The Proposal & Love Advice for the World Weary

by | Nov 21, 2008 | Love and Relationships | 3 comments

I’ve been burning brain calories over at the Venus & Beyond blog, and romantic France, once again has made a reappearance in both blogs (she’s proving to be a fabulous literary mistress). I couldn’t resist sharing the dish with you. Here’s a peek…

The Proposal…

Then I saw the dress in real life, tres magnifique! On the single day I was in Paris, we had stopped at a pub for a coffee. paris red dressAvoiding yet another cup of nasty Nescafe, I left John in the pub with his mistress (his laptop) and feeling a Carrie Bradshaw-esque adventure coming on, I ventured onto the streets armed with my camera. Immediately across from the street was a chic boutique, where hanging in the window was this buttery delicious red dress. I looked up. Aaaah … She was no ordinary dress. She (yes, she’s a dame) was wearing an elaborate necklace of guazy red ribbon (emphasizing the communication chakra and voice). Reminding me of a Moulin Rouge chanteuse, and also of myself, I caught my reflection in the window, superimposed against this gorgeous omen of a dress and a provocative thought dangerously flitted through my mind: no one I know would dare wear it, but I could pull it off.

And from Love Advice for the World Weary

As I watch myself, and the people around, me move in see-saw fashion from self-repressive and inhibited, to consumed by self-doubt that things will get better (Saturn), to radical moments of invention, to self-reinvention and even hope (Uranus), I’m taking this personally. My friends are taking this personally, too. The only clear thing we all share is a clear lack of certainty. Disconnect is a sign that Saturn-Uranus is nearby. After all, ask yourself what’s been missing all along in this world of war and men (aside from a good woman)? Connection. Empathy. Feeling. Relatedness. Being connected to, and in relationship with, the world.


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  1. lauren

    How delicious this dress and of course the fantasies conjured. Hands down you absolutely could pull it off!

    My memory got perky when I read, “elaborate necklace of gauzy red ribbon”, having many years ago researched the color red ( a story for another time) and found a tidbit of history that you may appreciate. For a short but gruesome period of time immediately following the French Revolution and the decapitations suffered under the guillotine it was the fashion a la mode in Paris for woman to wear a red choker around the throat, from velvet ribbon to rubies; and around the last time Pluto sojourned through Capricorn!

  2. Jessica

    Lauren -thank you so much. that’s remarkable!!! I had no idea!!!

    Guillotine Fashion!!! How Pluto in Capricorn perfect is that?…I’ve reserved this as an upcoming trend in the Recession-Proof Your Style piece I’m cooking up. 🙂

  3. lauren

    Jessica – I am always interested reading what you cook up ! Anytime. Anywhere.

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