Saturn Transits The Twelfth House: What Have You Got To Lose

by | Jul 19, 2011 | Saturn the Teacher, The Twelfth House | 67 comments

Chinese Screen by Jon Stevenson

Saturn has been transiting my Twelfth House for almost the full 2 ½ years and it’s taken me that long to write a blog about this incredibly mysterious and profound transit. What is time though? This is the Twelfth House House where minutes turn into days, years into minutes. When Saturn, the planet that gives authority and structure to the days of our lives, and self-governance to our ego, the planet who normally greases the wheels of our day-to-day with a relative level of predictability, transits this watery house of disillusionment, ghosts & retreat, time melts and the rules of the game change. We wrestle with illusion that we are in control (and lose). We make plans and have them dissolve, or never come together. It is, after all, not called the house of beginnings, but the house of loss. We lose steam. We lose momentum. We lose touch with the pleasures that once brought us joy — or did they? Venus is exalted in Pisces, the natural ruler of the 12th House. When sober Saturn takes up residence in the Twelfth House, empty or overly ritualized pleasures cease to please.

Twelfth House Metaphor: The IHOP Effect

So what is the Twelfth House about, really?  Traditionally, it is the house of nasty places no one wants to go– mental hospitals, prisons and convents (where there are no worldly pleasures, including no sex). It is also the house of ego-lessness and self-transcendence. Is it secret enemies, witches, slavery, prisons or spiritual transcendence? If we read between the lines we might see that our self-secret hidden enemy within has the power to send us to these dark places that steal our freedom, whereas transcendence of our ‘secret enemy’ frees us into spiritual consciousness. A universal law consistently applies here: if we aren’t acting from our spiritual values, values like compassion, integrity, kindness, humanity, caring etc. the angels pay us a visit to remind us of what those exactly are. When we’ve strayed too far from our center, suffering is the quickest way to re-align us with spiritual truth. Also consistent, if we are attached to a vice, money, workaholism, gain or any vice, our Twelfth House experience can resemble a hideous Goya monster, or a mob boss with the power to bring us to our knees, undermining us in our most needful, darkest hour. Likewise, if clear, our Twelfth House times can bring the angel that parts the clouds. I love how Steven Forrest describes the Twelfth House in his MP3, 12th House: Enlightenment and the Cosmic Blues. Steven, in his accessible style, poses an un-spiritual question, Remember that feeling after eating pancakes at the IHOP, the International House of Pancakes? The carbohydrate sugars hitting your bloodstream, the empty calories, you start to feel fuzzy. Twelfth House consciousness can be like that; fuzzy, imprecise, strange, a little bit spacey. Maybe it’s good for meditating or channeling, but probably not so good for driving a moving vehicle. The IHOP effect is a good metaphor for feeling your way into the Twelfth House: here we are naturally fuzzy, dazed, unclear. An astrologer will understand this, but a cop doesn’t!

Secret Enemies & Other Mischief

One of the things we know, but wish to forget, is that the Twelfth House is the house of secret enemies & the enemy is, Us. Of the 12th, Traditional Astrologer William Lilly says “Saturn does much joy in that House for naturally Saturn is author of Mischief.” We can make any Twelfth House transit many times worse than it has to be by ignoring any insistent nudge that something in our life isn’t working. We can undermine our well being through avoiding anything that is clamoring for our attention, and for the Twelfth House avoidance comes in so many forms, flavors and varieties you may not even realize you’re  escaping.  Twelfth House Saturn time as a time to restore, rest, repair, eliminate what’s outworn, and examine any the energy leaks in your physical and material life and your psyche. Make plans, okay, but prepare to have them change.

One way to find out what your ‘hidden enemy’ is, is to look to the sign on your Twelfth House cusp. Virgo rules my Twelfth House cusp; my daily habits, my relationship to food and body, my disconnect to the earth itself has undermined me my entire life. Maybe lifetimes. One of my major health issues during this period: a prolonged case of poison ivy that caused it to take up residence in my bloodstream mysteriously producing spontaneous painful outbreaks with no known trigger. The toxic poison factor I attribute to my endless Pluto transit; the skin is the defense between my self and the world and the fact is I have felt defenseless against the Pluto onslaught. However, the real reason I developed the chronic ivy is because I was a susceptible host. For those of you who know me, you know because of food, chemical and processing sensitivities, I’m one of the most careful eaters you will ever ever meet. We cook every single meal, from scratch and and we try to be all organic. Yet during the Twelfth House transit of Saturn, I regularly escaped in more than a few glasses of wine every week. I hadn’t had wine in over nine years, and for a reason – I also have chronic Candidiasis, an insidious diet-related disease that causes a host of other mysterious problems (a girlfriend, who also has Candida, describes it this way: Just take everything delicious off your plate. Then eat the rest). Because the Pluto-Uranus transit activated my inner deviant, I got sick and tired of being so damn good all the time. I got a little mischievous. After a stressful and rigorous trip to Spain, I started drinking wine as the Spaniards do, till eventually I was drinking one glass every night with dinner. When the repercussions hit, I went through a whole charade of chasing weird symptoms to no avail…till I woke up, as through from an IHOP fog, and took responsibility for the obvious: I was the source of my own self-undoing. Eventually, one way or another, Saturn will ask us to squarely face, and then be willing to lose, what is undermining our self-authority and draining our life energy — even if what’s undermining us is right for everyone else (a great job with benefits, a typical American diet, a status quo workaholic ethic) but wrong for us.

