciousness shifting is compelling, least of all, for Oprah. Eckhart’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo opposes Oprah’s Mercury. The topic of discussion: deconstructing egoic mind, makes for plenty lot of “A-ha!” moments for Ms. Oprah. Eckhart’s Mercury in Pisces is squared by Oprah’s Moon in Sagittarius – he’s the mystical message channel, and she responds in a philosophical, easy-breezy but passionate “got it!” or “love that!” After the initial crunch of Eckhart’s abstract reasoning meet Oprah’s eager-student enthusiasm, it’s endearing to watch or hear. And then there’s the accessibility factor of Oprah -she’s bringing something conceptual to people who, in all likelihood, never before contemplated the ego’s terror grip on the mind.

Here’s what makes this dream team compelling: they are strange birds. They came together for a moment of collective awakening. Their paths intersected because humanity is ready, we are frustrated enough with the prevailing current, “the way things are” and feeling powerless to change what’s out there, figure cleaning up our interior is the most effective response. No longer loners meditating against the grain, “new age” people, Christian and Muslim and Hollywood and Catholic people, are calling in from all over the world with wildly revolutionary thoughts like, how do I stop myself from getting caught up in role-playing?- and- is it possible to fight a war and be awakened at the same time? -and- even though I’ve been a great parent by anyone’s standards, why do I feel so guilty? Just when you lost your faith in humanity, just when you were beginning to believe you really do have to dumb down to the 7th grade level of thw world, like your very own College teachers pounded into your head – here are people asking the big questions. I’m blown away.

It’s incredible. From Tel-Aviv to Tallahassee, joined through time, distance, space, internet, skype, message boards and Oprah and Eckhart – people becoming more conscious. Don’t you find that incredibly reassuring?

*the new earth webcast is web archived. Find it at oprah.com or itunes.
*Oprah’s birth info: 1/29/54, 4:30 am, Kosciusko, MS; Eckhart’s birth info: 2/16/48, time unknown, Germany


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