Venus in Aquarius, An Outrageous Beauty

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“Women might be able to fake orgasms, but men can fake whole relationships.” -Sharon Stone, Venus in Aquarius

“Take your life in your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing. No one to blame.” -Erica Jong, Venus in Aquarius

“The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off.” -Gloria Steinem, Venus in Aquarius

“Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others.” – Ellen DeGeneres, Venus in Aquarius

If you were born when Venus was in the constellation of Aquarius, the Water Bearer…

Venus in Aquarius’ perceptions about love, art, beauty, body, and relationship are far from mainstream. This is the Venus sign who wants to build a separate wing on the house for her partner. Outrageous! What’s outrageous to you is not the same, to me; we are shaped by the cultural constructs of the time and place in which we live, and for Venus in Aquarius no matter whether taking off your Burka in France or leaving a stifling marriage in Utah, outrage is sacred. For you, standing up for your right to be happy, free and loved in the way you want to be loved, is a radical act of self-love. When this Venus sign dares to truthfully turn the tables on social expectations, she will likely shock people. This certainly makes for interesting relationships. It also makes this Venus sign one of the most invigorating, unusual people to hang with!

A Venus in Aquarius in love…

Every astrology textbook says Aquarius needs freedom. Why is this? In the karmic past we may’ve signed on to play a role, to become someone we’re not, to be a pretty face in the crowd, or we may have become overly defined by our gender role. In short, in matters of relating and self-worth, we’ve deviated too far from our truth. Optimally, this Venus sign was born to challenge the status quo– in values, relationship, art, self-worth and body image. This may include re-drawing the lines of the sexual and body politic, the social and gender roles within a community, or breaking the relationship mold she’s been given. All confrontations against her authentic self are alchemical acts that bring her closer to happiness. Truthfulness is a perilous position for the Goddess who strives for peace, love and happiness but she has no choice but to live by her own rules.

What this Venus sign needs to keep the love going..

This Venus sign can sometimes be heard saying things like: “I want to be loved for my brains, not my body or sexual orientation.” This is a worthy request to make of our admirers and friends, but over time our reactionary insistence on being perceived in a certain way can bring out an intolerant streak in the sign known for it’s tolerance! When other people become too unacceptable to tolerate, our own self-acceptance remedies this. Often the liberation in love that we crave isn’t freedom from the expectations of others, or changing their point of view, but the liberation we crave we must learn to give our self, first. The deeper request of Venus always, is: Love me, for being me. In Aquarius, Venus says, I am unlike anyone you’ve ever known before. I will be real with you and all I ask is for you to be authentic and real with me.

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  1. Merryweather

    “In Aquarius, Venus says, I am unlike anyone you’ve ever known before. I will be real with you and all I ask is for you to be authentic and real with me.”

    Absolutely, Lady! You hit it dead on, says this Venus in Aquarius chick!

  2. Jumy

    Oh yes, I have natal venus in aquarius and I’m getting married on Tues, when venus conjuncts my MC(getting married in the church on Tues [we’ve been married civily for 17 years])but why now? Wait for it, because this venus in aquarius is in love with the priest who will marry us and I have been for over two years!
    How else could I be true to myself? I don;t deliberately break the rules, they’re just in the way to my personal free and true expression of love. Had to tell someone and only venus in aquarius could and would understand.
    Love to you Jessica, great site
    Many thanks

  3. Xtrology

    Wow!!! What a great definition of the Venus sign that has given me so much pain!

    And, of course, Jumy thinks she is in love with the priest. She’s just afraid she’ll get hurt and is rationalizing.

    This is the cruelest of Venuses to be in love with. How to come out without getting hurt is still something I question. I’ve decided to give these people up. But you’re explanation should give anyone prepared for this task some hope.


  4. Ashley Bishop

    I have Venus in Aquarius are love is electricity, I was looking to the sky was is “God of Sky” the sign Aquarius. I has been a lot of friends and love the people if I feel more likes interested. I have only one love at last forever are most beautiful man personality. Ashley Bishop

  5. Serena

    It has been said that venus in aquarius people just up and leave without reason. Let me assure you that there IS a reason and usually a dammed good one, from their perspective..And cannot just go on as usual and pretend nothing is wrong. The main thing being if I have to expalin it to you, then you would not be smart enough to understand it anyway.. So I leave,but it takes a lot.! BTW my sunsign is Aquarius as well.
    I hate being alone, but I cannot stand most people.

  6. Chiccreek

    Fab description! I loved reading it!