Rest, Restore, Retreat

Just in case you’re wondering, how I’m managing now, I am on the ascetic’s diet again, and feeling much better, thanks. Don’t even get me started about how time consuming food preparation is. My Aries Moon rants bi-weekly about this. Nor the constant rigorous exercise my Sixth House Mars requires consistently, daily, which I cannot compromise on without feeling like an insane person. I live to stay healthy (in equal numbers, different folks will often comment that say I look ghostly or tired -or- ask if I have discovered the fountain of youth!). Confusing? Yes. As I work on healing my Virgo Twelfth House cusp, my relationship to my body and nutrition, to nature, and to the Earth, I’m possibly also doing some deeply karmic Twelfth House work.

During this time I’ve intuitively known that I’ve needed to spend much of my 12th House transit time in nature because it feels healing; I’ve even taken walks when I’m sick, and after visualizing green chlorophyll permeating my entire being have  probably healed a couple of side infections, though I have no way of proving it. I once read that if a recovering alcoholic’s house has vibrant house plants you can trust that they’re really in recovery, doing well. I’m no alcoholic but I can connect why the inability to nurture a living thing likely might also mean you’re spinning out of control. So it would funny that I’m constantly saving my house plants from the brink of death, funny if the plants weren’t such an apt metaphor for my body.

Things I’ve enjoyed immensely: dream interpretation, watching the cat play, hanging out with the chickens, hanging in the hot tub, taking long walks, reading books and allowing myself to recognize that doing any of these types of things, prior to my Twelfth House Saturn visit, was just not possible and this in and of itself was dysfunctional. I was too busy working.

But I will not judge myself for ‘doing’ this transit poorly. Recently after exchanging emails with a friend who experienced some gloriously spiritual things during her Twelfth House Saturn transit, I recognized that nagging familiar Virgo Twelfth House hidden enemy, Guilt & Shame. “You did it wrong,” said The Critic. “You should have a least had a few good conversations with your Spiritual Guides by now,” said The Perfectionist, “but instead you dealt with the same old lesson that has undone you so many times.” “Screw off,” I replied, “I’m an imperfect human being on a unique and not always direct path. I’m doing my best.”

Saturn in the Twelfth: Maturing in Private

Saturn in Transit, authored by Erin Sullivan, has become my new bible for this period. In it she offers the most uplifting hopeful images for each of Saturn’s visits through the houses, and although this passage is only a few pages, they are poetic and deeply contemplative. She talks about this as the time of dissolution, of being plunged into an abyss of inexplicable outpourings of moods and feelings, and a time of letting go of attachments “…exclusive of one’s external image. It is not so much a time of self-definition as of self-discovery, in its true sense of uncovering.” This process doesn’t leave one totally naked though; a person can be public, but much is going on behind-the-scenes. She says we have the ability to retain some of the protective shell or skin while going through quiet change, “…rather like changing clothes behind a Chinese screen. I call it maturing in private.” This evocative image speaks to me on many levels. During a time in my professional identity when it’s been impossible for me not to be public, I’ve also needed to not be quite so public. I have, at times, true to my experimental nature, tried to ‘change’ in plain view (without the shadowed rice paper screen), through my writing and in my art, only to have the attempts feel premature and unfinished. When I listen deeply I hear, All will be revealed in time, and that feels right.

Saturn will finally cross my First House threshold in September, for the third and final time. Frankly, I have never so looked forward to a Saturn transit in my life! Sullivan calls this next step The Threshold Struggle, and from accompanying several close clients through their First House transit, the struggle is a process of becoming. It’s a time of integrating what’s been recovered about their self while deep in the Twelfth, and having that and bump against the personality, expectations of partners, work and community. Sullivan warns against anticipating what will happen then, pre-empting the natural unfolding of this delicate self-remaking process. Yet nothing can stop the force of a First House Saturn though there’s pressure and challenges… and how well we navigated the Twelfth House. If we lost the job (later realizing we hated it anyhow), at the First House, our Twelfth House pain, emptiness and despair begins to make sense, but hopefully before. The sooner we get on with the Twelfth House work of  losing what’s meant to be lost, the better. Loss precedes change, a change that will initiate a new 28 year cycle, which for many experiencing, is the rest of their life. For this reason and more Saturn’s Twelfth transit is momentous. The old life is trying to lose its grip. All we register, at least at first, is a fuzzy loss of control, and then a gradual breakdown from the way things were and the way things have always been…into what things will come to be.


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  1. Merlene Shedlock

    This is a very good post on saturn going through the 12th house. Thank you.

  2. G west

    This is by far the most insightful description i have read on the saturn 12th house transit. Incredibly helpful as i am experiencing it myself at the mo until sept~ gold stars!

  3. Carole Bouchard

    Thank you for sharing this, Jessica. I so relate to what you have written as I have Mercury, Mars and Venus in 12th natally ~ now being transitted by Uranus and opposed by Saturn in the 6th in Libra. “We wrestle with illusion that we are in control (and lose). We make plans and have them dissolve, or never come together.” I’ve lived with this all my life and people just don’t understand that I need to let things evolve themselves and not ego force them!! I agree with you that nature is calling us at this time ~ there is so much healing waiting for us. Blessings to you!!!!

  4. Glenna Bain

    Thank you for this intensely well thought out article Jessica. I’m going to give serious contemplation to what it means to have that Sagittarius relating to my hidden enemy. The 12th house is the most challenging for me to get a grip on, even as a Pisces. When you want input on Saturn in the first, I’ll be here for you, as it is on my Asc natally. Hope to see you at the AP in Sept. Africa is feeling like a very 12th house experience; very surreal and yet poignant. Thanks again for this thought provoking article. Blessings!

