Pisces New Moon Card Draw: ARIES-PISCES!

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I love the myriad ways this deck can be used. In client sessions, healing circles, ritual and intention setting, for personal integration work, and, of course, one of my favorites: lunar cycles. I pulled the Boundaries card for the New Moon question: What does Spirit want @moonkissd readers to know about this Pisces New Moon cycle? And here is a brief excerpt from the guidebook:

28. Boundaries
Do what it takes to feel safe and peaceful.

One of the gifts of self-awareness is exercising your right to have boundaries. There are many kinds of boundaries: boundaries of time, space, conscious awareness, physical, sexual, and even psychic boundaries, too. Your extrasensory sensitivity to the energies of other people and the collective, for instance, can be more open or more closed at any point in time. What is being shown you, right now, about your boundaries? Are you judging yourself for being abrasive, sharp, testy when you are actually feeling this way for a reason? Your awareness of your limits, your “No, I do not want this,” allows you to feel safe and secure in yourself. When we do not honor our boundaries with clear action: we find ourselves in situations we do not want, tend to feel irritable, and even unsafe. Ground, root, and center. Then ask, “What boundary requires my attention?”

Then, my good friend Alice Inoue of yourHappinessU.com texted me to say she did a card draw using the INTUITIVE ENERGY DECK for her monthly astrology gathering. I will be doing a free online event with her March 20; you need to register to attend and you can register right here. So I thought I’d share a brief snapshot of your card for the month via Alice (see above image- the cards appear, L-R, ARI-VIR; LIB-PIS bottom).

ARIES: 33. Judgment. All is held in Divine Perfection, including You.
To the Ego, this is a world of right and wrong…and for the Soul, in between that world of right and wrong exists absolute peace and perfection. The appearance of this card suggests you are making yourself feel badly by judging that you, or another, have done something wrong, are wrong, or worse, there is something wrong with you. Where are you stuck in judgment, being unduly harsh?…

TAURUS: 31. Intentionality. Be specific and practical about what you want.
It’s a common Ego misperception to believe that the reason we don’t have something we want is because we lack one thing or need more of something else. In Truth, the Soul doesn’t ever lack or need anything; the experiences we most desire arise from adjusting and correcting our misperceptions. Right now, you don’t need more willpower, discipline, motivation, love, or money to experience what you most want—what you need is more intentionality. The appearance of this card suggests that you aren’t calling on the Divine support always available for the asking. Where are you settling for sloppy seconds, or veering a little far off from the life you envision for yourself?…

GEMINI: 34. Permission. Don’t hold back. Offer yourself what you crave.
It is strange that we often need to give our self literal permission to do or be who we are naturally, permission to want and do the things we organically love. But if you think about it, from an early age we learned to ask authority figures for permission to be our natural self, with all its unique cravings, desires, and preferences, and these were often denied. The appearance of this card suggests you are denying yourself permission to do, be, or want something—and your own self-permission only offers you a greater degree of fullness, freedom, and ease…

CANCER: 55. Line in the Sand. Sit in your Truth and draw a line —for Love.
In relationships, and especially when we are empathic and have been conditioned to put other people first, we often feel a push-pull between what others want and what we want. Sometimes there is an apparent conflict between what they are telling us and what we see, know, feel as Right and True. The appearance of this card suggests you are in possession of the Truth and it is time to draw a line in the sand. This issue you are facing requires decisiveness, determination, and leadership on your part—to not only voice the Truth of what you feel, but to decisively draw a line in the sand to steer this relationship or situation in a direction that feels more authentic for you…

LEO: 38. Invite and Allow. Ask your Divinity to lead the way forward.
From a young age we are told that in order to make something happen, we must physically do something. This works for certain things that require manual effort, like keeping our bodies in shape or our house clean, but not other areas, like healing from an illness. Likewise, we also learn that for the big miracles, we must pray to a force outside of ourselves, like God or Luck, and hope for the best. There is a middle way—one that utilizes both the dedication and intentionality of your Intuitive Self, and allows Spirit, within, to help you. The appearance of this card suggests you are caught up in an illusion about how to make something happen, when a more effective approach would be to invite and allow it to happen for and through you…