    I’m venus in Aquarius, 1st house.
    Mars and pluto in Scorpio
    Sun is in Pisces
    Moon in Taurus! Seems like a good cocktail in terms of beauty, isn’t it? 😀 😀
    Only trouble there is venus squares my mars and my moon. 🙁

    I stand out in many places for my style- eccentric yet simple, delicate, sexy,and classy. I like to dress up like the real me- unique. 🙂

    Love—ah good question, my 6 years old younger-to-me bf is crazy in love with me and I’m blissfully in love with him. We are still very committed despite being more than 1 year physically apart. But I see his venus in scorp, mars in Taurus, sun in scorpio and moon in leo has a lot to do in making this chemistry work. His moon in leo is my point of balance.

    I know a guy with Venus and sun in Aquarius and strangely enough his moon is in taurus too- like me, but his eccentricity is too irritating for me at times!

  7. DaVoo

    I am a sun, moon, mercury in pisces, and venus in Aquarius…. EVERYONE LOVES ME! Like infatuated… It sounds pleasant, However finding someone WHO REALLY LOVES ME, Is very complicated! this is what drove me to this site! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love the attention I receive from others, But it so often turns out to be a MESS! no better way to put it! and If I dont feel authentic LOVE! I LEAVE without notice…. But To explain to the affection of your object, you simply do not feel LOVED…. IS IMPOSSIBLE! they just try harder AND always in vain!

  8. Jessica

    Hi DaVoo, With that much Pisces you would be open and lovable and bubbly and glamorous and all those wonderful traits. I imagine boundary issues are a problem because if you’re open to being loved by everyone, a lot of pressure (to choose who to be intimate with) falls on your Venus. It’s too much! She is the Goddess of Discernment, of learning how to wisely choose partners -not just anyone- of understanding who we like, what we enjoy, our turn offs and the subtle process of deciding who to let in, is apart of the individuating process for any Venus sign. Learn to make the finer distinctions between the people who love you & people you could love. Boundaries help with this. You’re right: getting and receiving attention and affection is not true love. That’s an important distinction to make.

  9. allhoney

    I am actually a Venus in Aries, but I am also very Uranian (moon, mercury, and Venus aspects) and this describes me to a T. I can seldom tolerate men for more than a year. I start feeling stifled and irritated. I seem to find myself in tons of long distance relationships, and/or with men who are somehow unsuitable or unavailable (and therefore unsuitable). I’ll get it together eventually.

  10. kevin

    hey, just wanted to drop in and say that I couldn’t have said it better. I have a moon in aries, along with my venus in aquarius, but the things you say here, helped me to highlight/ see the difference between the bit’s desires, attitudes, and operations, many thanks

  11. Jessica

    Thank you, Kevin, I’m glad you connected with Venus! A longer version of this appears in my book Venus Signs, if you’re interested. xo, Jessica

  12. Anita

    Venus and Mars both in Aquarius. Your insights were helpful. I’m very independent but not in a shocking way due to my Capricorn ascendant. Definitely like to peel away layers to real ness with myself and others especially with my pisces sun and Gemini moon.

  13. Jennie

    Hi Anita,
    I met someone recently who is also Pisces sun, Gemini moon, both Venus and Mars in Aquarius. With everything that I have read about those who have Venus in Aquarius, it sounds like these people don’t really fall in love with one person and are normally not faithful because they have a need to love and be with more than one person. Since you have the same planetary position, I was wondering if you feel that all this information is true in your case? Trying to get some insight into the personality trait of the person I’m interested in. Is it hard to be monogomous for those who are Venus in Aquarius? Does Scorpio in Pluto have any affect on their love/relationship personality?
    Any insight would be greately appreciated! Thanks.

  14. Señora

    Hi Jennie! I am a Pisces Sun, Virgo Rising, Sagittarius Moon, and Venus and Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus in Capricorn and finally… Scorpio in Pluto so maybe my answer can give you some insight (I believe I was born close to your prospect!)

    While cheating is not actively on my list of things I consider when getting into relationships, I often find myself worried and contemplating possible “exit” routes at the beginning of relationships because I’m often wary of the potential mate being able to live up to my very high standards after the dust of infatuation settles, but not to the extent of meticulously or actually planning it… Just knowing that I am allowed to show affection, companionship, and love to friends and even future-friends is usually enough, unless a connection markedly stronger than that which i have with you is found, compounded with some attraction, then I wouldn’t put it past me to at least mentally “cheat”, by turning our desire for the idealistic and our wishes into intricate mental fantasies. In all honesty I would probably never lose my cool enough to actually act on it, but you must be careful to ensure that YOU still have the strongest mental/emotional chemistry with them or else you will be deemed inferior, and a pursuit for the more ideal one might ensue.