  5. Erin

    Sending you 12th house Saturn comfort, dear one – from one who has been there. I remember the physical pain being very intense, and the helplessness even worse. I also look forward to hearing about your evolution when Saturn crosses the AC. This too shall pass. xx

  6. Michele

    Jessica, this is a great read after last nights class. I can really relate to the “Spacey” aspect. I have Sun in the 12th. I even wrote a song a long time ago “People say I am a spacey girl..etc”. As I have matured it has gone away some, but it comes and goes. It gets really bad in groups of people. I just want to “disappear” into the floor. Having Saturn in the first doesn’t help, with Venus in Capricorn. I hope to come away with some insight as to strenthen my relationship with Saturn to help me develop a more clear, direct way of communication. I tend to ramble : ) probably due to trying run away with fear from my words and what people are thinking I am saying.

  7. Michele

    And so glad you are on the road to feeling better! I wish I had the discipline to stick to a diet. Unfortunately Jupiter in Taurus is transiting my 6th house right now!..hahaha bring on the food and wine!

  8. Sadiq

    I have read many articles regarding Saturn in the 12th house, but this is by far the best and most inspiring one yet. I’m a Scorpio Rising with Libra in my 12th house and it has been hell for me. I too suffer from candida symptoms and have had to change my whole dietary liefstyle. It is correct to say that everything that you used to enjoy eating is no longer an option. When I first started my 12th House transit, me and my wife started having severe problems. I mean every problem that we had in the past… magnified by 100. We ended up separating. I began a new relationship with another woman and that ended pretty quick. Its funny we were together for a year and a couple of months but it felt alot shorter than that. She was very dishonest and cheated constantly. Talk about karma (Saturn in Libra). It was as if I was dated my old self. But I realized after breaking up with her what Saturn was telling me, its time to be by yourself. Its time to reflect. I am alot stronger since the transit began. I’ve learn some very important things about myself and what I would like to do with the rest of my life. The funny part about it is…saturn doesn’t begin to cross my ascendant until the end of 2012. But I see this as a blessing because if I’ve learned this much about myself half way through this transit, just imagine what I will know when this transit concludes. Thank you very much.

  9. dixie passion

    Since Saturn is been rocking back and forth between in 11&12 in my chart this read has helped me gain some incite . It has been very strange and good for meditation . I have Saturn in my first house in my natal chart.

    I hope Saturn going into your 1st helps you.

  10. Nancy Schorr

    Wow, very comforting article. Thanks! I’m going through Saturn in the 12th now. I’m an astrologer myself, and know what it means. Yet this one is just so ….. slow and weird. It feels good to know this article is here when I need comfort!

  11. amy bernadette

    Thank You. The message you carry came to me at the exact right time. My hope as Saturn crossed the line into the 12th house recently is that the universe helps aid in me letting go of the weight. The idea of death/change in order to rebuild and find new life/patterns is of course SCARY but at the same time I AM SO READY TO CAST OFF THESE OLD SKINS that feel like shackles anymore. I understand that I must now go within for strength as my self goes through its undoing. When a snakes losses its skins it’s eyes become foggy during the process and I will learn from the spirit snake medicine offers and take comfort in having an understanding about what is happening in this “fuzzy” time. Thank you again.

  12. amy bernadette

    One more thing- I have spent time in jail and like many who have- found a powerful sense of spirituality/god by being there. My experience in jail was absolutely one of the best times of my life due to seeking inward. Those cells are small and cold and I was totally removed from the world on the outside and forced to seek comfort from the world inside of me. Needless to say- it was a beautiful voyage. I found a bigger reality by being removed from the smaller reality (spirit vs. material)

  13. nhow

    I’ll be through my Saturn in 12th house transit right before my birthday in mid-Nov. This transit is bringing loss to some of my nearest and dearest. My daughter lost her job and also is losing her home. A dear friend is also job hunting…both long term. My favorite Uncle is dying. My niece and her husband are splitting up and a nephew divorced his wife. The pain I’m experiencing is not being able to do much to help those I love. And I live abroad so don’t get to see them much.

  14. Jessica

    Hi, Saturn through the 12th is hard. The Universe wants us to let go in preparation for a brand new phase we can’t yet see. Saturn’s transit here is also good for spiritual work, even though it can feel lonely at times and you will question your faith – but that’s Saturn’s “faith” (he is not Jupiter), that we plug onward despite no current evidence. Saturn bears rewards even in the 12th, but for the spiritual, solitary work we do. Perhaps you can send love to those people you cannot help in the flesh- in Spirit. That may bring some relief. xo, Jessica

  15. nhow

    Very true, Jessica. Sending love and lighting a candle never hurts. Things are starting to turn around for my daughter. Hopefully the trend will continue with afflicted friend.

    Sadly, I will need to let my dearest Uncle go when it’s his time. I also lost another dear friend at the beginning of the transit. But I carry all the memories of them in my heart and mind. They live on there.

    Thank you for all your insights. I very much share your philosophy.


  16. yen

    Wow what a wonderful article, i am just ending Saturn in 12th house (Saturn transits to Libra 4th August right?) and 2 years back i lost my job, experienced death of a loved one and went on spiritual retreats and alot of inner work, coming to terms with a whole new inner dimension. Its truly amazing the timing seems to be right on the dot!

  17. David Lowe

    Thank you for an insightful article Jessica. Many of the comments have been enlightening too.

    And there was I thinking that a change for the better (following all the losses and challenges of the past 2.5 years) might be in view come October 6, 2012, when Saturn’s transit of my Libra Sun moves-on to transit my Scorpio Ascendent. Wrong!

