child crying_Arbus

This summer, June-July is an especially watery season as so many planets are in water signs.  Water is the realm of wetness, emotions, feelings, and feeling is healing for all of us. Lately, everyone who enters my office walks away having had a good cry. One of my kind-hearted mentors, Steven Forrest, has said that he knows he’s done his job if he can make a person cry. This isn’t cruel! Most of us walk around with stored up hurts, grieves and slights we’d love to release, and a conversation with a gentle and accepting soul can help us do that. Great healers will give you the space to feel, and to cry.

Crying is emotionally detoxifying, and according to “tear expert” Dr. William Frey, when we have a good emotional cry we offload stress hormones. Even more, our tears release endorphins- those feel good happy hormones that elevate our entire well-being. Crying has long term benefits!

Lately I’ve been more weepy than usual, and I don’t consider it a bad thing. Earlier this year I had a hard time crying and it really didn’t feel good; I felt numbed out.  This can happen after long periods of dealing with stress, illness or grief when, physiologically, our pain receptors get maxed out and our endorphins get so low. At that point we may turn to food, alcohol or sugar to raise the feel-good chemicals in our body. I say, give me a box of tissues and a heart-wrenching movie. That’s when it’s time to cry!

Grief, hurt and pain are not meant to be stored in the body, and when they are where they can develop into health complaints. Obviously not all health complaints are emotionally based, but if you’ve “been strong for too long” and are experiencing symptoms, you may need to soften, feel, cry. Culturally we have a bias against crying, ie, “Strong people don’t cry,” or “crying is for babies.” Let’s turn this on its head. It takes a strong person to cry, to admit their vulnerability. And babies have great emotional health because they can let it out one minute, and be as happy as clams the next. In fact, babies and children are some of the most emotionally expressive -and- emotionally resilient people I know.

So the next time you feel you’re on the verge of tears, don’t fight it. Let those big crocodile tears roll. Do so and you’re in the flow of Nature, and of Life. The Creator gave us tear ducts for a reason: to release emotional tension, and to heal.