When they found Amanda Eller, who had been missing in the Maui forest for over two weeks, it was a big story, here. Not just for her rescue and ordeal, but her spiritual perspective. It’s rare, in media, to hear someone frame something so difficult as a “spiritual experience,” one in which she felt she was being divinely guided, actually, to get lost.

In her initial press conference, she said she relied on “a strong sense of internal guidance” to lead her back to her car – but instead it led her further away, deeper into the jungle. Self described as an over-preparer who takes her cell phone everywhere, “but for some reason on that day I did not. That’s why I believe it was part of my spiritual journey.”

Destiny to forget her cell phone? For intuition to lead her in the opposite direction of safety?

I found this fascinating …and deeply authentic. True to living a Soul-centered life. The Soul is on a journey. The Soul trusts that whatever is happening is exactly what’s meant to be happening.

This runs counter to what the Ego believes. In Ego, there is a “supposed to be…” My life is supposed to look like this. My career is supposed to look like this. My enlightenment is supposed to look like this. My relationship life is supposed to look like this. My hike in the rainforest was supposed to last a few hours (apparently not, replies the Soul). Because this is coming from a place of lack and untruth, the untruth of “supposed to” always generates a lot of fear.

The Ego doesn’t like not knowing what’s happening next… But that’s where the Soul makes itself felt.

“Not knowing” teaches us so much about being deeply present and accepting of what is. Amanda said, at one point she had to wake up, be present, and realize that her every step had consequences. “…If I misstep, I twisted my knee, I cut myself. It’s like one step closer to not being alive.” She had to shrug off a victim mentality. “The thing that kept coming up over and over was that this is not punishment. This is your destiny, this is your journey. This is your path”

Hopelessly lost or finally found? Divinely guided, or led astray? Crazy? Or, how f’in cool is that?!

Ultimately, the only person that answer matters to is her. We get to choose our own narrative. Of every single experience we have. People have opinions, often very different from ours. Culture, media, “entertainment” shoves crap down our throats all the time. We don’t get to control a lot of things in life but we can choose our perspective, our point of view. We get to write our story.  As I told a fellow writer and client this week: It is our right to be Right.

In a world of diverse information, narratives, opinions — how do we cut through the noise, to know what is True for us?

Gemini New Moon Energy Practice: Feel, Don’t Think

Gemini is the sign of contradictions, duality, mind, of mental chatter and story. Mind is brilliant in its ability to generate and solve problems. It allows us to communicate the full range of our imagination. There’s also no quicker way to become ungrounded, fearful and confused than to attend its drama, love for distraction and fiction. It’s like: blah, blah, drama, drama, problem, problem, fear, ooh, doubt, more doubt, drama, blah, blah, blah. Exhausting!

To add, Neptune is square this Moon. The mind is being challenged to integrate intuition, soul consciousness, feeling.

There’s a Buddhist parable that says you don’t want to be in a bad neighborhood at night with your mind. When you’re lost in a dark place late at night, who can you trust? Not mind. I’d add to that– or others’ minds, either 🙂

Feel. Don’t think.

Here’s the practice: The next time you are confused, when something looks one way, but then again, when you turn it another way it looks differently, drop into your heart, relax into your spine, feel your pelvic bowl. Feel the energy there. Breathe. Breathe. Feel, don’t think. Ask: How do I feel? Does this (person/way/thing) feel right for me? Or wrong?

For every confounding, confusing, contradictory situation you find yourself in, one with too many choices, too many external perspectives or energies, when much is being thrown at you… when you feel lost in a forest and do not know which way to turn, or if you feel in the dark about your next step… there will only ever be a YES or a NO for you. There will only ever be what feels right to you now, and is therefore for you, or what feels wrong for you (and is not for you).

My intuition led me to a talented healer recently who wasn’t for me, yet as the snippets of delivered truth wove in between the “No” I was experiencing, it caused me to doubt my feelings. When I thought about my experience, the duality only generated confusion. But feelings always tell Truth. I learn this over and over again.

Your energy body knows everything you need to know. The rest of what’s going on “out there” is just noise.

For the zodiacal sign that looks everywhere and anywhere for answers, and can get lost in the mental multiplicity of distractions and perspectives, there is really only one answer: What feels right, to you. That’s your story, your Truth.