    Indeed, one of the above comments seems to confirm that Saturn began transiting my 12th House at the beginning of this month. Oh dear … now, I’m not an astrologer, just a fascinated spectator … but Saturn transiting my Scorpio Ascendent AND my 12th House at the same time? That doesn’t look good.

    I wouldn’t mind, but I’m rubbish at meditation. Oh well, press on. DL

  18. Jessica

    Hi David, Saturn cannot transit your Scorpio Ascendant and 12th house at the same time so it’s either one or the other. Is your Libra Sun in the 12th house? If so, Saturn is already in the 12th, which would explain your losses and challenges. Unless you’re using a whole house system which very few astrologers do, the zodiac signs can straddle houses – so your Ascendant could begin at early, mid- or late Scorpio. If you’re trying to make future plans 😉 it’s worth getting a reading, or trying to piece it together at a great free site like xo, Jessica

  19. David Lowe

    Hello Jessica: Many thanks for your prompt reply to my earlier post. I was born with my Sun, Mercury and Chiron in Libra in the 12th House (approx. 7.50am Oct 7, 1946 London, England). My AC was at 29* Libra 59’ and that seemed to mark the very point where Libra became Scorpio, and the 12th House gave way to the 1st House.

    An astrologer acquaintance of mine put me onto Astrodienst (the you mention?) a couple of years ago and I’ve been piecing-together my chart ever since. Suffice it to say, it has been an education and a thoroughly absorbing process, but I’m still very much the novice.

    So, when – a few days ago – another astrologer acquaintance of mine mentioned Saturn transiting my 12th House right now, I got the jitters and started putting 2 and 2 together to make 5 (I’m also rubbish at math!).

    That’s when I stumbled on your fascinating article. I have to say I’m mightily relieved by your reassurances that Saturn can’t transit the 12th House and the Ascendant at the same time.

    Frankly, these past two years and more of the Saturn-Libra transit have been difficult and disheartening: but not, I hasten to add, as destructive and nightmarish as my last Saturn-Libra transit in the early 1980s.

    Nevertheless, I’m hoping above hope that Saturn’s transit of Scorpio from October onwards will bring some respite and/or forward movement … spiritually. Thank you again for your advice. It is very much appreciated. David x

  20. Emily

    Jessica, THANK YOU for writing this! Saturn is leaving my 11th and about to go into my 12th house. My natal Saturn & 12th house is in Scorpio, so this should be interesting!

    I’m looking forward to the transcendental & spiritual aspects of this transit. I’m a little jittery about ‘skeletons’ in my closet & whatnot, but what is life if not an adventure?

    When you told The Critic to “screw off”, I thought, “Yeah! You tell him who’s boss, Aries moon!”

    I’m already in the process of dealing with… what I think may be an over attachment to someone, so “losing what’s meant to be lost” is very relevant for me. I hope this is something that will grow with me rather than just being something I’ll have to discard… which will ultimately be an important part of who I am.

    Anyway, this was very well written. Thank you.

    sun, moon, merc, ven: Virgo
    mars: Sag
    asc: Sag
    Sun in 9th house

  21. Heidi


    Saturnian bedfellows, I salute you !

    I have my Sun, Neptune in Libra at 25 degrees, 12th house at the apex of a T-square
    of Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in the 9th and Chiron, Mars and true Node in my 3rd house.
    These last 2-1/2 years have been “interesting” to say the least.
    It would take up more space than is allowable to share all the gory details with everyone 😉
    Needless to say, it’s with a great sigh of relief that I await Saturn’s transit through my Scorpio AC then into my 1st house containing Saturn, Venus, and Mercury.

    by achieving inner peace (spirituality)
    I am no longer lonely nor afraid…
    plus my overly sensitive ego has been chucked out the window…heh!

    hugs, Heidi

  22. Amanda

    Thank you for writing this. Saturn is getting ready to return my Scorpio in a few weeks 🙂

  23. Gina

    Ahhh… Saturn in the 12th. He FINALLY crosses my ascendant in October and what a bedfellow he has been. Your article mirrors my journey the last 2.5 years perfectly, from a happenstance and life altering trip to Peru to a myriad of strange bodily symptoms (let’s just say I was dying a slow death. Ha! Saturn in the 12th) which were only recently diagnosed as severe malnutrition and anemia (I’m sure the doctor’s ineptidude was part of this karmic walk I’ve taken). I’ve left a tortuous job, am selling our home to downsize, set new goals and boundaries in our marriage, and begun to explore the way of indegenous healing.

    Yup, I have crossed the depths and walked with spirit in the process (you can’t not). It’s a beautiful, painful dream of self discovery and cleansing. I’m starting to stretch my arms and hang my feet from the bed as the warm sun of the first house brings me back to life.

    Thank you for the article. Excellent read.

  24. Maryanne

    Hi i will like to leave my comment as well.i am almost over my saturn in 12 house maybe i dont want to say what i went threw it was bad!!but i will like to share the re leaf i feel already from the lessons saturn in the 12 gave me.I have learned to respect my self,i lost my job i lost my niece that was very dear to me….but now i feel strong and ready to fight for real life matters.Thank you for the en lighting article and for your time.Maryanne

  25. Piano66

    Dear Jes,
    Your article is beautiful and thank you for that.
    As I don’t quite understand the movements of planets, my question is, is I as a Scorpio, have Saturn in my first house now, does it mean that prior to this, Saturn was in my 12 house? Because I hardly survived and now reading your article it feels that I had to go through it.
    Also, is it true that Saturn in Scorpio will be a bit easier that it was for my Libra friends?
    Thank you kindly.

