Satori can happen everywhere by Alice PopkornIf you’re not jumping out of your skin yet, you must not be an Aries (or have planets at the early cardinal degrees). Jupiter and Uranus have together alighted on the celestial scene and it’s a creative emancipation for those of us who have felt our individuality held back, and a true opportunity to go on and get on with your most radical self of selves.

This conjunction opposes my Pluto and falls smack on my Sixth House Mars. I don’t need any caffeine to greet my day; I am alert! Physical activity isn’t just helpful – it’s required. More deeply, Pluto’s transit to my Sun has been sluggish, tedious, wearisome, and I feared gravity would have its way with me. Ah, happy awakenings alight! I need this; we need this. To the deadening grind of Saturn and Pluto, add the enlivening, invigorating juices of Uranus and Jupiter in Aries. Bold expansion! Promethean consciousness! A more authentic version of your self!

To this, I say: Hip, hip hooray! (Due to the emotionally possessive nature of the archetypes, the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction in Aries asks you to forgive their/my excessive use of exclamatory punctuation)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick Tarnas, author of Cosmos & Psyche, after researching the collective cultural influences of big planetary alignments throughout history has said:

‘…perhaps the most dazzling (of alignments) were those of the relatively short Jupiter-Uranus cycle, with each conjunction lasting approximately fourteen months.’

He also noted cultural correlates to ‘creative and liberating breakthroughs’ ‘new beginnings in culture’ and on a more personal level, ‘psychological rebirth’.

In my experience, this is especially delightful for those of us who are amidst a deep self re-definition or self re-generation. Mirroring my own process, a handful of my clients are on the threshold of breaking from past and moving toward a future of their own making.  One client said that every time she sits down to make a list of ‘goals’ she is filled with dread. After turning over the word ‘dread’ in the context of a potential past life wound of dying young, I asked that part of her if she was afraid that she had no future at all. She replied, yes. She was deeply afraid of desire, because by desiring what she most wanted to have in her future, she thought she might not get it.

Desire, want, passion, temptation. Hot words, potent words for Aries. Those words could start a fire in our soul, or set a dry and lifeless field to flames. It may feel dangerous. Yet by not allowing the hot, burning, combustible power of desire to permeate our consciousness, we risk having no life at all. No future. Or not one we want to inhabit, anyway. With this combo at our side, when we move toward the wild and wonderful energy of our own authentic truth, we will court what I like to call ‘plucky luck’: our wide –open spirit of adventure sends an SMS to the angels, saying ‘I’m ready to do this’, thus giving opportunity the chance to knock.

Trust you me. Good things are near. This is a heady pair, and one radical act can pack a punch. It may feel risky. It may require us to break rules, and the rules may be so deeply internalized that we don’t realize we have them until we’re about to spontaneously combust from the pressure. There are no guarantees about how things will turn out, either. As my teacher Steven Forrest says (about Aries), ‘You’ve got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.’

Scared yet? Here’s how you know you’re on the right track: we feel scared… but excited by our new truth. We feel scared… but happy to be liberated from a lie. We feel scared but… freer to move forward into a future that we want to be in. Your future may depend on turning fear into excitement…but you don’t have to muster up the courage to care. The future doesn’t care what you choose to do, or not do. The future will happen anyway. Whether you’re staring out the window, or at the wheel.

Now go on! Be yourself. Be loved. Be dazzled.

More crafty wordplay combinations for this duo:

Creative brilliance. Successful experiments. Happy awakenings. Visionary leadership. Promethean beginnings.  Creative emancipation. Unexpected fortune. Peak experiences. Expansive breakthroughs. Liberating openings. Awakened gurus. Radical consciousness. Unexpected providence. Intelligent epiphanies. Surprising expansion.