Every little thing She does is Magic

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Solar Eclipses often create awareness of birth, death and change.

Yesterday, I saw a baby bird being “played with” by a naive puppy, of which the owner, my neighbor, was unaware. Trying everything in my power to stop it, I felt so helpless watching from the other side of the fence. After a good cry (to release the trauma), this morning I discovered a bird’s next right next to my bedroom window! A reassuring symbol for the perpetuation of life. Life goes on…

The Goddess is everywhere.

Her Magic is available everywhere, if you want to look for it.

For instance, a week ago I am talking to a friend about allowing myself to let go of an old form to step into a new one, when in front of me walks a lizard, who is literally shedding its skin. This symbol is so potent it prompts me to ask my friend: What skin are you shedding? She tells me that she is also going through a monumental life-changing event, but she is also tired of transformation. I suggest the message might be that transformation doesn’t have to be hard, it can be a normal part of life, as natural, as easy, as lizard shedding its old skin.

I am a big fan of Grace and Ease.

…not the same as easy, but it is being in alignment with What IS.

What strikes me about the lizard, too, is it appears to be eating its skin. I don’t know whether it is — frankly, there was so much skin shedding going on for this lizard it could’ve just gotten caught in its mouth. But it makes me immediately think, Transformation IS nourishing…

So is talking with her. This conversation (with a beautiful client who became a friend), makes me miss having conversations like this. I love having conversations with, and in, Truth. 1:1 client work has always been my main source for this. But I’ve recently decided to allow myself to change. To allow myself to shed old skin, to change form, from what I’ve known and done up till now, professionally, to what I want to explore next.

I have decided to allow myself to step into an expanded direction, and (often but not always) this means leaving else something behind.

Today, I am looking for a place to plant parsley. An ordinary herb, I catch myself thinking. I notice the once vibrant strawberry plant in the feng shui Abundance sector of our lanai. I have been wondering about that plant, unsure whether to throw it away (is it really dead?). Hmmm. It is done. There is no life left here, I can see that now. I decisively toss the plant out, thanking it for its sweet berries and flowers. I start to repot the space with parsley, when suddenly what I have just done occurs to me: I have officially let go of an old form of Abundance, and have decided to replace it with something new. I just love strawberries, a fruit of Venus (the planet of one-on-one counseling) and so have been loathe to give it up/give up. I have been holding on to what has been so rewarding for me, in so many ways. Yet this particular phase has run its course.

Instead of being sad, I am encouraged. And excited that, yes, once again Magic has made an appearance in my life, to reassure and support my unfolding path. I AM encouraged!!! I excitedly scurry over to one of my favorite symbolism interpreters: Google. Typing in “symbolic meaning of parsley”, the first search result that appears, for me, is: the sharing of knowledge. I also learn it is a very useful, practical herb, suitable for various conditions- including one in particular I am currently wrapping my head around. And, according to some, it has a way of resolving bitterness both digestively and spiritually. Oh my goodness, I think, I just planted the ruler of my third house north node- my ninth house Saturn in Gemini!

I recall a teacher who once told me that I am not here to offer exclusive and romantic 1:1 candlelight dinners with my work, but I AM here to host a dinner cruise for many people. Oh, I am wanting to create Abundance with the power of Parsley. I want to do this parsley thing with my Divination deck.  Offer my services to you, share practical knowledge and wisdom, in a new way, teaching in groups. Oooh, the Magic of Parsley!

This is how Magic works.

How every day and ordinary life is your oracle, mirror to your True Self, portal for Connection to Your Divinity…to the Goddess you are.

Symbolism is my Magic.

For as long as I can remember, I have read the signs, omens, stars, the energy. Over and over, I have connected to my Divine Self with and through the natural world. Once, I remember, a boy who took me to a beautiful rose garden. Almost unfathomably, none of the roses had any scent. I couldn’t smell a thing. We both remarked on this fact. Right then and there I knew he was not and would never be The One for me.

Why look for Magic in the world? When so much else competes for your attention, why bother?

Magic helps us to feel Connected to our Divine True Self, and to the Divine Everything.

It is the whisper of the Goddess,
Yessss...I AM listening. We are here for you.

It is the affirmation of your Divine Identity, Yessss…You matter. Your care, nurturance, presence and attention are very much appreciated.

It is safety and interconnection with All of Life, Yessss…You are IN Divine Interdependence. You are cherished and held, Right Here.

…And it adds sparkle, surprise AND encouragement to your days. It says, Yessss…Be encouraged. Be excited by the unknown. It will be Good!!!

At this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, during this time of transition, change and liminality, a particular quality of Goddess Magic is especially available for all of us. To find it, get Present to yourself. Listen inward. Then, be open to the signs and symbols that appear in your life. They are all around you. Sacred conversation with your most expansive Divine Feminine energy is available when you get Present enough to hear it.

Remember, the Goddess is in All Things, even ordinary, humble, ones (parsley). As Sting once crooned, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic…

p.s.- oooh, and the mash-up picture above? I didn’t intend to include a picture of my cards in this post but when I went to insert the Eclipse Goddess picture I created, it was “accidentally” (aka Accidentally by Divine Design) inserted …so I am going to leave it right here.


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  1. mamta nanda

    Thank you for this sharing. I too love symbolism. And receive messages – a magpie has been singing in my garden for the last couple of days – when I looked up the symbolism in Google – communication resonated with me. I have just had my birthday – on the 2nd June, perfectly placed in the heart of the eclipse season.
    Talking of birth, death and rebirth, when I was born my mother nearly died. A few years ago my grandmother died on my birthday!

  2. Jessica

    Thank you for reading and sharing, Mamta. Happy Solar Return to you!!! xx

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