penelope cruzPenelope Cruz April 28 1974 

She’s been likened to Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn, but it’s more than her almond eyes that cross cultural boundaries. Penelope’s beauty is an outpouring of her soul, a soul who’s crossed paths with Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, and works on behalf of AIDS foundations. When she takes up a road to manifest a creative contribution in life, the Bull gracefully stumbles upon her heart’s craving: simplicity, the peaceful silence of eternity. She can find that in the beauty of a flower, in a spring day, a good meal with a friend or trekking to the Himalayas. For each Bull the path is different, but the goal is the same: reverential silence. Penelope’s soulfulness translates beautifully to the screen, but not all is ease and peace for the Bull. If you’ve ever been to a bullfight, you know that when a Bull’s heated up, all bets are off! When asked if she had a temper in Interview Magazine (2000) she replied, “Oh yes, I am a Taurus after all!”