I remember a plaque that hung in my childhood kitchen. It was a picture of a Goddess and it read: Bless this Mess. Indeed, things were a mess back then, and we needed Her blessing. The idea of blessing what’s unwanted, messy, has eternal relevance.

Personally, I’ve experienced more physical pain this fall than I’d prefer (that’s my civilized Libra Rising talking; my Aries Moon says, it has sucked b*&^!), and the ONLY thing that has soothed my charged emotional experience, and offered solutions for the pain, is inviting my Divinity in. She always agrees with my entire messy experience, wholeheartedly and lovingly. Because the Soul only knows YES.

It’s a little different from blessing the mess…though the end result is a blessing.

It’s more like: Yesss’ing the mess.

The entire emotionally-charged godforsaken mess of your experience.

“I don’t want this again.” YESSSSSSS…

“I’m terrified that this pain will never end.” YESSSSS…

“What if I can’t do the things I want to do, because of this?” YESSSSS…

“Oh here we go. I can’t handle this.” YESSSSS….

The YESSSS is inside each of us. It is our Divinity, which loves and accepts unconditionally. She has infinite capacity for grace under pressure. Physical pain? Grief? Heartbreak? Fear? Terror? Panic?

Passing experiences.

Why doesn’t it bother our Soul to experience pain? It doesn’t get to her the way it does to our human Ego. Perhaps …because She knows She’s eternal…because She sees all of this from a very different perspective. Whatever the reason, the Soul is able to agree with, and bless, everything Life dishes up.

Her response is unconditional love for the one experiencing all of it.

When I’m in the depths of my human misery, I reach inward and down for this aspect of myself. I dig down deep into my Root, the area of my body where I connect with Knowing. I don’t push away my hot feelings. I allow all of my misery, anger, all of my sense of unfairness, my feelings of abandonment, my feelings of being so alone in this. And when I do this I feel and hear only YESSSS.

The YESSSSS, a silky feeling of sustained grace runs through my energy body.

The YESSSSS, the warmth of radical, total, acceptance with the unwanted, messy, painful experience.

The YESSSSS, agreeing with my feelings about it, and loving me through it.

The YESSSSSSS… (which, later, always leads to renewed resourcefulness and ingenuity).

To be clear, this is an energetic experience, not a mental one. It is not the power of positive thinking or law of attraction. After I invite and allow the acceptance of YESSSSS to surface, the part of me that can be okay with all of it, it softly billows, as energies will. When the energy integrates into the mind, it translates as: This is all okay to feel, and understandable. You are safe. You are okay.

This calms me down, allows my nervous system to relax and shift into presence.

As a result of encountering such strong, positive and loving acceptance towards what I don’t want to experience, a mental wrinkle can surface, one I usually need to iron out. The Ego has the tendency to interpret Acceptance as condoning the experience it does not want or like – or so it argues. Yet it is entirely possible to be okay with what’s NOT okay with you. For many situations, though (death, loss, grief, physical pain, illness, healing abuse and trauma, or even insomnia), the ONLY way through what we don’t want is to agree with it. It is possible to not like an experience at all, and still be okay with having it. This is the magnificence of our Divinity:

The ability to accept the unacceptable.

The ability to entirely transform the unacceptable.

Because when we commit to feeling life fully, re-discovering our capacity for YESSSS (because it never left; it has been with us since the beginning of time) we get this very different view: We discover capability, resourcefulness, strength, brilliance, hope, trust in life.

…Not just tolerance for the intolerable. That’s only more suffering. When we fully allow our self to feel and accept what feels intolerable, allow the YESSSS surface and bless us with love and grace, we discover our ingenuity, resourcefulness, adaptability and infinite love.

Then, we are able to solve our old problems from a new perspective… instead of the old perspective that created those problems.

This is what chronic, unrelenting, pain taught me. Because once I found the YES, I realized the pain I was experiencing was an energetic pileup and all I really needed to do to ease it was gently re-distribute the energy from where it was concentrated into the areas that felt empty, and encourage soothing flow. Once I allowed my energy body to take the lead, after a few rounds, the pain stopped entirely.

(Not pills. Not trauma release. Not mentally figuring it out – Goddess knows, I’d spent tons of time trying to SOLVE the problem).

This is the power of connecting to the part of YOU that already knows how to hold your own hand… to soothe, comfort, and bring oodles of grace to your suffering. While you are soothing yourself you receive real answers, guidance, wisdom.

She is right here. She is grace. She is kindness. She is infinite unconditional love. She is YOU.

The YESSSS holds the unconditional love we have towards our self, and for all of humanity.

This is our Magnificence, and it’s something we forget!

In our human moments it is easy to forget to call our Divinity into our very human experience. Yet when we remember, it’s: right here (if you need inspiration, a reminder, that Goddess/I AM/Creator/Divinity is indeed a CORE part of you, go to 19:30 of this video).

This is the practice. This is how I’m doing it, how I’ve been helping myself through what feels utterly intolerable. Actively, decisively, energetically inviting my Soul, Divinity, into all areas of my body but especially my pelvic bowl, container of Knowing, also known as the seat of the Soul. I’m staying in my body and honestly feeling my entire experience. I’m not abandoning ANY of my dark feelings, not one iota, and this is how I’m getting to the Light. This is how I’m: reconnecting to the Truth. This is how I’m allowing myself to be healed.