End of Year Clearing

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It’s here. The end. And what a year it’s been. There has been more death, and transitions of great magnitude than I can remember. My work as a healer has been taken to all kinds of different levels this year. On all, it’s been a demanding, rigorous year in terms of extreme change and adaptation.

But it’s all slowing down now. Nature follows cycles. Cycles have acceleration and deceleration points. All new journeys have endings. My husband often notes that critical point when we are on a trip where everything we will be doing from that moment forward is totally focused on one thing- getting home. We’ve similarly reached the point in our journey right now, this December. We’re in the final stretch.

Earth time is not boundless in supply; we feel this in the archetype of Capricorn. The ending of a year, marking our human time here on Earth, reminds us. The holiday frenzy can have us feel frantic, but that’s a choice. If you get present, feel into the energy of the season, you’ll discover that, right now, time has a slow, delicious, gliding quality to it. The rain. The snow. The long hours of darkness. Time off work for holidays.

So… it’s about time. To finish what has been preoccupying your attention and focus. Don’t overwhelm yourself, though. It’s cold outside; nature has fewer resources to spare, too. Be winter-minded about it. That is, be economical, efficient with your energies and resources, knowing you’ve only got a single candle left to burn, one nut squirreled away in your storehouse. Focus on just one thing you’d like to work on or finish up. 

That’s your sweet spot, the juicy place that wants your focused, solid attention for the rest of the year, at least, and maybe a little into the new year. Mercury retrogrades Dec 19, 2016-Jan 8, 2017 from 15 Cap to 29 Sag. Dedicate your self to that (Capricorn always rewards your dedication).

If you need help figuring out what that is, here’s a hint: It’s square in front of you, so omnipresent that when you put one foot in front of the other you step right in it. It’s the thing that keeps tripping you up, the issue that persistently occupies your attention, or a brick wall you can’t get around.

An end of year clearing is always in order at this time. Let yourself reflect by the fire. Solstice (December 21) rituals always involve fire. You can do a release ritual by writing down what you’re ready to leave behind, and burning the list. It can be very purifying to see your baggage go up in flames.

The slowing march of Mercury says: It’s time to slow down. To savor solitude and silence. No matter how busy it looks out there, we have plenty of time to devote attention to what matters, in here. We have time to sink into these important issues. We have time to have hard conversations. We reflect, purge, finish, let go of the past… so we can move unencumbered into the new.


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  1. Erin Reese

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll like the idea that I will ‘trip right over it.’ Totally accurate as my desire is to go through the boxes of paperwork that are piling up on my office floor. Let’s see if it happens!!

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