beyonceBeyonce Giselle Knowles: 4 September 1981

Beyond her stunning beauty, this Virgo earns the highest marks for instinctively knowing how to market her self. Yes, the Virgin is quite a sex symbol – after all, when you want someone you know you can’t have don’t you want her all the more? But Virgo’s ruling planet is brainy Mercury, is a masterful shape-shifter gifted with turning God given creative talents into useful, profitable forms. She began doing so at an early age when her father quit his job to become young Beyonce’s manager, sacrificing family financial security. Sacrifice is incredibly motivating to a Virgo, and Beyonce speaks of childhood sacrifice and growing up too soon. But we know astrology so we know that this was her Virgo destiny, indeed she was chosen as Destiny’s Child! The Virgin always needs something to work toward, to perfect, and work is a popular form of sacrifice. Appropriately, this singer and exceptionally talented songwriter isn’t satisfied with being just Beyonce; she’s got the perpetual Virgo thirst for perfection. Acting, a clothing line, cosmetics spokesperson – good enough will never be enough for the Virgin.