Solstice Capricorn Full Moon, June 21, 2005 9:14 PM PST

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“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.” — Maori proverb

‘The human heart is primarily a shell.’ –text from anatomy book

Solstice Capricorn Full Moon, June 21, 2005 9:14 PM PST

At the tipping point, summer solstice, the earth’s axis reaches to its northernmost heights. So it goes with our psyche, the invisible world that surrounds this grand sphere like a delicate balloon. Have you reached tipping point? Lately the emotional content of our lives resemble this thin skinned balloon. We feel the skin of the places we protect and the places we’re pushed. The delicate shell of your inner space is worth protecting; why otherwise would we feel so fragile, so vulnerable?

The place we live in our deepest self is the realm of Cancer. And it is the place the world doesn’t see. This is the ‘in here’ to the ‘out there’. With Cancer there is a continual tipping point, to be pushed further out there requires equal time, in here. There is no movement in the world of men, dreams, career and big cars without a movement within to counterbalance. But what does that movement within look like? How do we understand and make space for this in a culture that values a sort of quantifiable proof for each hour of our day? So much of the time Cancer is busy fighting the demons of ‘shoulds’ compliments of Cancer’s counterpart Saturn. I have a theory about the condition of lunacy also known as hyper-emotionalism. This lunar body-mind symptomology was an STD created by the mating of Saturn and the Moon. This is what happens when a big collective ‘should’ takes over Cancer’s pre-requisite need for wandering in the moonlight of shadows, the half-aware space populated by various psychic figures. These are the characters that make up who we are, and who, for one reason or another, were interrupted mid-conversation. Half shadowed & glimmering, these familiar strangers eagerly await our greeting with a beckoning wave ‘Hello, it’s been so long…’ Heeding our inner characters, our sensitivities and deep felt impressions give embodiment to present actions in the truest sense of the word–they imbue our body-lives with depth and meaning. Deep self-listening often gives us answers to long standing dilemmas. To not do so, risks lunacy.

The level and pace we’re functioning at right now is faster than any time in history. The big Capricorn ‘Should’ looks a lot like father time, on speed. Cancer doesn’t walk, but meanders, a zigzag gait full of stops and starts on a timeless beach. Held captive of Big Should feels a lot like being held hostage and all you can think of is how to hold your pee, biologically held captive like a child, until the guard comes around again. But this is the Grand Distraction, the elaborate skill of the subtle thief, because while you make busy with all your holding water and paranoia about deadlines, the swimming pool of your soul is being drained. Instead of honoring the body’s physiological need to relieve itself, emotionally, mentally, physically, Big Should comes in the appearance of ‘getting things done’ and Mars in Aries is the enforcer up for doing just about anything involving movement, doesn’t matter what. Accomplishment with a capital ‘A’ accompanies Big Should everywhere he goes. This call for action is strong right now, yet Cancer calls on your attunement to the subtle shifts of the life cycle, whether this happens literally by adjusting your day to day routine to the changes of season, or adapting to the needs of a new life cycle.

Although it may be Cancer’s secret wish, there is no escaping the driven, fast paced energy happening right now. Follow that energy to your accomplishments, but don’t leave your inner needs behind. In the spirit of warrior Mars, I am challenging you to a radical duel. Channel your martial energy; your militant and driving desire for accomplishment into something akin to a psychic take back the night rally. Invite all your errant inner figures to attend. Introduce them to one another: Mr. Big pants at the office meet My life as a former infatuation junkie. And do this in a way that an endurance trainer might suggest: pulse your workout. Perform a strenuous physical accomplishment, then for good measure, go just as energetically within. Ruthlessly commit to pulsing your energy. There is one protective caveat: this night observation experiment requires removal from addictive habits and tendencies. According to some theorists, Adolf Hitler’s personal physician regularly administered that 1930’s invention of the pharmacological substance, speed, with his morning coffee. Result: mass genocide. Doesn’t it all make sense? Manipulating the natural cycle of the body is one of the quickest ways to cut out on body/mind/spirit wisdom. A the world around you is spinning at a fantastically demanding pace, one of the most demanding of the year, this invitation becomes all the more pressing.

