Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Turning Inward for Answers

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The Sagittarius/Gemini eclipse season is upon us, and just in time for the holidays. With retrograde Mercury hobbling along, squared by Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces, about whatever we can say ‘let it be’…we’d do well to let it be. Last minute changes, unpredictable weather, unexpected news, or crises, the challenge is to not get so distracted by busy-ness and temporary fallout that we miss the magic and wonder of the lunar eclipse and this solstice, this darkest night of the year. The winter solstice inspires our human need to go inward, if we so allow.

Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, 29 21′ degrees Gemini, December 21, 2010, 12:13 AM PST

Solstice brings darkness. Since synchronicity abounds during Gemini lunations, of the varied ways to decipher the language of the angels, dreams are one (especially if you have Twelfth House planets, or Neptune/Pisces strong in your chart). I had a dream last night that I want to share with you because although clearly personal, it struck me in a world channel way. I was trying to get into a class, which, notably is my own recurring frustration-themed dream. The classroom resembled an old-fashioned ice cream parlor and a barroom bouncer manned the door. When I gave him my ticket, he told me the class was too full (indeed, people were crammed in like sardines and the noise was obnoxiously loud). In between this dream sequence, before and after, I was visited (in dreamtime) by two friends of mine, both astrologers and both who independently said: Clear your perceptions, you will be touched by knowledge that is foreign and unfamiliar to you, maybe outside your culture, definitely outside your current thought paradigm (there was also a second bit, too, about claiming authority).

As I turned it over in mind, it made sense that I was frustrated about ‘not getting into’ this class. There were already too many people making noise in the ice cream parlor (the prevailing consciousness, or way of thinking), and my consciousness wasn’t needed there. Although I didn’t know where that elsewhere was yet, I was reassured by my astrologer angels, that If I cleared my perceptions and stayed open to radically foreign bodies of knowledge and ways of seeing, I would have authority (admittance) elsewhere.

As I reflect on 2010, for lack of options, who hasn’t felt like a kid turned away from the overcrowded ice cream store? Since the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses began, healing shocks have been sent through our government, business structures; our approach to earning a living, cultural institutions of marriage and family, initiated into those shocks by crisis. Now, the next 18 or so months gives rise to the fresh, visionary Gemini/Sagittarius energies. Our minds, our ways of thinking, learning, communicating  and perceiving now require healing shocks. Rather than going along with the scripted program, this new consciousness has more to do with direct perception: our ability to experience/objectively witness our interpretations to glean new insights.

Last week, this writer received the clear message to ‘pause’ these lunation essays. The question of continuing as things have always been, has been on my mind. As Pluto transits over my Third House Capricorn North Node, the form of this blog probably needs to change, and although I’m not sure how just yet, taking pause feels relevant in a mysterious way. Speaking of mystery, there is a mystery we can experience directly, weather permitting: unlike solar eclipses, we all can visually see the lunar eclipse in the sky. To follow the turning inward solstice cue, I encourage you to take pause, to bare witness to your mysterious questions under the flickering light of Gemini Lunar Eclipse. As I recently advised a Gemini client, truly listening can be a greater challenge than asking for answers.  So if you’re inclined to ask and to listen, you may receive one.

For more about how eclipses effect you, visit the eclipse watching section of this blog.


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