Jessica Simpson: 10 July 1980

If Jessica Simpson were a flavor of ice cream she’d be- strawberry shortcake. And mainstream America is just eating her up. This perky blonde singer/actress with girl-next-door likeability proves that she can magnetize by simply doing what comes naturally. Cancers are the kind of folk who put you at ease, someone you’re at home with just hanging out on the sofa – which is where most people first saw Jessica, on her reality T.V. show, Newlyweds. Marital spats and infamous “is Chicken of the Sea chicken or tuna?” line, this Crab took some heat when she bared all. Sensitive, big-hearted Cancer wears her heart on her sleeve, exposing herself like a Crab without a shell, ouch! Despite her sexy image, Jessica maintains a wholesome all American appeal, publicly discussing her no-sex-before-marriage vow and patriotically performing for U.S. troops overseas, albeit in hot pants. In Astrology, ruling planet Moon measures the mood of the general public, which ebbs and flows like the tides. From Pizza Hut commercials to pop music, it seems Jessica’s got her finger on the pulse of what America wants – pretty simple, isn’t it?