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I choose where to place my Awareness,
what’s worthy of my precious presence is determined only by me
when the fire alarm du jour rings;
when another inconvenience and discomfort threatens my peace,
I ask myself:
Do I want to suffer death from a million tiny papercuts?
…little annoyingly uncomfortable things that for some reason, just. keep. coming.?
(and does any of this really matter to me? Truly?)
I decide.
to re-anchor my Awareness into the ground, the soft, cool grass
to remember the ones I love,
and actually
place them in my heart
Yes, instead of allowing IT to move me,
I move MY Awareness
I decide to not allow what’s “outside” to yank me to and fro
I call my Self back
to all that I love and value,
to all that I AM
for my Awareness is my ship,
and I am in COMMAND
steady in this resolve,
sweet gesture- a kindness toward myself,
at a time,
~I pause ALL else~
so I can guide my ship away from the stormy weather,
and back into the grace, ease, and peace that I AM
in this light-drenched calm
I soon discover
the weather can no longer find me, not anymore
the dark clouds go elsewhere
distractions, irritations that once followed me,
now do not
…my Awareness cannot be commandeered
when I am in command of my Awareness.
image: Waikaloa Village, Kona, Hawaii


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  1. Katy Chamberlin

    Love this! So timely for me at the starry of the workweek on a rainy Marin morning.

  2. Helen

    A little sensitivity perhaps would not go amiss right now to your readers in and around the UK. I have been completely underwhelmed by the Astrology/Spiritual Awareness Community on their lack of sentiment on the passing of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II.. Little papercuts does not quite fit our grief and mourning of our precious Monarch who worked and served us as well as God/dess so graciously.

  3. Jessica

    Helen, I’m sorry you’ve been underwhelmed around the lack of support for your grief. I understand. It certainly is a big deal! Actually, I saw my colleague and friend, astrologer Leah Whitehorse, also from UK, publicly speak to the Queen’s passing- and take a day off for her memorial.

    Please understand (or: know) that I write for myself. If you’ve followed me over the years you will notice there are many collective events that pass through my Awareness, which I don’t mention in my writing. Yet this exclusion doesn’t mean I am not in sympathy with you.

    I hope you and others are finding compassionate support during this sad time. xx Jessica

  4. Jessica

    Thank you, Miss Katy!!! hugs, Jessica

  5. OM

    Dear Jessica,

    Spectacular – thank-you for presenting so eloquently.

    OM from Canada

  6. Sandy Johnson

    My favorite part–sooo needed at this moment.

    ~I pause ALL else~
    so I can guide my ship away from the stormy weather,
    and back into the grace, ease, and peace that I AM

  7. Jessica

    Hi Sandy! Thank you for leaving a comment; I appreciate it. I just got a little nudge to remind you of the “I’m Okay” card and practice. Hugs, Jessica

  8. Jessica

    You are welcome, OM 🙂

  9. Sandy Johnson

    Oh, Jessica–You’re amazing. The “I’m okay” card was the one I pulled this morning!

  10. Jessica

    ha! I am just now seeing this Sandy. That pull was so strong, to tell you. How COOL is that?! xx Jessica

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