    My Pisces sun yearns to love totally, unselfishly, unheedingly, maybe even stupidly, but my Aquariuses definitely work overtime to tone it down. I have found that I could never REALLY be attracted to strangers; they have to have been worthy friends first, and this carries on sexually as well, to the point that I am equally intrigued (mentally) but also repulsed by the thought of sleeping with someone I have no mental/intellectual/emotional connection with, no matter how objectively attractive the person is.

    Now, re: Scorpio in Pluto, it is a generational thing because Pluto moves slowly. Many of us millenials are born with this placement. I believe it is more a cultural/generational desire to overturn the status quo, to get down and dirty, explore taboos, dissect mysteries, and investigate. It may also reflect the general sexual attitude of this generation, which undoubtedly is very Scorpio in nature, wouldn’t you say? 🙂

  15. Cynthia Tracy

    Thank you! Love this–my natal Venus placement. Spot on!

  16. Frankie

    Oh boy just looked at my chart and i’m a little bit confused since im an aquarius with venus as my dominant. But also are the sun, Mars en Mercury in my first house!!!
    Then i’ve got Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in my 8th house!

    I feel so confused…

  17. M

    Anita i also have sun in pisces asc in capricorn venus and mars in aquarius but my moon is in capricorn

  18. TJ

    I am SunSign Capricorn with Venus in Aquarius and Chiron in Aquarius both conjunct my Ascendant. The sign I am most attracted to, and who is attracted to me is Sagittarius. (possibly the MC and Jupiter/Sun trine in the chart – also Jupiter in the 9th house.) Leo is my descendant and I find them attractive, also Virgo and Cancer. Cancer/Leo cusps and Scorpio/Sagittarius Cuspers I am drawn to. My moon is in Taurus and all my relationships have been with Taurus men. My moon and Venus both aspect Uranus in a tight T-square and I have Saturn and Mercury in the 11th house, making Uranus very strong in the chart. I prefer friendships to relationships: they are easier and less demanding to deal with.

  19. Tonya

    Hello. Very insightful. I am here because I was wondering why in the hell I can’t seem to be in love or happy too long in an intimate relationship. I am venus in aquarius, sun/sag, moon/leo with cap rising. I am 49 now and decided to just settle at this point. Too many heartbreaks in life esp with my aries men who only seem to keep me interested somewhat., and mainly sexually at that. I happen to now be with an aquarius man but very dull. Almost non sexual. We have battled this for awhile but both seem to just accept it. Oh well who needs to have their mind blown and sex on a regular basis at my age right?! Maybe I just expect too much. Just tired of the single life and life too hard to go it alone. Especially with my newfound anxiety. Hoping this placement is working a hell of a lot better for others then it has me.

  20. Lili

    (in reply to Xtrology) You’re so wrong. We just don’t see love to be limited like all the rest of you humanoids. You guys practice selfish love. We understand love and it’s not limited to one person. That’s just narcissistic and bullshit. Your Venus in Aquarius guy or woman understands that love is unconditional. Don’t be selfish everyone needs love. We have so much love to give this is why we rather stay single or were upright honest in relationships. We’re honest you’re just possessive and selfish. Don’t mess with us 🙂 were fucking awesome big hearted gold hearted people, don’t toxicate us with your synical selfish acts.

  21. Luna

    Hi Jessica.
    I don’t know so much about astrology yet, but I felt like everything made sense when I found out about my venus in aquarius.
    I feel that my partner loves me in a different way than I do. He needs me more (We have a long distance relationship) where I don’t miss him as much. He is struggling with our open relationship (But wants to learn to be more okay because he agrees with the filosophy) and me – I feel so well knowing that it will hurt sometimes.
    He has venus in virgo, leo sun, moon saggatarius and I don’t remember the rest.
    I love him so much I don’t want to mess it up. Astrologically speaking – what can I do or how can I think to have the biggest chances to make it with him?

  22. KW


    You just described me. I am a sun cap with Venus, moon and mars all in aquarius and almost all other planets in sag. I have been completely infatuated with a sag man with venus and moon in scorpio and mars in leo for the last three years. Our chemistry is hot but he constanly pulls away and there is always a challenge there – honestly, that’s probably what keeps me so interested. Looking back, my most intense attractions have been with sag men – sometimes scorpio men too, although they never seem to make it past the friend zone. I just found the similarities interesting.

  23. Rupali

    This Venus sign can sometimes be heard saying things like: “I want to be loved for my brains, not my body or sexual orientation.”
    Oh dear!!! that’s so me!!! I usually say this things I guess every other person who is close to me. damn it’s freaking true. xoxo..

  24. Sholpan

    Great definition of Venus in Aquarius. Really on point. Thank you.

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