Sexy Solstice = Jeans, T-Shirt & a Candle

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This Solstice takes place a day and a half before the New Moon, also joining Vesta, sacred harlot and keeper of the sacred flame. For these Lunar Goddesses, sex was something more than sensual contact – but sacred, healing ritual. The vestals were charged with bringing the fertilizing power of the Goddess into contact with in every man and woman. They did this by having sex. Sacred sex. Anonymous sacred sex. In a cave. 

Out of dedication and commitment to the Divine Feminine, the vestals held and stoked the Kundalini fires. Men, broken from battle, would visit the Vestal Temples to ‘re-fill their well’ so they could once again return to the world of war and men, whole and complete again – as the Vestal Virgin her self was. Those visiting the Vestal Goddess beheld the fertilizing power of the Moon and those who yielded to her sexual ministrations were renewed, made whole again. 

When the Patriarchy shamed the Goddess for her sex, Vesta and her sisters were relegated to the nunnery, dressed in boring black frocks and chastity belts and made to swear off men, altogether. The renewing power of Vesta and her sacred harlot aspect was lost to Christianity. Thus, Vesta split in two: her Shadow became the literal prostitute, and her light, the Virgin. Vesta, once charged with never allowing the light of inspiration to die, now never allowed the light of the Church to die. Vesta priestess were denied physical companionship, for God. 

And although Great and Almighty, invisible sex just wasn’t the same.

Solstice marks the longest day of the year, and the Sun’s movement into Cancer. This year Mars and Venus align in sensual, earthy erotic Taurus against the backdrop of a New Moon in Cancer joined with Vesta and opposed by Pluto. The erotic is a deeply transforming spiritual experience during this time. We’re not in the dark ages – our sexuality is no longer confined to darkness. Though caves and temples may be Divine, sex in the bright sunlight of summer is great, too! 

Vesta has special affinity with ritual so mark the quiet, renewing power of Solstice with a sacred, sexy ritual of your own – one with keynotes of simplicity and sensuality. Intention precedes action: make the sacred, sexual, and the sexual, sacred, or make the earth a place of worship for Divine Feminine. Taurus enjoys the simple pleasures of the earth, so make it simple and easy on your self. Seduction on this sexy solstice can be as simple as jeans & a t-shirt. I found this out when I threw on my favorite blues and T last night and was greeted by my husband with hungry admiration, reminding me yet again that when it comes to men, it really is the simple things.

Savor the pleasures of summer with easy, earthy eroticism. Don’t forget to light a candle!

*beautiful photograph taken by James Muller.


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