There is a core light energy within you. When you go inward and feel it, you will know, you will be filled with a sense of rightness: This is your energetic integrity, a strong weave, a fabric, of yes-ness, grace, peacefulness and lightness within your being.

Try it. Take a few minutes to relax, ask to be shown what your personal Light feels like to you, so you can identify it. It will feel like a concentration of core energy in your center. In my imagination, this core me energetically resembles the shape of the body of a butterfly. When centered here, it feels like I’m in a warm cocoon of light.

Your energy has a color. What is it? My color is a changing blue, with differences depending on my mood. Sometimes it’s periwinkle, and others more earthy, cornflower. Sometimes, when I’m feeling really in my transcendent self, it’s the “color” of light reflecting on water – golds, oranges, yellows, luminescent blues, purples.

The more present you are, the more easily you will be able to feel and sense this energetic integrity within you. Also, once you get an energetic sense of the You who never changes, who is always right here, you can tell when you are deviating from your center.

How can this help with potentials like coronavirus? Situations, people with disresonant ideas, and collective energies that are beyond our control– and which easily lend themselves to fear, anxiety and doubt?

When in this centered state, which feels peaceful and relaxed, you are protected. To repeat, you are PROTECTED and SAFE, no matter what happens. And in this present state, because you are connected to your innate intuitive guidance, you will always make choices from a place of alignment, for yourself, choices that are just right for you.

Once you identify your core energy, it’s easy to know when you deviate from it, aka when something else- a thought form or energy- distracts you from your awareness of it. Remember, this YOU never changes. Only your attention and focus changes. When we get caught up in an energy, it tends to change our perception — we act, say and think things that we otherwise would not. Most people are unaware of this phenomenon as a driver of behavior. But once you know your core energy, you will know how, and when, you need to draw back inward, recenter.

In times like these, this awareness is GOLDEN.

For instance, when I read the paper yesterday and saw the coronavirus headlines, I quickly felt woozy, out of center and anxious. I’m getting ready to travel, so there’s some reasonable concern for me here. My mind started to race. Should I cancel my trip? Am I crazy for traveling? I want to make my choices from a place of connection, not fear.

So, I laid down and went into my energy body. I could sense my innate core energy but it was sort of underneath a separate hazy yellow energy that kept moving around and shifting. I associate yellow with thinking/thought- which makes sense, since writing/reading about an impending pandemic tunes into a collective thought pattern of fear, versus reality. I decided to observe it. I watched it shift, move and eventually dissipate, along with the accompanying feelings.

Now, when I encounter that energy again a) I know what it feels (and looks) like in my energy body b) I know how to come back to myself, by reconnecting to my own core energy, and c) because of a and b, I can make choices that are in alignment with and just right for me—which may not be buying travel masks, mega-dosing vitamins, stocking up on 2 weeks of food, or anything else media, and others, suggest (and often carry external energies of fear and panic).

Now, I can feel into my own energy, and I trust what arises from this place will be exactly what I need to do, to take care of me. And that’s the most important thing, right? That each of us feels empowered to take care of our own self in the precise way that feels most natural, comfortable and Right for us as unique individuals?

When fear and doubt drive our actions — which is to say, when we are not aware that we have been pulled away from our center and into other external energies — we become vulnerable to all kinds of strange things.  I have seen this truth manifest over and over again, in my life. When caught up in an external energy I will feel bad, full of self-doubt, uncertain. It happens. But when I return to being centered in connection, in energetic integrity with my energy body, I feel peaceful and know exactly what I need to do in any given situation. The True Self is powerfully protective.

We don’t live in a vacuum. It is impossible to not be affected by energy patterns of fear, hype, and more. Yet when we accept this Truth, when we can honestly acknowledge that we do coexist with strange, often troubling, uncomfortable energies, we have choices. We can see that we are not those -the temporary energies we can feel and sense; we are something else entirely. We are eternal. We are stronger for being able to feel and notice all of it (not weaker for being sensitive to it). When we feel our Light -and- it all, then, instead of reacting, we make choices that feel right, peaceful.

And if we feel on these deep levels, we also do often need radical levels of self care, and tools.

I suggest you try what I’ve introduced, now: feel into the real energy of YOU. Don’t wait to encounter the strange pandemic energy, because once you are in it, a point of reference helps. Feel and sense into the YOU, underneath everything, now. Set the intention to strengthen your relationship to that lovely light body of yours. Life swirls around you in various energy patterns, all day, every day. Only you decide whether you will get swept away.