cameron diazCameron Diaz: 30 August 1972

Acting hit Cameron like a bright idea – out of the blue. She says she didn’t even know she could even act until she was cast in the Mask as lead female role. Industry folks credit her success to a natural comic timing – and timing is the domain of Mercury. Mercury gives Cameron an ability to meet the moment with signature quick-wittedness and effortless aplomb. Part of her confidence is her natural goofiness; she describes herself as a knucklehead, throwing us off the trail of competent Virgo. (Who can forget screwball Mary in Something About Mary?) She admits that while goofing around was entertaining to others as a child, it’s not as helpful in the adult world. Perhaps trickster Mercury is attempting to season her into more mature, leading lady roles. Her easygoing girl-next-door approachability and sensible, fashionable style may’ve developed during her modeling days – or maybe she’s a Virgo!