This week my Taurus full Moon illumination is running on the Venus & Beyond blog over at As I played with what to write and where, my Saturn in Gemini tried to write two, but this time it came out as one (maddeningly, usually it’s the other way around!). Keep checking both- you will always find me at one, or the other. Thanks Moonkissd readers!

Here’s an excerpt from Full Moon in Taurus Brings Scorpio Love Lessons:

Through our relationship, I’ve learned that Taurus Moon doesn’t care a wit about muddling through the complexity of my feelings — or his. That’s Scorpio. Hug therapy, sexual therapy, cuddle therapy are Taurus. Always, those easy, plodding and simple activities of Taurus restore sanity to ‘crisis mode’ Scorpio. Maybe one of the most nurturing/difficult relationship saving techniques one can do in a Scorpio exchange is to remember that a) you have a body, and you’re in it b) the plants need watering and c) it’s almost dinner time. Click here for more.