Intuition is so subtle. Spirit guidance arises in subtle, small, quiet moments.

Yet we pay attention to drama, the loud kids in the room. We give our full attention to THE noise.

You know the NOISE, right? It is here, there and everywhere all the time. 24/7.

Obviously, we do often need certain loud information from our environment. But it’s also why we easily miss what our intuitive senses are guiding us toward…and away from.

Your Soul’s guidance is not dramatic. It will not be dramatic, even when life is.

It is sitting there, doing its nails, waiting for your presence. It has all day, year, lifetime, really, to deliver the message that you might actually enjoy doing that thing you really want to do, but are resistant to doing for some reason.

Always, simply, just that one awareness.

It rarely hits you like a ton of bricks.  It’s more like a feather landing.

A felt experience of yes. Or NOOOOoooo.

But will you get underneath the noise and listen? Will you follow through?

It’s easy to think Spirit only delivers guidance with fireworks. I feel this from clients when I suggest a simple solution, or a practical way to address their issue. It isn’t grand enough. Or I tell them something they already know, so they think it must not be valuable. I can feel their Ego want to write it off, if not actually write it off altogether… because the Ego is used to drama and complexity. Because we are not used to valuing the quiet whispers of the Soul over the dramatic gestures of Ego.

The spiritual life isn’t dramatic at all. It is the opposite. The biggest shifts we can make are the simple, easy ones. And so, if we want to get better at understanding when we are being intuitively guided, we need to get quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

When it comes to intuition, tuning into those subtle signals is where it all begins. That’s how guidance really starts to show up and guide us in concrete ways.

Taurus Full Moon Energy Practice: The Subtle Body

When BIG is the currency of the world, when the world is pushing our buttons to elicit strong emotions like adrenaline and desire, “freaking out” or “spiraling” is the way Ego learns to get our attention. BIG, LOUD, COMPLEX… is an emotional habit. Yet it’s just a habit. One we can change.

Scorpio Sun season is known for delivering drama, complexity, depth to our experience. Taurus Full Moon reminds us to be far more practical, simple about everything. Slow down. Listen to the body. Maybe let go of all that complexity, just for today. Embrace ease & simplicity.

Neptune in Pisces is sextile this Moon, perfect for strengthening your subtle intuition.

First, start with noticing the subtleties occurring in your physical body.

For instance, the tension in your back. Your energy moving a little faster than normal. Discomfort. Or anxiety, which can feel quite big – but is actually a message (see below).

Second, ask: What would it feel like to slow down my energy body? Or: Is it safe to relax? Simply wait a minute (usually less). Allow your energy body to answer.

This is experienced as a subtle sense of warmth and relief around the belly or heart.

Important: Go for subtle calm, not big calm. Train yourself to notice the very subtle shifts of energy.

Third, ask: What does my Soul want me to know right now?  

Key to this is trusting that you’ve really got this. Trust that your Soul wants to reveal the answer to you. Trust that you already know the answer. The answer is likely very simple, like “I want to take a bath.” Or “I don’t want to be doing this anymore.” In fact, I find most of the anxiety/fear I experience nowadays is because I’m doing something that I don’t want to be doing – or I’m not doing something I want to do – which creates dis-resonance in my subtle energy body.

Your guidance may be literally jumping up out of your chair right now, and actually doing that thing your Soul really wants to be doing. It’s not always a thought form.

Your guidance may arrive a few hours later, in a dream or a conversation. Because – you asked.

Sad, true story: People periodically tell me that they feel they’ve lost touch with their own guidance. I don’t believe it. They are simply distracted from their deeper connection. And they don’t value it!

It does take commitment to turn inward, to ask: How am I feeling when I watch this movie? When I’m with this person? When I think this thought? When I consider this creative idea?

It takes commitment to get quiet, listen inward and reflect, instead of distract and escape.

(It certainly doesn’t require a class or PhD in intuitive studies, as those same folks will tell me.)

Guidance is learning to follow through on those thoughts, images and impulses you are receiving all the time – and truly valuing them as the worthy and awesome spiritual guidance it is!