Matthew Fox: 14 July 1966

A plane crashes in the middle of the sea, on an island far away from civilization, far away from anywhere. Some people survive, others don’t. Among the remaining survivors, chaos reigns supreme; the only hope for the clan’s survival is a leader. The reluctant leader is elected- Dr. Jack Shephard, Matthew Fox’s character on Lost. Cancer is the unwitting leader of the Zodiac; a nurturing, maternal sign who understands survival needs differently than any other. Feeling Cancer knows that the emotional dynamics of a situation can be the greatest strength or threat to the integrity of the whole. Their sensitivity to discord is so strong that Cancer may sacrifice selfhood for the family or clan, causing personal misery. But if Cancer can learn how to keep effective boundaries, a strong shell forms around their vulnerable belly. Jack’s role as peacekeeper, counselor, physician and parent are all a part of Cancer’s life-promoting strategy, to ensure survival of the clan and of the species. Reluctant leader? Yes, for Cancer is a receptive yin sign, her energy moves inward, toward understanding and stabilizing her very complex inner life. Who better to lead others from primitive emotional reaction into self-awareness, understanding that benefits the whole? A Cancer, of course!