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Sometimes astrology is fun and useful; other times, because it names so many potentials (and not all of them good) I find it stimulates fear and foreboding. Today, because I have always deeply enjoyed this rich time of year, I wanted to bring LIGHT to the way this sign of Scorpio serves us all.

First, this recent solar eclipse sheds light on your deepest resources, and delivers empowerment (even through loss, change, transition), especially when you take a particular approach to what is happening in your life right now:

-be psychologically courageous and emotionally honest with yourself
-face the tough questions with investigative curiosity and grit
-lightly hold the intention to ONLY know and align with TRUTH
…and be willing to release any defenses or resistance to doing the above.

…Any and all of us can do this right now, to receive benefit.

…We may even discover new inner and external resources when we do.

***this longer bit is for those of you who know your birth chart***


Scorpio season is a perfect time to align with your innate resourcefulness. This sign governs all things invisible and outside of your control, and paradoxically these situations teach us how to sit in our power amidst tumult, loss, mystery, change.

In your birth chart, the house(s) in which Scorpio falls show where you are infinitely resourceful; where, like a starfish, you can lose a limb and, in time, grow a new one. Loss serves you here, since it ALWAYS gives rise to personal transformation. In this area: Your psychological courage, and relentless self-honesty, are rewarded in fascinating and magical ways.

Here, you are tried and tested many times by situations that arise that are outside your control. These burn up any impurities or things you don’t need, allowing you to move forward empty, open. These challenges cause you to discover areas of inner resource previously invisible to you- rich, inner, wealth that you wouldn’t have otherwise discovered or sought out.

~note: these descriptions also apply to natal Pluto, so you can read for: Pluto, Scorpio in the house(s) and also for the recent eclipse, 2 degrees Scorpio– which holds a more immediate key to your experience right now.~

Scorpio/Pluto in 1st house -transforming your physical body, going it alone/being a lone wolf, mastering the art of self- reinvention, benefits from psychological introspection and willingness to explore self-change, empowering yourself through acts of self honesty and courage, choosing to look more deeply into yourself instead of blaming others/the world

Scorpio/Pluto in 2nd house– the tools, skills, abilities you cultivate when you are pushed to do so, what you have and own- including a truer confidence gained through what loss and trials have shown you, transforming your ideas about self-worth/money/abundance, turning losses into gains by aligning with your truest values and allowing that to show you magic

Scorpio/Pluto in 3rd house– the mysterious and fascinating subjects you are here to observe, explore and teach, gains through esoteric and psychic studies, exercising your curiosity about what’s truly going on underneath things, nervy explorations into areas that might scare you – or you have initial resistance toward, seeking Truth in a variety of situations

Scorpio/Pluto in 4th house– the way family has shaped you, healing your attachments to control/out of fear for freedom of Truth, transforming your home life, your ability to psychologically regenerate through inner work/healing, investigating your inner world, psychological introspection as alchemical gold, reclaiming lost/repressed memories, reclaiming family bonds

Scorpio/Pluto in 5th house– transforming your personality, the transformations and empowerments you receive through people you love/your love life, reinvention in the ways you create and express yourself, releasing any defenses you have to openly sharing/loving/giving, being affectionate and open in ways that foster safety and trust for everyone you meet

Scorpio/Pluto in 6th house– crisis through health, the body and work, integrating more psychological honesty and awareness of energy into your mind/body connection/health, releasing need for control, allowing a deeper inner power to move through and guide you, owning your abilities/gifts without making yourself a slave to them- or another, your master

Scorpio/Pluto in 7th house– partnering, seeing into different agendas of others’ without judgement, self-investigation through complex relational dynamics, healing partnering wounds, mastering the art of interpersonal boundaries, no longer replaying old wounding and power plays in relationship, creating mutually rewarding & fully healed partnerships

Scorpio/Pluto in 8th house– benefits received through crisis, death, inheritances, discovering true freedom through letting go and loss, creating valuable resources for other people to use, empowering others’ life transformations through offering what you own and have, discovering the joy of giving what you own away, the benefit of totally starting over

Scorpio/Pluto in 9th house– investigating into the meaning you give things, researching complex patterns, letting go of beliefs that do not serve you, seeing perception as the creator of your entire reality, transforming shadow of religion/guru into light, releasing dogmatic Ego or religious structure for compassion and tolerance, getting unstuck- widening your perceptual lens

Scorpio/Pluto in 10th house– your contribution to the world, ongoing reinvention sought in mission and calling, naming the taboo in a public way, works of empowerment in a public way, giving up a role in your community in order to pull inward and feel safe, valuing and protecting one’s own privacy, knowing when it’s kinder to keep a secret than share what you know

Scorpio/Pluto in 11th house– the intensity you experience in friend groups, constant reinvention of your dreams/Vision, offering your resources to solve collective problems, future survival preparation, steering clear of agendas that aren’t aligned with your own values, working to heal collective wounds and falsehoods, seeking Truth as Vision quest

Scorpio/Pluto in 12th house– relentlessly developing and working on your spiritual and inner life, receiving empowerments from confinement and situations you have no control over, trusting in the power of your Divinity/Spirit in all things, the transformations and magic you experience when you surrender totally, reclaiming power through hardship

We are all RESOURCEFUL… but sometimes we need to be reminded of this!

*Please feel free to share your experiences with this, in the comments!


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  1. Suzanne Miley

    Thank you so much, Love! I am so freaking Scorpionic/Plutonic and occasionally forget that due to conditioning. My Cancer sun conjunct Mercury is in the 8th house, Pluto in the 9th conject midheaven, Monday’s eclipse was at the very end of my 11th house, Scorpio rules my 12th house and Neptune is there, Scorpio is my ascendant.

    Your writing here reminds me that I am all about depth and transformation and why I can never stay in the shallows for long.

  2. Jessica

    Mahalo, Suzanne, good to hear from you 🙂 I feel the same; I am deeply connected to Scorpio/Pluto.
    It was fun reminding myself of that, too, having fun writing and creating with this archetype. Happy Halloween! xx Jessica

  3. H

    I couldn’t remember which house Pluto/Scorpio is for me, so i checked. 5th house. I had a giggle over how perfectly accurate this is and has been for me… Another thought provoking post.

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