It’s been a hot summer in Fairfax, CA, which has meant I’ve been sweating ALOT. When we sweat alot we excrete the electrolytes our body creates from minerals: sodium, potassium, chloride and bicarbonate. These chemical messengers are responsible for maintaining the sodium-potassium balance in our bloodstream that keeps our body hydrated, as well as informing basic bodily processes like blood pressure, thinking clearly and smooth muscle function.

A classic sign of low potassium is muscle and abdominal cramping, but low electrolytes could be that reason why you’re lethargic and brain foggy during high temperature months. An instant way to get your pep back is to salt your water, eat a potassium rich banana and/or drink coconut water. Note: If you have adrenal fatigue (or are under high, chronic stress), you will want to keep your salt intakes high during hot months because the sodium balance in your bloodstream is hormonally off-kilter.

Cooling Mojito Green Drink

I made this refreshing electrolyte rich juice after awakening from a hot and sticky California night. I read somewhere that mojito translates as something a little cool and wet, and this mojito has no mint, alcohol, rum or sugar in it but is refreshing and nourishing in a way that won’t tax the body. I use refreshing celery as a base in many green juices. You mean celery isn’t just empty water calories? No! Celery is Mother Nature’s original sports drink (before Gator-gag), mineral rich with sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, and phosphorus. Kale is high in magnesium and calcium. Cilantro balances blood sugar and is notorious for transporting heavy metals out of the body. Lime is incredibly high in electrolytes, and a perfect partner to cilantro. Pair these for south of the border kick.

-5 stalks celery

-4 lacinato kale leaves

-generous handful of cilantro

-1 lime, juiced

Juice and enjoy!