As a special Mother’s day treat for you, here’s a May horoscope for Moms written by moi!

During the Sun’s yearly passage through Taurus we recognize the valuable people and things that inspire well-being. Of course this is serendipitously tied to Mother’s Day – proving there are no coincidences.

Aries: Quality of life is such an adult concept, and quickly becoming an appreciable reality for you. Yet you retain your edge. Ruling planet Mars plays in your house of fun beginning May 9 and your inner child recovers her moxie to play with abandon.

Taurus: You’ve just been elected Queen for the first three weeks of the month. As long as Venus crosses your path, you are officially relieved of trash duty. The others will get their turn eventually. Right now, it’s all about you.

Gemini: Have you ever had the sensation that while one part of you is busy yapping, another part of you is conked out on the sofa? To the casual observer you appear engaged, but you’re recharging. Don’t resist rest. So when Mercury retrogrades on May 20, you’re amply juiced.

Cancer: Remember the song “somewhere over the rainbow”? Wistful and pure, it reminds me of you. But unlike the chorus line, somewhere is here and now. You’ve reached the rainbow. The New Moon on May 5 leads the way – all month you’re discovering your pot o’ gold.

Leo: Leo mama, it’s your month to shine – in more ways than one. As Mars enters your sign on May 9, you have the rare advantage of looking fantastic both from afar and up close and personal. Sell your self, or sell your cookie recipe but whatever you do, don’t sell yourself short. Make it fabulous.

Virgo: Think about the difference between who you were last December, and who you are now. As Saturn in Virgo moves forward this month, you’re moving forward with a new sense of your self. And new resolve. And if anyone has the stick-ability to reach higher ground and stay there, it’s you.

Libra: Remember your favorite blankie – the one you swore you couldn’t live without? Where is it now? Thought so. Once reassuring, eventually it outwore its usefulness and its practicality. This month, retire a symbolic security blanket. And by May 19 what’s eternally yours is yours.

Scorpio: When you nurture your relationships, you always receive immediate dividends. It’s like putting a hundred bucks in the bank and your return triples -sweet! Lately your instinct about whom to invest in, and how much, is so spot on, Mother’s Day merely blesses the deal.

Sagittarius: Sag Mom, you’re so happy running all over the place, sometimes you forget to tie your own shoes, let alone go to the gym or cook a meal not originating from a box. With ruling planet Jupiter moving retrograde May 9, you need not slow down to take personal inventory.

Capricorn: Judging from the number of people who speak, look and act like grown-ups, it’s hard to imagine we were all once innocent children. Venus transits your house of childlike play for most of the month proving the adult of the zodiac can delight in the simplest of things.

Aquarius: Your family is a wonderful looking glass, you don’t always see your self in them, but their loyalty is priceless. As domestic themes prevail most of the month, Mercury’s transit through Gemini puts a bee in your bonnet to do something different, thus, livening up life at the ranch.

Pisces: You’re busier than a soup kitchen this month Fish mama. Hey a few pots may boil over, but you’re cool. Because thanks to dependable Saturn’s direct motion, for the first time in months, your friends and your support team are available and willing to pitch in.

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