  26. mhow

    59 Yrs old. Saturn in Libra 1st hse. Neptune
    in Libra 12 Hse. Ascendant Libra
    1st Hse.I have left job of 20 yrs. Tried
    2 jobs, same theme noted,same personalities
    different location,left them. I am very
    lost, feel like I am floating.I keep trying
    to get up. No family. Noone. Hope I can
    survive this. Hope this is the last time I
    have to live through this. Can anyone give
    me some insight?

  27. natasha9

    i am going through this transit now, and as i have mentioned elsewhere–i concurr–it is no picnic. i can relate to much of what you have said, jessica, as well as my fellow posters. but here’s something that i am really wondering about. i am about to graduate from college–sounds like a good saturnine completion, right? so far, so good. but the thing is, i am planning to go to graduate school. i consider this a major new beginning in itself, and also because it will mean moving to a new place far from home. it will constitute a big leap for me, and a big investment in more ways than one. i have been seriously thinking of taking a year off first (even though saturn will still be in my 12th house!). what i’m saying is that although i would love nothing more than to retreat, collect myself, reflect, etc., my life is demanding that i begin some important new things, one way or another, very soon, whether i like it or not. but what does this say about these new endeavors? that i should find a way to put them off? that i should move forward anyway, knowing that things will probably be an uphill battle, and more difficult than they would be otherwise, simply because of lousy timing?? aaaahhh!
    **i apologize for all of the above–but still, any words of wisdom would be soo appreciated!!**

  28. Jessica

    Hi Natasha, I am not a predictive astrologer. I can describe the pitfalls and possibilities of a transit, but I have no idea what you will choose or how things will turn out. At that, every transit must be read in the context of the entire chart –which includes many other transits happening at the same time. This is why I do not answer these types of questions on my blog forum. I would be potentially inaccurate and it would be far too time consuming for me. If you would like more clarity, you can book a session with an astrologer. I hope you understand. best, Jessica

  29. James m


    Thank you for this blog. I am coming to the end of my Saturn transit through the twelth house and as I reflect on the experience it reminds me of what the others have shared here.

    During this time I lost all of my money and went into debt. I lost my close friend to suicide. I was misdiagnosed with a std that made me reevaluate my sex life and how I am choosing my partners. I met with a shaman from Sedona where we did a trance like visit and I was everywhere in the universe. I was a dot and I could travel anywhere and everywhere within seconds. I experienced a golden coat of self love during the trance. I awoke with a new vibrancy and appreciation for my body, feelings and mind and soul.

    I invested in a company and brought my family and friends in and that company has almost gone bankrupt and faced one lawsuit. My consulting business has had so many starts but nothing permanent. It’s been very hard to make money and I’ve had I borrow from family and rely on friends for job opportunities. I’m good in business and sales but these times have been tough.

    My uncle passed away two weeks ago. I relocated to a place that I needed to go to see how to make my relationship with my dad work. I learned this year why it won’t and it isn’t because of me or him and use not doing things right. I found the reason and found peace with that. As now my daddy issues have evolved to a better place. I am so relieved by that. This time has been very hard emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. It was so strange to be tired all the time and just feel weak. But I learned more about me and where I come from and where I manifest from. I’ve been scared a Lot these past 2,5 years. But I’m tired of that fear. I feel traction returning to my life. I’m almost there. I think it ends Ina few weeks.

    I am grateful for the self knowledge of this time. I miss my friend who left. I thank you all for sharing your messages here. They have helped me to see I’m not alone.

  30. Jessica

    Thank you for sharing, James. It’s nice to know we’re not alone in the Universe (so glad for astrology!) I’m sure your share here will help others, too. xo, Jessica

  31. Jessica

    Yes, Vesna, if Saturn is currently transiting your 1st house, prior to this Saturn was in your 12th house. Yes, Saturn in Scorpio will be easier for your Libran friends, and bit harder for your Scorpio ones. xo, Jessica

  32. jose

    Awesome post…. 9/26/1981 saturn in 12th in Virgo and in conjunction with Jupiter. I experienced problems with my eating habits but more with drinking. Saturn nudged me five times and now with my most recent one, it felt like I had lost everything. Somehow now I have all these ideas and creativity; I think I have now accepted change and redemption.

  33. Sag

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for this article. I will be having saturn transit 12th house in 2 months. I have Scorpio on the cusp of the 12th. What kinds of issues does this point to?

  34. Jessica

    Hi Sag, You can count on all of the issues described in the article will pertain to you. The sign colors the motivations of the house and transit. The Twelfth House sign is, among other things, our hidden enemy and describes how you self-sabotage and what you may need to let go of. Scorpio: resentments, griefs ungrieved, emotional baggage, resistance, etc. Just brainstorm Scorpio. My Twelfth House cusp is Virgo (and includes Libra) and my transit started out with self-undoing health habits I needed to look at then moved onto the hidden relationship issues I needed to address.

  35. angelica

    OMG you have all described my Saturn 12th house transit…which is just about to cross my AC,,,will I survive? One things for sure it is a time of major endings/transformation/ continuous loss and so exhausting…I surrender,
    I let go…and yet I am quietly still here,,,

  36. Monday

    It was interesting to read all of your experiences regarding the Saturn 12 house transit. I’m a Scorpio rising and I am coming to the end of my Saturn transit through the twelfth house. I have experienced a serious jobless situation, something which 2,5 years ago seemed as a very promised and perspective career option, it turned out I simply lost it, followed by strange sabotage and resistance. Since than, I have had serious issues regarding the job hunting. At the same time, had experienced the death of my Nanny whom I was very closed to. My brother faces with a marriage problems and potential divorce. Also, I have learnt just recently that it is a time to give up from long term job-related promises which have actually never happened. During December, Saturn transits my 1st House, will see what this brings. By the way, a great blog, keep up the great work. Cheers!

