9 Things To Do While Venus Is In Taurus

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The sensual, physical world is your oyster while Venus transits the sign of Taurus (3/30-4/23 in 2018). Taurus is Venus’ home sign, which confers dignity upon all Venusian activities (art, pleasure, creativity, beauty, abundance, sensuality) undertaken during this time. Naturally, there are some sweet overlaps between Taurus and Venus –most of which revolve around relaxing, enjoying being in a physical body and appreciating this abundant, beautiful planet we call home.

To kick-off Venus’ precession into Taurus and help you make the most of it here are 9 ways to lift your pleasure quotient by at least a few hundred points (honestly, if you aren’t in bliss after trying these, I don’t know how to help you.;)


The way to a Taurus’ heart is through its belly. You may find your self hungrier during Taurus season (and a little lazier, truth be told, so watch those carbs). Healthy, creamy and fatty, naturally sweet foods (think: milk of the bull/cow) will keep you from over-indulging in too many comfort foods -Taurean downfalls. Mangia!


Coconut Vanilla Custard


Avocado Mayonnaise

curry chicken

Chicken Coconut Curry

2. Get Touchy and Tactile

Consciously engage your five senses. Tasting, smelling, touching… these are the pleasures of being in a human body. Can you sense, taste, touch, smell and hear it? If so, you’re feeding your Taurus energies.


wood texture




3. Spend Time in the Garden

There are many ways to soak up your vitamin N- vitamin Nature. Create a cozy garden nook, plant a succulent garden, read a book in a hammock. Just get outdoors.

garden nook


hollyhocks on blue shutters

4. Visit Your Happy Place

We all have one: a relaxing, calming, happy place that always instills you with a feeling of bliss. Go there. If only in your mind…

italy windowseat

Positano, Italy

pebble shore lake montana

Pebble Shore Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana

komodo natl park indonesia

Komodo National Park, Indonesia

new mexico moonlight

New Mexico moonlight

5. Nurture Your Empress Energy

In the Tarot, the High Priestess holds sway over the spiritual, inner world of the feminine, and the Empress, the physical, material and sensual world. Together, they are femininity embodied.  To engage the Empress: do things you really and deeply enjoy, make sure you feel abundant, opulent and lavish, spend time with children and animals. Here’s a question to get you going: What activity are you doing when you feel your most beautiful and abundant? Start there.

winona as empress

Empress Winona in lush, natural beauty

woman horse apple

The Empress connects with animals…

mother nature

births children, creativity and gives life.

The Empress is Earth Goddess, Mother Nature, embodied.

6. Relax… Get Grounded… Listen to Your Bodily Hungers

In order to feel good and strong in our body, the Goddess of Pleasure requires that we slow down. Spring for a massage, bodywork or facial and you won’t be disappointed; during Venus in Taurus, the aesthetic, beauty, body, spa experiences we buy are pleasing. Relax and get grounded to gain congruence with what your body wants and needs.

stone massage


Simply give your self space to chill-ax


Spooning leads to forking

7. Slow Down, Appreciate The Simple Things

Venus in Taurus is not fancy. Its elegance is its simplicity. This Venus’ willingness to be fully embodied, present…its easy appreciation of inner and outer beauty…creates rapport, ease, connection. Take the time to be really present to your environment and people.

jimson weed

okeefe poppy

“Nobody sees a flower, really -it is so small it takes time – we haven’t time – and to see takes time, like having a friend takes time.” -Georgia O’Keefe

8. Listen to Music from Venus in Taurus Artists

Taurus rules the throat; Venus rules music. Is it any wonder that our favorite musicians were born with Venus in Taurus?


Lana del Rey



More Venus in Taurus musicians: Paul McCartney, Bono, Ariana Grande, Kanye West, Alanis Morissette, Ella Fitzgerald, Steve Tyler

9. Hug. Liberally.

For Taurus, the physical generosity of a hug heals and calms the body and psyche in ways that no other form of casual affection can. Don’t skimp on giving hugs –and be greedy when receiving them!

koala hugs

image source: all images were taken from Pinterest or Wikipedia


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