Throughout all the movement remember, Sun in Cancer is your life preserver, your secret raft. When the moon rises and embraces the night with her silvery glow, where do you go for secret refuge? Who do you find there? What does your secret soul-stirring escape look like? At this summer solstice tipping point, with the ability to look both backwards and ahead at once, sit in the middle of stop and go. The sun’s daylight is at maximum length, and so the moon is strengthened by reflecting her brightest. She says: ‘I will be your gentle nudge at the edge of land and water, as you climb upon your raft and just drift.’ As the Cancer constellation located at a dimly lit corner of our universe, here is where our eyesight dims and we must feel our way along, shadow dancing in the twilight. It’s a necessary and healthy process. This is the dance of the sun and moon from the moon’s point of view, an outer/inner point of integration. Accept the invitation and your body/mind/soul open to the promise of this summer solstice moon- a previously unknown holism & integration.

As the full moon avails herself over the next 2 weeks, the majority of planets have sleeves rolled up and hands busily securing whatever scene is occupying our stage. With Saturn meeting Venus, Mercury, this is a time of focused commitment and intention, perfect for marriage ceremonies, contracts, and securing any intention with staying power. As Saturn is in his final weeks of his 2 year tour de force in Cancer, the impetus is to finish up. Whether this means closing a deal on a house, or closing a chapter of your life, commit or acquit. Fini! Be done with it! Your duties and obligations will soon change as surely as Saturn changes signs, so take some time to sit back and reflect on the growth that has taken place over the past 2 1/2 years. You deserve an award, and if you look closely, these Herculean efforts have certainly left you with at least one. Meanwhile, the desire to do your own thing builds through mid-July, moving forward impatiently tugs as some dilemma about how to do this steadily grows. Heed your inner warning system: when heavy emotions surface, take that as a cue to step back and re-evaluate your game. But the rule of the game is forward motion, so don’t hesitate to take that risk.

6/21 does possibility hang with the moon like a grand crystal ball in the night sky? Visions are illuminated as all you have to do over the next 3 months becomes apparent. In some traditions, the first full moon in June was called the ‘Honey’ moon, a good time to harvest honey from the combs. For the pagans, this summer solstice time (and 6/24) is known as Litha’s day, the day when the Goddess became pregnant with things to come.

6/22 Moon in Capricorn is all business, starting out a bit cranky and then by mid-morning a bit overwhelmed as we may get bogged down by too much of something. The early afternoon lets productivity have its way, as long as we’re encouraged by a change of scenery. 6/23 an old thought or persistent nagging may come back to haunt. Our sensitive perceptions may easily be clouded by reactive patterns. Late morning, do something sweet for yourself. Venus holds the key to our sensitivities, our sense of self-love may feel a little bruised today. She really hasn’t been getting enough attention this month. Remember, self-pleasure is a form of nurturing, so do something for you that ‘just feels right’. Late afternoon, the pressure of obligations and deadlines is wearing and the body is tired. Have dinner with friends perhaps a little later than usual, as the energy opens up around mid-evening, lifting tiredness into amiable sociability.

6/24 celebrates the birth of St. John the Baptist, the light bringer, cousin and baptizer of Jesus. His announcement: ‘The light is coming!’ No wonder, St. John’s Wort is the herbal remedy for depression, the answer for the winter solstice blues 6 mos. from now. Focus face forward to a bright future. Energy is high mid-morning, a great time for following up with business contacts, making connections with friends for the weekend. Head to the theaters tonight, Moon hangs with Neptune as the fog banks dissolve any overly ambitious plans. Relax Friday night as Saturday we may find ourselves overbooked.

