Sagittarius Full Moon: You’ll Never Make a Saint of Me

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Rock n roll bride by Marianne Taylor

Rock n roll bride by Marianne Taylor

Life (with a 3rd house Pluto transit) has been pretty challenging. My house is being remodeled and it’s brought up a lot of stuff. Stuff that must be relocated and eliminated. And icky annoying Stuff that needs to be dealt with. Oh, it’s had it’s good times – of dreaming on how good life will be, later. And having an extra guy around the house, a crusty ex-rock n’ roller named ‘Rocky’, has it’s charming moments, too. Like the time I came home to my man jamming on guitar with the Rockster. Or when we joke about building him an in-law under the carport, essentially adopting him into the family like the handyman who always hung around Candice Bergen in the old sitcom, Murphy Brown. But mostly it’s been a trying experience, and because it’s felt so acutely annoying this has forced me to confront all the minute and mundane things that get under my skin, really get under it. At times like these I could sure use a bigger perspective…

Sagittarius Full Moon, Thursday May 27, 2010 4:07 PM PDT

A few weeks ago I got that. I was with a friend with whom I trade ‘visions’. We take turns reading each other’s energy in a clairvoyant and intuitive ways (my Neptune is in Sagittarius). Tea leaves, dream interpretation, and chi-reading of the foot – and my favorite reading to receive is this one, the ‘next step’ reading, which is exactly that, a reading of what’s coming up next.

On this day, I’d invited a psychically gifted mutual friend over too, and he offered to do a reading for me. I settled in, knowing that over the months my own vision of my life had grown tight, small and narrow, resembling a dark birth canal, as fitting for Pluto. I half expected my friend to receive visions from Charon himself at the River Styx, Charon ferrying me across as the hounds of hell barked and the walls closed in on me. I know, not pretty, but it’s real.

Instead, he smiled graciously and said, here’s how I can explain this to you: ‘You live in the big picture.’ He went on to say that my natural element is spacious, one with wide open perspective (for the psychically curious: he ‘saw’ me in front of a panoramic view). But, he said, there’s something small that needs attention, because in his vision I stubbed my toe on what appeared to be a… walnut and this was taking all my focus and I didn’t like it. I yelled at the walnut, stomped on it. And after kicking and yelling at the walnut for a time, in the vision, I stop, take a breather and discover, hey now, I’ve just made walnut butter! Which I then eat and enjoy.

At this point in the reading, I’m laughing. I had thought that I had reached the part in my journey, where, as in the Wizard of Oz movie, the house falls on the witch. I would surely be wiped out. My Shadow, (that part of one’s Self that decides certain people and circumstances are threatening) had decided that life’s demands and stressors would pull me permanently off course. Or, in Pluto’s words, all these responsibilities are going to ruin my life. This was a wound; difficulties had sidelined My Life in the past. Instead, as my friend delicately and generously explained, this was a small thing. A walnut. And I was standing there yelling at it like it was a bear about to take me down.

So much for my sense of proportion!

Gemini Sun season offers a chatterbox of opinions, irrelevant concerns and good ideas. Gemini is the archetype of mind, but as we all know, the mind can be a monkey, leading us in an unproductive line of thinking, or into a conversation that changes our entire perspective. The mind is a diverse and wily creature; the endpoint of Gemini is to gather data, exchange and compare notes with the other monkeys, but as a counterpoint, Sagittarius helps us to step back and connect the dots. Sagittarius helps the mind see itself, and the big picture. If we’re lost in the maze of our own life and minds at this full moon, we may need to give the tired stories a rest. To listen, instead of hear. At that point of inner listening, Sagittarius Full Moon can offer clarity, proportion and renewed vision.

We need this; there are big changes afoot. Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruling planet joins Uranus at the final degree of Pisces today and then very quickly, Uranus moves into Aries tonight (May 27 until August 14, 2010, retrogrades into Pisces, re-enters Aries March 11, 2011-2019). Jupiter is the planet of going BIG. Uranus is the planet of REINVENTION. If our sense of proportion has been blown out, it’s no wonder. Uranus changes signs approximately once every 8 years, and everyone will be experiencing the surprising, unpredictable and radical reinventing force of Uranus in some area of their life. Interestingly, Jupiter moves into Aries on June 6, following Uranus’ comet tail of adventure, accompanying Uranus for the by staying within 3 degrees of proximity entire summer (!) (Jupiter and Uranus will even both retrograde back into today’s last degree of Pisces on September 13). *If you’re new to astrology you can find out the general area this change is affecting for your ‘Sun sign’ on AstrologyZone. For a specific read, get a personal reading with me.

The big picture: an area of your life is on the threshold of being reinvented in a radical way. Since boredom and stuck-ness is anathema to the planet o’ of breakthrough and change, to prime the pump for change, try giving up whatever is holding you back from taking a leap into the future you want to create. Sometimes we need to clear out something we no longer need in order for the vision we have for our self, to find us. Jupiter and Uranus can bring you something bigger, better and more appropriate for the person you are today. Granted, it’s going to take risk, fear-facing, courage and an entrepreneurial spirit -that’s Aries. But the payoff is real progress.

Jupiter and Uranus are moving onto my Mars, the Warrior archetype…(eek!) as my Pluto transit continues. My days of yelling and stomping on Le Walnut probably aren’t over, and delightful Uranian-Jupiterian breakthroughs (and surprises) are surely ahead. If I were to make a prediction I’d say: times like these, full of breakthroughs, radical reinvention and breaking all the wrong rules for all the right reasons… call for rock n’ roll. In fact, I’ve suggested the reinvention of rock n’ roll as a real Uranus in Aries possibility to my artistically talented musical friends and they’ve all said: Yeah. Oh yeah.  So. I’m magically greeting my own Uranus in Aries transit with my new rock n’ roll theme song: Saint of Me, by Rolling Stones. ‘Cause  Augustin new temptation, he loved women wine and song and all the special pleasures of doing something wrong, I said yeah, oh yeah, … If you’re feeling me, I suggest you get your own Uranus in Aries theme song, too. Yes, you can ingeniously woo the cosmic forces of change into your corner (and bonus: reinvigorate our rock n’ roll buddies).

May your own rock n’ roll vision offer you perspective, proportion and vigor precisely when you need it.


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