  37. Kirsten

    I appreciated this article so much! Not only is Saturn transiting my 12th, but it is also opposing my natal Venus-Saturn conjunction. I did not even realize this until now, and what a relief it is to finally have some understanding of the deeper purpose inherent in such transits.

    My Ascendant is 24 degrees Sagittarius, which means that Saturn will not move into my first house until February 2017. I am curious what sort of shift may be experienced as a result of Saturn entering Sagittarius in 2015, and whether it will bring about some kind of change in my experience of Saturn’s transit through my 12th house.

  38. Elisha

    Thank You, Jessica
    I love the way you write, your honesty humor and wisdom. Saturn has just entered my scorpio 12h house for the second time in my life. I can now see the scorpio lessons I have had to learn these past 28 years. My dear son, who was born in October, 1982 having a stellium mercury moon venus sun saturn and pluto in Libra on the midheaven, was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison yesterday for sexting online with a detective in a sting operation, When the woman who was not supposed to be underage on the site finally got him excited about meeting her, she said I am really 14 lets meet…stupidly he did and was arrested, charged and sentenced as a sex offender who will have to register whereever he lives when he gets out, be on a GPS and not be with any minors at all, whether they are his children (his girlfriend had his adorable baby girl a week after he was put in jail last July) What a sad scorpio 12th house story I am living…and the satun in 12th just began…my son has pluto transiting his capricorn ascendent. I am grateful he is being increbibly strong and positive through this which is what is keeping me strong, as well as cataputling me into advocacy work…stirring up my sag rising. Thanks for letting me let off steam so I can move forward through the pain of him being locked up and labeled for life. Elisha

  39. Aloysius27

    An absolutely wonderful and thoughful, thought-provoking post, Jessica. Many thanks for sharing and explaining what I and countless others have and are experiencing with this traumatic and powerful transit through the 12th house.

    I currently have transiting Saturn retrograde back in my 1eth house until October, 2014 (I have a 21 degree Scorpio ascendant), and these past two years plus have been the most traumatic ones of my life – loss of a job I loved, loss of income, loss of my apartment, loss of friends….and loss of direction, self-esteem, energy, and purpose. Also the acceptance, the painful acceptance of loss of family – sibling estrangement. During my last Saturn transit through my 12th and crossing my ascendant in late 1984 and into 1985, I lost my mother to death, and the family virtually disintegrated shortly afterwards. I know this too shall pass and that, yes, loss does indeed precede change, and that in many instances some losses I did unconciously wish to happen – being brutally honest with myself during this transformative transit. That said, it’s been and is a time of immense pain, sadness and loneliness for me as I prepare to be rebirthed. The future scares the living daylights out of me.

    And, to top the Saturn transit of my 12th/ascendant off, I also underwent major Pluto transits (beginning in 2009) to my 2nd house stellium of Venus in Sag, Sun, Mercury and Mars in Cap) !! Plus my current transiting Neptune conjunct my IC and opposing my Moon and MC. There are days during these intense transits and times when I think I truly can’t take it anymore…but onwards I go…knowing I will be a totally different person when I come out at the other end of this transiting storm.

    Quick question, Jessica. Is losing weight and an inability to put weight on a factor which involves transiting Saturn in the end of the 12th house and crossing the ascendant? As soon as Saturn reached my midpoint 12th house, I dropped weight and, while eating, can’t seem to get back to my max weight level. Is this a manifestation of transiting Saturn in this quadrant?

    Keep up the great writing and posts.

  40. Aloysius27

    Oops… I currently have transiting Saturn back in my 12th house until October of 2014. 😉

  41. Sag

    Hi Jessica (again) 🙂
    So much has changed in my life since I posted my question. Unimaginable losses. I do have one more question for you! I noticed that my transit Saturn will actually enter my 1st house(Sagittarius) on Jan 23 2015 and stay there until the beginning of May 2015. Then Saturn retrogrades back into my 12th house on May 10th until the end of Oct 2015 when it stays in the 1st house. My question is – will I get a “peak” into what new beginnings will be entering my life while saturn is in the 1st for a good 3 months? Have you heard about this happening before? I’m considering myself “lucky” because saturn only transits my 12th for about 21 months and not the full 2 1/2 yrs!
    Thank you!

  42. Amrit

    Jessica’s post was absolutely spot-on. I’ve had Saturn in my twelfth house for almost 2.5 years (leaving at the end of the year) and like Aloysius has expressed above, loss has been a prominent theme. Without posts and blogs like these I would have thought I’m completely screwed! Yet after reading (and I’ve just ordered Erin Sullivan’s book!) and reflecting, all this makes sense and it’s good when you know there’s a reason why things are the way they are and it’s not just ‘you’. I’ve learnt to let go (the hard way where if there’s a sound to accompany my letting go it would be a loud prolonged rip of something tearing away – painful it sounds, painful it has been) with this transit but ultimately for me, it’s about learning to TRUST. Not always easy to do (trust me!) but I’m trying to listen to that ‘quiet voice within’ that all is happening as it should and what needs to fall away will knowing that what truly is mine can never be lost. I have never been quite so content in my own company, doing absolutely nothing but resting, retreating and restoring. I’ve had weekends stretch ahead of me with no plans whatsoever except to do absolutely NOTHING! My body feels tired. In fact when I’ve tried to fight the tide and begun to plan and take control like I’m so used in doing, things have fallen apart (either at the start or eventually) or my body does and thereby forcing me to stop. Either way I’ve learnt that it isn’t time to ‘do’ but to just ‘be’. So I thank you Jessica for your helpful blog which obviously has helped many others and to all others who’ve posted so openly and honestly here, I thank you too and wish you all the very best with all things closest to your heart.

