I’ve been doing a simple practice I thought I’d share with you. It’s called “Where am I?” It’s an exercise in presence. Presence is so important for coming fully into your own energy, and you need to be in your energy body in order to feel clear, good and right directed in your life choices.

When we’re distracted from our self, life delivers us distracted, fragmented results. A childhood friend and I were catching up when she shared that after years of being single, she decided to online date…But she said her energy was scattered so that was exactly what showed up. When she recognized she wasn’t getting the results she wanted, she stopped, and started working on her own patterns. Now she says she feels so close to finally being ready for a love relationship grounded in authenticity and soul.

No matter what you are working on in your life, presence is the foundation of all desirable change.

But enough about you… 🙂 Why did I start this practice?

-I noticed, when I thought of someone (a memory, “I wonder what they’re doing?” or random thoughts) I was picking up on their energy. I’d start feeling a little wonky.

-I noticed, when I started “thinking” – as in, I’m going to really figure this out with my logical left brain- I’d become ungrounded and/or uncentered in my energy body.

-I noticed, when I wanted to have a hard conversation and stay in my seat of power, I got into trouble. I tended to go into another’s energy instantly, which meant I absorbed their feelings/thoughts/energies.

-As a result of being out of my energy body a lot, I didn’t feel like “ME”– like myself.

In what area(s) of your life are you feeling wonky, fragmented, scattered, unclear?

The Practice

The practice goes like this: Sit down in a quiet space for a few minutes. Get quiet. Feel your feet on the ground. Breathe into your solar plexus. Ask yourself “Where am I?”

Your consciousness can be anywhere — it is not attached to your body. Is your consciousness ten feet in front of you? Is it on the other side of the world? At work? In your partner’s/mother’s/sister’s/kid’s energy? Is it playing dress rehearsal for something in the future? Is it ruminating about a past situation?

After you’ve discerned where you are, without judgment, invite your consciousness to come back into your body, where you want it to be. Focus on sensation: areas of tension and relaxation. Invite your energy to settle back into your center, behind your heart chakra, and your solar plexus. Breathe with it. Are you feeling a little more relaxed? A little more present? This practice is meant to be subtle, small.

Be gentle, not demanding or perfectionistic: Invite yourself to pull within to enjoy your own presence. I love the word invite because it’s not pushy, but gracious and generous and has lots of permission built in. You can always refuse or accept an invitation. That’s the spirit of the word invite.

Depending on how much time you spend with your attention, focus or energy turned outside of yourself, this practice might sound undesirable to the distraction loving Ego. You want to make coming back into presence, being in your own body and energy, a far more attractive and delicious place to be than not.

Do this throughout the day for just a few minutes at a time. Just see where “you” are, try to gently smile at your self when you realize you are soooo not right here right now, then invite “you” to come back into your body. As your consciousness returns, notice what it feels like to be inside your body (vs. outside).

It’s no big deal to practice presence. This isn’t a meditation session. No harsh Zen master is going to whack you for not being present. Yet like all things spiritually true and resonant, the practice is simple, not easy. Again, kindness, not perfectionism. With practice, you’ll get the hang of it.

Virgo Full Moon …& a Little Forecast

Virgo Full Moon is the perfect time to become aware of the small daily habits and practices that are serving us, and those that aren’t. Health, work and daily routines, pets, mentor/apprentice relationships, spiritual practice, and consciousness itself, all fall under the guise of Virgo-Pisces.

We typically want to “be better” at something under a Virgo Full Moon, and as we work that out, our powers of analysis and problem solving (and worry and insomnia) increase. The shadow of Virgo may get activated… perfectionism, criticism, self-shaming, over-analysis…all the ways we don’t measure up.

This is why taking small, practical steps, paired with reasonable expectations, resonates so well for Virgo.

A light touch is always best.

Another reason to take it easy: Mercury is getting ready to go retrograde in Pisces (March 5-28) and since we are already in its shadow period, we may feel this earlier. As the planet of mind appears to be moving backwards in the sign of oneness, intuition, presence, the non-rational, the best approaches and ideas we have will be the unusual, left of center, ones.  We’re more likely to have perspective altering awareness arrive in moments of being rather than doing, or activities grounded in presence, like washing dishes, taking a walk or shower. The mind is more receptive to working on the spiritual plane, and using spiritual principles, now. Practices like: invite and allow, letting go, and surrendering your requests/desires to Spirit are favored. Acceptance of life, as it is, is key for the next 4 weeks of Pisces.

Lastly, it is another zero degree full moon (each month of 2019 has featured a zero full moon — the next is 3/20). As I said last month, zero is the womb, seed, a symbol of pure potential. We may feel like we don’t know how to proceed just yet, we’re still regrouping and figuring things out. And that’s totally okay.

Just look at how much is in the middle of changing…

Chiron moves from Pisces into Aries today, seeding a cycle that has us turning away from the realm of healing hyper-sensitivity and victimhood (Pisces) to healing what denies our self-empowerment and self-volition (Aries).  Inner teacher, Chiron, is cheering on our acts of independence and selfhood. Yay! Also, after dipping its toe in for a few months last year, then retrograding back into Aries, Uranus enters Taurus on March 1, finally, where we are being awakened to changes we need to make in matters of material and physical security, abundance, resources and confidence. In Taurus matters (home, family, security, money, confidence), a new picture is getting ready to emerge for many of us.

New planetary shifts means integrating new energies into our consciousness, and these take time to process. So, really, go easy and gentle on your self. At this Virgo Full Moon, the small shifts will yield big results down the road. For now, stay present to YOU. It is the best foundation for the changes you want!