VIRGO: 3. Center. You’ve been away, come home to yourself.
Modern life offers so many distractions, so many opportunities for leaving our center. The appearance of this card suggests you are not “here.” Where are you? Are you lost in a story? Are you caught up in an energy? Thinking about the future or ruminating on the past? You are away from your center and it is time to come back home. Now is the time to ask, “Where am I?” Don’t spend too long answering the question, which will only keep you in your head. You’ve been there, done that! The important thing now is to, energetically, come back home, back into your heart chakra, your spine, and especially the area of your spine behind your heart…

LIBRA: 40. Rewards. Praise what’s good to experience Good.
You are amaze-balls! You are doing fabulous work! You are awesome sauce! You are a good person! How odd is it that we give such positive reinforcement to our pets or children daily, but we don’t give our self the same positive strokes for doing simple things well? The appearance of this card suggests it is time for some positive reinforcement. What positive thing have you just experienced that you’d like to keep experiencing and have even more of? What unhelpful habit are you making great headway on changing?…

SCORPIO: 52. Honoring. Value yourself and the world will do the same.
Sometimes situations arise wherein we feel compromised by others’ behavior. We don’t want to have to do the heavy lifting of self-honoring; we wish others would just know how to treat us, but only people who know how to honor their own time, value, and worth can honor us, and so it is up to us to stand up for and choose to honor our self. Maybe someone has made a mistake, gotten distracted, and you feel you have ended up with the short end of the stick in a situation…Even if it’s no one’s fault, it is still important to check in with yourself to see whether a remedy feels Right, so you don’t carry forward sticky feelings into future interactions. The appearance of this card suggests it is time to honor yourself, your feelings, and ask yourself what would make this Right…

SAGITTARIUS: 44. Acceptance. You can be okay with what you don’t like.
To the Ego mind, being essentially okay with something is the equivalent of condoning or permitting it. And in this regard, there are many things in life we don’t want to be okay with! Illness, death, suffering, heartbreak, to name a few. Yet, as a Divine Soul, you don’t have to like something to accept it. You just have to be okay with the fact that it exists. You can coexist with uncertainty, loss, pain, and change even if you don’t like experiencing them. In fact, learning to be essentially okay with aspects of other people, life in general, and even aspects of yourself that you aren’t crazy about sometimes, is the only way you will get to experience peace. The appearance of this card suggests you are caught up in a story about something you don’t like, when acceptance would bring you the peace you desire…

CAPRICORN: 8. Alignment. Clarify what feels Right and True for you.
Because you are a sensitive Soul who wants to be aligned in all areas, when even just one seemingly small aspect of your life is out of whack, it affects your inner sense of alignment. You may even feel like the story of the princess and the pea, sensitized to the point of irritation. You naturally have an exquisite sense of alignment—you know this is true because when you are in alignment, you will feel self-consistent, at peace, and in integrity with yourself. When you are not in alignment with the choices your Soul wants for you, you will feel off-center and vulnerable to myriad sticky, unwanted energies. The appearance of this card suggests you are being called to more deeply evaluate your sense of alignment…

AQUARIUS: 19. Vulnerability. Your feelings need your honesty and soothing.
Life can bring us to our knees. We all experience pain, loss. Someone doesn’t treat us in the way we want to be treated. We survive unfairness, tragedies, and trauma. All of this happens because we are human, and through absolutely no fault of our own. Some days, we just feel exceptionally vulnerable and sensitive to any and all of it, often without knowing why this particular day is any different from the one that came before it. Now is the moment to befriend your vulnerability. To befriend means “be a friend”—to you. You don’t have to be so strong all the time…

PISCES: 21. Go Inward. Pull your energy back inside yourself.
When your attention has become too focused outside of yourself, it is easy to feel tired, scattered, depleted. You also become vulnerable to picking up energies that aren’t yours. The appearance of this card suggests it is a good idea to pull your energy inward. Have you been focused on external dramas or caught up in another’s energy? Are you feeling overly saturated by external energies, and overly vulnerable to them—feel like you have no skin? You do have skin. There is a definite inside and outside, and yet for sensitives, somedays it is a challenge to feel that physically, in the body. Depending on how depleted you feel, you may need to close your physical doors, go into a room, shut the external world out. You definitely need to close your psychic doors…

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***NOTE: I am down to a limited number of decks –with my upcoming events, I anticipate these to sell out soon. I am looking into doing a second print run but once these are gone, if it happens, it will be a number of months before they are offered again.






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