  43. Samantha

    Thank you so much for this article. Saturn has been in my 12th house since 2013 and it has not been fun. My Sun and Mercury-Pluto conjunction are in Scorpio (although Saturn has not hit my Sun yet) and while I’ve tried to make the most of the transit and retreat, reflect and shed what no longer works, it has not been easy. I’m in my last leg of grad school and I was terrified I was going to flunk out because I could not function and eventually had to go on anti-depressants. I had a lot of family upheaval (thanks Uranus) that I’ve had to come to terms with. There is no going back. The positives are that I’ve let go of. But I am looking forward to Saturn moving into my 1st house in February 2015 although it will go back briefly in May I think.

  44. Sherrill

    A 2015 comment seems appropriate for a Saturn post from 2011—this was great to read, the article and comments alike.

    Saturn retrograde just returned into my Scorpio twelfth house after a brief visit to the first; what a tease! All kinds of “yeah, uh-huh, okay” going on; I’m practically a nun, with tooth issues stemming from the new friend, trigeminal neuralgia (the transit sextiles Uranus, which squares my Sun making the inconjunct to Saturn again, a nasty little scalene), etc.

    I consider it the equivalent to one of those four-day labors you hear about, metaphorical and sometimes literal panting in tow…

    The universe seems to think, “OK, let’s try this one again, the first psychic surgery was just a prep. Get the forceps.” No evil grin, just a necessity.

    I’d love to hear back from those who wrote some time ago to see how they incorporated Saturn’s lessons. Thanks again for all this great sharing.

  45. Jay for Dubbleyou

    by now you are into your new way of life and looking back saying thankyou – i trust 🙂 Thank you for this posting! Saturn transit 12th

  46. Maeve

    Hi all. I have 6 planets in Virgo and ascendant 21 degrees Sag. When Saturn first entered Sag last year and squared my moon Venus conjunction, my favorite cat got killed by a car. he was the love of my life and I was devastated by the loss. I literally cried for 6 months. Then we adopted a kitten. He was wonderful, and I was beginning to heal. Then when Saturn (still in my 12th) squared my sun, he disappeared! he just left and didn’t come back. we have a cat door and he was used to coming and going. we live in a rural area on a very quiet street. we’ve been searching for him for weeks. I know Saturn in the 12th is about endings, but I am having a very hard time finding any kind of meaning is these 2 losses. it seems to me to be teaching me loneliness and suffering. I guess at some point it makes us stronger, but right now I am just truly bitter.
    Neptune in Pisces is also putting the watery whammy and all of us with mutable signs. I’m having Neptune opposing my sun and Saturn in the 12th squaring it! needless to say, I am totally exhausted and spaced out doesn’t begin to describe how fuzzy I am. I have a hard time focusing, sometimes even speaking (and i’m a writer). I sleep at least 10 hours a day. I force myself to exercise, and it literally feels like im moving under water. ugh. my dream life is the only thing that has been interesting, so I’ve been reading how to lucid dream. not able to do it…yet.
    don’t have any interest in socializing. I hate being the buzz kill when I (Sag rising) used to be the life of the party!

  47. Maryanna

    Thank you for the honesty and insight. It is very helpful. Pluto just crossed my ascendant and Saturn just moved into my twelfth. Pluto, opposite my Sun and in my twelfth house, was beyond intense. It brought up so much pain, but also spiritual insights and visions beyond anything I’d previously experienced. Pluto and Saturn bring to a head the issues that have been festering below the surface, deep in our subconscious. If we embrace the experience (for me, through prayer and meditation) we can examine and release old life scripts. And above all, become a new version of ourself.

  48. Lee

    Hi. I have natal neptune at 23° in Sagittarius in the 12th house. I’ll be having saturn conjunct the 12th house this year. Can anyone please advice me on how it may play out and if it can affect a romantic/ love relationship?

  49. le

    thank you very much for this post. I am feeling quite lost during this transit and your post was immensely reassuring.

  50. AB

    Hey. Also a Sagittarius Rising. Saturn also entering my 1st House in a few days time, I believe! What’s your current experience of Saturn? Would love to know and share!

  51. El

    My Saturn return began on January 20th, 2017 and I’ve just lost my job. Tough.

  52. John Lorince

    I love this style of Astrological study. To live through each of the transits and write down your thoughts of what’s going on. Thank you Jessica and friends!

  53. aloke das

    Very enlighting post…..from 2013 to July 2015 was very challenging and spiritual advancement in my life makes me a complete transformed person….

  54. Ashi

    You rock, thanks for such a motivating article,

  55. Brandon

    I actually liked this transit. I got close to God, and have never felt that way since no matter how hard I try. Very spiritual experience. (Being so “close to God” though meant I wasn’t having sex, but at that time I didn’t desire to either, so no biggie?)

    My life direction was also altered DRASTICALLY during this transit.

    Great article, so much info!!

  56. Marjorie

    Wow, Jessica. I have reread this so many times because it is so helpful! All I want to do under this transit is sleep and dream. In my dreams, I get good information and number sequences that guide me. Also, thanks for reminding me that the loss is natural. Almost ALL of my close relationships have dissolved and I am SO RELIEVED AND FREE.

  57. Sophia

    Very well observed piece. Unfortunately I am 76 and I know that come Dec when Saturn enters my 1st house it means I will be preparing for my last years. Having led a life incredibly rich in experience the realization that with Saturn entering my 1st house in Dec I will be facing my last years and greatly diminished by the 12th house transit “this too shall pass” is not much comfort!

