Clearing Energy & Emotions With Scorpio New Moon

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When you live in Hawaii, people come visit. Inevitably, they leave their stuff behind: a hairdryer, slippers, towels, food…stuff you don’t want, but are now left to deal with. They also leave their energy.

When the mailman delivered a passport for a departed guest (they thought they’d lost it; it ended up being buried in their bedroom), and John said: “ugh, I really don’t want to deal with this,” I suggested he run back up to the postman and tell him to return to sender. Hightailing it up the stairs, he made it to the postman just in time. Problem solved.

This got me thinking about energy. Can returning our emotions, and those of others’, back to sender – to Source, be that simple?

Like stuff left behind by guests, it’s impossible not to feel what others energetically leave in their wake, whether we realize we feel it, or not.

And our own emotions (energy-in-motion) can mystify, too.

Anger, honesty, pettiness, resentment, sadness, sorrow, fear, panic, jealousy, loneliness, isolation, judgment, guilt…

Let’s face it: The pandemic has turned the above energies into garden variety ones. It’s imperative to honestly feel what we honestly feel, and here’s why: When feelings turn inward, they become depression, trigger chronic health issues, and make life miserable. Letting all of this get backed up creates psychic & physical health problems.

I’ve been working with my emotions, lately. I’ve noticed that when I resist feeling something I don’t like feeling, it persists to the point of causing me great distress. My emotions… and others’ emotions, too. Because I’m aware of energy (sensitive), I register external energies and if I don’t acknowledge them, they can stick. The only way to clear all forms of energy-in-motion is to fully acknowledge and experience it all, in the body. So, I’ve been doing a bit of this: opening up my energetic field so wide that I become willing to feel ALL OF IT.

It can be intense, feeling so much. I know I can survive any feeling but certain ones do feel uncomfortable to feel, don’t they?

Some emotions can feel threatening, too, especially if our conditioning is invested in keeping the Truth of what we feel at bay.

I recall a client who said she was afraid that if she felt the depth of her loneliness and grief, she’d die. I suggested that if she felt those feelings she was afraid to feel, really get into them (wail, writhe on the floor, not get up for hours), she might start feeling alive again. The only way out of the dark is through feeling dark entirely…It’s the paradox of heavy emotion. Emotional honesty doesn’t kill us, it saves us. It’s dishonesty that slowly brings us down into deep depression. When you don’t face the Truth of what you really feel, it eats your life force.

So let’s be honest, right now. It’s Scorpio New Moon, and Scorpio season (til 11/21). If astrology can give us a leg up on how to flow with the energies (and it can) this time is designed for: more honesty to self and others, truthfully feeling what’s deeply going on in our guts and viscera, no matter how ugly or difficult. It’s time to release what we can’t visibly see but nonetheless effects us– our emotions, energies.

For me, there was a palpable dullness and fatigue in my energy field, and all over the house. I decided to clear our recent house guests’ energies, and my emotions, too. I thought I’d share my process with you, to inspire you to do your own energy clearing.

Clearing Other’s Energy From Your Field Using Your Intuition: First, I grounded, rooted and centered, and attempted to call all of my energy back so I could proceed with clearing the house. Maddeningly, I couldn’t get centered. I knew something was going on; I was being distracted by an energy, but what? I asked myself whose energy it was and waited a few seconds for my Soul to respond. At times like this, it’s a huge test of faith; I just affirm that my Soul knows all. It answered with the face of a friend. That acknowledgement cleared the energy.

Clearing Your Emotions with EFT: emotional freedom technique, or tapping, is a powerful tool for clearing one’s own emotions. If you don’t know about EFT you can find a good resource in this website (linked) and there’s plenty of demos like this one (linked) on YouTube. A few rounds of tapping on my feelings, guests, my husband, and sundry things, brought my emotional charge around all of it down to zero.

House Clearing, and Clearing Other People’s Energy Fields: Now that I was clear, feeling grounded, rooted, centered -AND- clear, I proceeded to the rest. I knew I couldn’t energetically clear my house if I wasn’t fully “here” myself and so now I was ready to clear what hung heavy in the atmosphere around me. House clearing is a chance to get imaginative, and magical. There are many ways to do it. I’ve painted elaborate trellises and carousels and tents over my home, using my imagination. I’ve saged, crystalled, put out bowls of salt, and performed rituals. The most vital ingredients to any clearing ritual are: your presence, and your decision to command energy back to Source. Today, I decided to walk into each room and call on the highest Light energy the house could hold. I waved a wand and commanded the following in each room, indoors and outdoors, while feeling into areas needing a little more light (a few extra declarations):

Divine Source Consciousness, unlimited in healing, now fills this room with the most beautiful light of the highest vibration, and removes all energy that is not mine from this space. This energy returns to Source, right now, where it belongs.

I also included my husband’s energy field in the clearing– since he was the one here with the guests (I had taken this time to go on a trip, by myself). From experience, I know that John can be a carrier for other people’s energy, which I end up feeling, too.

The effect was dramatic. Light, reinvigorated and no longer tired, not only did I now feel like myself again but my home felt like it was mine again. A dull haze had been hanging over the house, which no amount of cleaning, vacuuming and straightening had shifted. All sparkled again. My husband then bounded up from his downstairs office, looked at the yard, and said “Wow. Look at how beautiful it is today.”

Yes. That’s an affirmative. This is how it works!

Energy clearing is subtle and mysterious and sometimes you don’t feel too much; maybe you’re a tad lighter or clearer (or maybe that was from last night’s good, home-cooked, meal, lol). But sometimes, perhaps when the planets are in Scorpio, as they are now, Spirit, Creator, The Universe, Your Angels, The Planets…all of them just might be conspiring to help you emotionally clear, energetically cleanse, release what’s not yours, and return to yourself. At these times, clearing can feel, and actually be, quite dramatic.

At this New Moon, may you truthfully feel all that you feel, and clear your way back to Source connection. Happy Releasing to You. xx


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  1. Marsha

    Thank you for your words and knowledge. I Sage and Clear for clients in their home and business. I do an intuitive reading which come through me. They pick cards from a Soul Deck by Denise Linn. Namaste.

  2. Jessica

    wonderful, Marsha. You, and anyone else with a relevant service to share, are free to put a link to your services in your comment! xx Jessica

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