6/25-6/26 Opportunities and new awareness may appear as if out of the blue, yet some of these have been culminating for a long time. The weekend is commitment time. Thoughts about relationships, who & what we value and what to do loom large. Who do we give our heart to and why? This isn’t a small question, for this shell of a heart contains a lifetime of heart-earned knowledge, the wisdom of everything we believe in and value. At the same time the tremendous push for forward movement could shoot the wad prematurely. Are we misreading another’s motivations or overestimating our own? Hopefully the serious turn of mind has us wanting to make promises we can keep. The challenge may be making our plans agreeable to another, opening the door either to conflict or possibility, depending on our approach. Object lesson: use the well-considered energy to consider well and the opportunities will present naturally. Saturday evening pressure drop transitions into Sunday, thinking and drifting. Pulsing back and forth, pondering thoughtfully, then dipping into the consciousness of the moment mines sudden insight- a superior balm for heavy minds and hearts.

6/27-6/28 Last Quarter moon. 6/27 morning tiptoes in like a lamb, out like a Fresh new you! comes along mid-morning as you’re reborn an Amazon Goddess or Roman Warrior. This is the first day of the rest of your life kind of feel. Maybe not quite as dramatic, but we’re scheming a new scene, following new impulses to interesting corners, yes? It’s a virtual break from the past as all this mucking around in our emotions, woundology and memory leads to a virtual creative jailbreak. Out with the old, this is the new year your creativity has been waiting for. Mercury, then Venus both enter Leo this evening they’ve transformed their vintage retro look into a whole new style, decked to the nines. Mercury didn’t like Cancer and sped right out of there, but will remain in Leo for an extended stay- thru the beginning of September! Whoa, apparently a little drama is in order. Communications are embellished with flourishes, bells and whistles and not just a little bit of self-concern. With Mars in Aries support, we’re certainly learning to speak our minds and follow that entrepreneurial spirit wherever it may lead, so follow that hunch and claim your idea before you see it on an infomercial this time next year. Meanwhile, a good Mercury in Leo stage manager will advise: ‘Okay superstar, you’re voice is fabulous, but let’s not drown out the supporting cast!’ But that voice is just a minor distraction as Mercury assists Venus in Leo (till 7/22) with their swift little tango. This is a fun pair, a little sexy & flirty in conversations and relationships, daring with creativity. Appreciate this tour de force, ‘Won’t you let me treat you kind, we’ve got to burn to shine’. Make art, spread the word about your creative concepts-people really will be receptive. We find an ability to love and appreciate others by hamming it up ourselves. Leo says: build the fabulousness and they will come. Work it with last quarter moon, which always encourages mental jailbreak. A shift of consciousness absolutely changes everything.

6/29-30 adjusts our lenses to new insights and schemes. A mild day on 6/29 and we’re looking for solid footing on 6/30. Where do you stand with your new visions & are they threatening or safe? Pulling back is less attractive than putting some breadth behind your insights. Moon in Taurus wants a different kind of indulgence–by favoring the sensual drama of the body you’re able to ground the vision. ‘No more drama?’ Puh-leeze!

7/01-7/04 July begins with more energy to harness. 7/01 Push through a pile of work with ease today, or nurture business contacts to your best advantage. Whatever you chose to do, use the energy wisely by not overestimating your abilities, you could end up physically taxed. 7/02 Independence day weekend certainly lives up to its name. May the usual suspects deliver you a delicious liberation. Originality and flamboyancy come naturally, so plan something interesting to showcase the dramatists. Moon in chatty Gemini is buzzing around social activities and comings, goings. Saturday late night into Sunday morning is especially stimulating, if you keep vampire hours. 7/04 is the quietest day of all, a picnic by a lake. Or maybe we find our fireworks next to a leaky cooler, all fizzled out.

7/05 energy pulls back in as moon has firmly entered Cancer. Some sweet message may be on your voice or email today, perhaps from your weekend cohorts or someone singing your praises. Likewise, if you’re thinking fondly about someone, let them know. It will certainly count for a lot today, when receptivity is high. ‘baby you send me- set adrift on memory bliss of you-‘

** I have to plug Rob Brezsny’s new book: Pronoia Is The Antidote to Paranoia. Mr. Brezsny is the creative astrologer genius equivalent of Van Gogh, sans chopped ear story. This is a life manual for not just overthrowing the dictator within (and so without) but more vital than this, creating an intelligent, sexy and juicy alternative to the Big Should. After all, no one wants a kingdom without a ruler.


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