  58. Alex Williams

    Insightful treatise on Saturn transiting 12th. Thank you, Jessica

  59. Tiger Jakt

    I am on the same juncture right now. My 12th house transit is going to be over on December 20th and me too an Aries Moon. Truly, never before have I looked upon a Transit like the Saturn crossing into the 1st. I am already sick and dead so to say. Glad to hear I will be collecting soon what remains in my life and help myself get back to life.

  60. Laurent

    Hi Jessica. I am having Saturn in my 12 in sagitarius since 10 months and I lost my job I had since almost 14 years. I had a new boss in January 2017 and he fired me in may, then the company realized he was cheating and lying so they fired him 3 months later. I feel this was totally unfair and now I am looking for a job. I am enjoying the free time and the ability to take it easy for a while but I feel this shouldn’t have happened. Saturn will be in my house 1 in feb 2018 in Capricorn and I don’t know what to expect. Last time 29 years ago was horrible, I have the moon in Capricorn in house 1 and when saturn hit it I went into a depression for 6 years…. until Jupiter goes in Capricorn in 1996 and hit my moon.. I am very anxious about the years to come

  61. AB

    Hey all,

    I’m 30 years old, a Sagittarius Rising (Pisces Moon) and Saturn has been returning in my 12th House. I have had numerous catastrophic health issues – mental and physical – and wanted to know if others have experienced the same/if this is ‘normal’?? Doctors have not been able to diagnose my symptoms (they put EVERYTHING down to ‘stress/anxiety’, which just does not feel right) and any such medications didn’t resolve my symptoms. I am working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner on a new diet + supplements to try and re-balance my biochemistry. No tangible results yet, but it’s only been about 3 weeks.

    I know Saturn leaves Sagittarius/my 12th House in 2.5 weeks and enters Capricorn/my 1st House!

    I am new to Astrology. but as a general rule of thumb, should this be positive? Am I likely to see results/an improvement in my health/relief from the issues that have plagued me for well over 1.5 years now? Is a 1st House transit, after a Saturn Return in the 12th House, likely to be ‘nicer’? If so, will this take months and months (as Saturn is slow-moving) or might I see changes even by the end of this year?

    Thoughts would be appreciated 🙂

    Thanks x

  62. Claire F. Shepard

    Dec. 2017
    Tonight Saturn leaves my 12th and moves to conjunct my 0 deg Cap rising.
    After the last couple of years I am truly looking forward to this. Did deep psychic surgery work ongoing and literally walked away from all my beautiful belongings and artwork that wouldn’t sell to escape to a new life . It’ been a heavy heavy ride.
    Your wonderful article helped me put things in perspective.So grateful.

  63. deep earth

    Saturn just entered my 12th house 29* Sag- squared with my pluto in virgo in the 8th. I used to get plenty of hours at work, now they rarely need me to work. I’m also trying to go to college at nights, which leaves me study time, but not enough money to travel an hour to school. I used to be a study hard person, now I can’t remember what I’ve read after reading it. I have been feeling powerless for quite sometime, even before saturn very recently came into my 12th. Family members(which I try to avoid) insists on me having to keep tabs with them, and they of coarse, care less about me. It’a all about control. I don’t want another year and a half of this while saturn transits my 12th, but it’s going to happen anyway. any words of wisdom or encouragement needed, thank you .

  64. Anonymiss

    I currently have my Progressed Saturn transiting 12th House, but this was a very accurate description of what I’ve been feeling and going through.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  65. Lori Bluegill

    wow! When Saturn went retrograde back into my 12th house, I got sick on magic mushrooms and had my first bad trip ever, got food poisoning at IHOP (no kidding!) got a nasty case of poison ivy because I crawled through a broken fence portal on my belly…then two days later, took some edible cannibas (to relieve poison ivy inflammation) and almost had a stroke…my lips turned blue, I was sweating, fainted and ended up in the ER for hours with a neck brace holding me down. They released me with a probable TIA…that was yesterday and the lunar eclipse is coming up in three days conjunct my aquarian sun in first house (rules the head) conjunct transiting mars (first house again) all squared by uranus -2 degrees. BUT this saturn in H12 has made me a prisoner in an abusive relationship with a narcissist for the last year PLUS I take care of my 90 yr old stepdad and feel imprisoned by that. I know I MAKE myself a prisoner in the love life, but it is complicated. He is an alcoholic and his girlfriend got killed riding her bike, so I got sucked into it with my extreme empathy. I also have a double neptune conjunct jupiter transit and neptune in the 10th house natally. I can relate to everything in this article. Kinda weird coincidences…If I don’t die of an overdose, I may enjoy saturn getting back to my first house. ay caramaba!

  66. Khyati

    My lord! Can’t Thank you enough for this. These words feel like a soothing balm. So much gratitude for sharing here as well as shining a bright light on saturn’s energy

  67. kuhoo

    Thank you so much. This is such a well-written piece. Almost like a short research paper. As an academic writer, I really appreciate that a lot. Much like others in the comments section, I am also going through my 12th house transit, and Saturn conjuncts my ASC for the first time in March 2021 and it goes on till December 2021. My 12th house cusp is in Aquarius and I was wondering how that manifests into secret enemy tendencies. Also, it seems that the more I want to control things the more bizarre the life situations will get for another year or so. And I am wondering how to navigate that. Should I just completely let go and not make anything happen at all till this over. My Pisces sun is really good at being passive and just waiting out but my Saturn Return in Capricorn has taught me zoning out isn’t the solution. So what do you ‘do’ during this time. Or do you just don’t do and just be… Hope this makes sense.

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