George Clooney: May 6 1961

George Clooney’s Aunt was named Rosemary. Rosemary Clooney, that is. Maybe that’s why he has been known to break into song during interviews. Or maybe it’s because he’s had the honor of being one of two men voted Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine twice, ever (only shared by friend, Brad Pitt). Because he’s notoriously modest about his gorgeous genes, it’s probably not the latter – George is not one to brag. The Bull yawns, thinks “why bother?” and moves onto something far more practical, like his resourcefulness, aligning his ability to earn money with his principles. These are the Bull’s true coin in this crazy, confounding world. Surely Clooney is resourceful with his talent, rising in rank from television doctor to movie director. Notice his penchant for starring and directing in politically minded movies? The Bull’s sticking point is her values, what she stands for (Taurus is a “she,” a feminine sign). Clooney’s comfort with taking a political stand comes from hanging around his dad, a news reporter. About money: George paid for his Italian villa in cold, hard cash. The material- minded Bull only trusts what he can touch. George is also one of the most private bachelors in Hollywood, keeping his personal life out of the media. Nature-loving Taurueans can stay grounded by spending time outside, a remedy for the white noise that disturbs their peace. “I don’t like to share my personal life…it wouldn’t be personal if I shared it.”