Introducing, Venus & Beyond – My New Love Blog (& More)

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To foister your spirits during these alternately darkening/hopeful times, I bear cafeteria-style love and greetings, from the Venus room at Versaillesplanet Venus. I’m now writing a new blog on called, Venus & Beyond: Love on the Outer Planets. There you can find my ramblings, tips, insights and magical suggestions for all things love-ly. Feel free to send me love questions, and subscribe to the feed so you can receive the posts as they go live. I’ll send you moonkisses!

Also my friend, Jeffrey Kishner, formerly the mastermind of Seduction Central (and who has so generously turned his astrology savvy readers onto Moonkissd) has now launched a social network-astrology, celebrity and love blog all wrapped up in one. It’s called sasstrology, and it’s absolutely fabulous.

And here’s a little sampler from the new Venus blog, with a decidedly Venusian take on the political scene…

What with the world economy in flux, despair being dished up like today’s cafeteria special and everyone is at the end of their rope. A blog about L-O-V-E? Would it be indulgent? Excessive? Like a $150,000 shopping spree for a smart Ann Taylor-ish wardrobe, smack in the middle of a recession? Would it be one big, juicy orgasmic Venusian distraction from the real issues? And is it a luxury to contemplate the Goddess of Love and Luxe in times like these?

These are the questions I asked my friends, my husband, the cosmos — in earnest. The answer came to me in one sweeping and inspirational dramagical moment last Saturday morning.

I channeled Sarah Palin. She said, ‘Say it. Go all the way, babe. Love is all they need.’ … basically.
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