Gemini New Moon: Short Journeys & Second Chances

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As a child, summer vacations were bar none the highlight of my year– and summer vacations always involved road trips. Scenery moving quickly enough to keep my interest but slow enough for ample reflection time, there’s probably no recipe more freeing to the Cancer imagination than being safely tucked away in a car and watching the world pass by. I’d look forward to Stuckey’s gas stations with their turquoise roof resembling a flying nun habit, and the promise of flat slabs of colorful saltwater taffy.  I loved the freedom the open road promised, which wasn’t the same as a (then) glamorous airplane trip, but more grounded in the earthly experience of bathroom breaks, the pungent smell of cow pastures, the novelty of trucker and roadside diner culture, sticky uncomfortable summer heat.

As an adult, the thought of an open road and a car romance me like no other; the thought of a girl and her car, driving down highway 1, inspired the purchase of my Fiat convertible. I dream more than I do, but a change of scenery stimulates new perceptions, innocence. Where old thought patterns hi-jack effervescent, childlike perception, a day trip can clear them. Day trips have the purifying ability to wipe the worries of the mundane world and all its routines, clean.

Gemini is the sign of mind, and so associated with the curious, youthful, inventive, engaged, constantly communicating, novelty and change-loving nature of our mind.  Stimulation, for Gemini, is much preferred to boredom (=death). If you’ve a hankering for variety and new scenery, and the Gemini-Sagittarius eclipses (or the Uranus-Pluto square) haven’t delivered a dollop of delightful newness already, Gemini is that breath of fresh air. Gemini makes it easy- all you need to do is look around. Gemini loves to be engaged, so allow all five senses to inform you, allow the newness you crave to carry you away.

This is a 2nd Gemini New Moon. At the first Gemini New Moon eclipse (5/20)  our slate was wiped clean. Now, this second new moon gives us a second chance in the house in which 28’43’ Gemini falls — but this time with practical considerations. Saturn in Libra squares Mercury in Cancer, this New Moon’s ruler, useful for putting concerted mental effort into a project, shoring up any structural flaws or having difficult, serious talks. Saturn provides discipline for accomplishing something hard, but also gives premature schemes a needed reality check, negative thinking the heave-ho. This new moon is also at the anaretic (last) degree, lending urgency, haste and indecision to new endeavors. The devil may truly be in the details at this 2nd new moon. For relationship, Venus (in Gemini) is a jump away but still related by sign and retrograde so related to this new moon we may need to work on our communication, and be ultra-realistic about our expectations (Venus directs on 6/27).

In true Gemini fashion, this new moon doesn’t linger long (solstice, the precession of the Sun into Cancer, follows on 6/20) but the energetic seed for the lunar month is planted by the energy of any new moon. To make the most of new moon magic, get curious & allow your mind and senses to lead you there. A day trip is great if you can do it, but even a walk around the old neighborhood is seen with new eyes under this new moon. Equally, a conversation has the power to transport, a simple self-help exercise the ability to wield a life-changing epiphany. And let’s not forget synchronicity. The magic of synchronicity weaves gold and silver threads through our lives on a daily basis.  With Jupiter now in Gemini, we shouldn’t underestimate all things Gemini. Gemini is the master of invention & adaptation.  Gemini, in the most ordinary way, has genius in it.

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