Anesthesia for Aquarians: The Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron Conjunction

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I’ve just given birth to a creative baby – my first book. This culminating on the meeting of Jupiter (ruler of my Third House), with Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius in my Fifth House.  As I experience waning labor pains, like most mothers, I begin to think about what kind of world I’m bringing my baby into.  And I realize, also like most mothers, that if I really think about it too hard, say, look around at the state of things, more precisely, the state of collective consciousness that will be receiving and nurturing and supporting my baby, I imagine saying, ‘hey little one- you might want to stay inside!’

Thank Goddess that Divine sucker’s already outside of me!

It’s a creative baby, but I imagine this isn’t a far off experience from what ‘real’ mothers feel when they ask their self – how do I feel about bringing a child into THIS world? 

As I emerge from prolonged labor, perception raw and refreshed – maybe it’s the effect of the anesthetic wearing off – but I look around and wonder whether I’m from another planet. Alien to this one. If some entity scooped in and gave me a new ID badge-I wouldn’t bat a mascara-coated eyelash. The thought forms floating around in the ambient atmosphere seem to not only do not reflect my inner reality, neither do they resemble the more vast, imaginative place I’ve been inhabiting: 9th chakra seeing, the power of co-creation, vision, and prayer, connection to the larger heart of love…of soul. 

Reality, as it is, does not reflect the inclusive heart-based spiritual reality that I have been focused on through my ‘great work’. I suspect that I may’ve been swindled by the exaggerated expectations of the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius*. Don’t you have them too?  I want a love-in! (I’m also secretly hoping that some open minds will receive Divine transmissions, and sweet surrender for the rest of us, from imprisoning relationships and situations). I get it, Swine Flu, pandemics, paranoia, etc, etc. I also get this configuration holds great potential for Collective Imagination – for shifting our relationship to conscience, consciousness, spirituality. In client work, I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum: very confused clients, and those who are manifesting a vision, a life’s dream. 

And as I emerge from the delivery room, I look around and see some strange stuff. Here’s a partial list:

– A lot of interest in human-interest stories which show very little humanity in coverage and treatment of regular folk. Take the cultural fascination with the Jon-Kate plus 8 phenomenon.  Unless they were my next door neighbors (and these are two people whose personal lives I don’t know, or need to know) I don’t want to talk, think or hear about them – yet I can’t escape. The sheer amount of attention and opinion expressed in these stories is glossing over the truth: that we can never know another’s interior reality, nor what their soul needs to experience, to grow. Yet the majority ‘Opiner’ seems to think they know what’s right for this couple, which strikes me as inhumane and even intolerant.

-Delusion or Vision Quest? I decided to go looking for a modern day vision quest in the papers. I came across a WSJ story about a man whose vision quest is to see every Starbucks before it closes. In the article he justifies against having the crazies by a sane enough sentence: “People should be out doing something rather than just surviving…Even if you think what I’m doing is meaningless, it is a purpose, at least.” Leading me to ask myself: what’s the difference between visiting spiritual gurus before you die and seeking purpose in a Starbucks cup of coffee? Is one really more purposeful or enlightened than any other (Really? Is that my Ego talking?)  I do find myself wishing he had a more enlightened quest. A Starbucks in Calexico just isn’t Mecca. I also find myself thinking this may be a sign that capitalism just may be America’s God. 

-Empathy or Emotional Dissociation? The reality of emotional dissociation has been taking place, well, ever since television and war. News anchors that deliver the most devastating news, seemingly unfeeling, as though they were actors. Right now, emotional perceptions are either sweeping people up or empathy is being turned off entirely. The newest Supreme Court Justice, Sotomayor, was appointed by our Aquarian president for her: empathy. The suggestion: we’re missing empathy so much that our more enlightened President has to appoint a representative for Empaths everywhere, an appointed empathic person. Wow!

-Homogenization of the Individual. There seems to be this great glossing over going on – like spinning cotton candy over real human beings with real differences. I see this especially on media, on blogs (the Aquarian medium of technology), even the supposedly more enlightened astrology blogs where another’s Truth with a capital ‘T’ is devalued or diminished by another person’s perspective. Person B insists person A’s reality is wrong – and communicates this in a dismissive manner. This is free speech, and free to be you and me, gone awry. It also isn’t a new phenomenon, but one made more possible (thanks Jupiter!) by the internet. I read a reviewer review an author’s book, and although the reviewer said some points were good – they ultimately rejected it, in totality, because the author quickly viewed one perspective through their perspective. Rejection and alienation come in many forms, and maybe the more dangerous ones come from the people who say they’re inclusive, all-embracing of differences, yet reject away in the next sentence. 

Of course, I’m especially sensitive to this because I just finished writing a book which will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for a particular group of people, I suspect it will. I poured my heart and soul, really, my life into it and frankly, I’m worried, as any mother might be. About how it will be received in the current vibe. I do fear that those dismissive sound bytes which take a whopping 5 minutes to articulate (compared to year(s) work in creating), can really break a person down. And how those sound bytes influence or even control public perception. The last thing I want to experience is alienation from my tribe, but from the amount of projection and rejection circulating, I already smell a rat. So what’s a new baby mama to do?  The one thing I can: wish everyone well in their healing, and send the world a gigantic Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron heart hug.

Send Out Light and Love from Your Heart 

“Make it a habit to send light and love from your heart to the ‘essence’ of the people you meet and the entities of nature that catch your attention. Pray for those in need — both people and the world of nature. These practices will expand your heart and increase your awareness of your connection to all of creation.” 


— Jamal Rahman in Out of Darkness into Light

*This conjunction is exact on May 27, July 10, Dec 21, 2009


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