Wrapping Up 2023

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When I sat down to write a blog to you (about Pluto- will do that, later this month), I realised there’s been so much to say about what I’ve been up to. So if you feel like reading one of those old-fashioned year end wrap up notes, the kind you get from your Auntie you haven’t seen in a few decades or that old friend from your school days, grab a cup of tea and settle in. I’m sharing a little bit about 2023, for me.

Let’s begin with the second half of 2023, as this latter half of the year was a big one. I went to Vienna, Austria for the month of October, with John, who consults for the United Nations, there. It was a lovely European Staycation; staying in a new place I love for a whole month or longer is my absolute preferred way to travel.

I recommend it. You get to settle in, develop daily live-as-the-locals-do rituals… and living like you’re Viennese is super! Getting up in the morning and bike-riding with all of the commuters (many Viennese ride the bike to work and play) to one of Vienna’s many historic coffee cafes, to sip on an Einspanner -an espresso with whipped cream- while people watching and pastry drooling is my idea of heaven.

A bit of coffee, and strolling the cobblestone streets, is just the epitome of romantic, *for me.

Then… a little shopping, perhaps? Or, feel like a museum? I love shopping in Vienna. I see trends in fashion that I don’t see here in the U.S., and definitely not in Hawaii.  Even visiting the market for daily groceries is a stimulating adventure. When I first arrived, this was an event. It took me forever to figure out what to buy, with all my food sensitivities, the language difference, and just different cultural habits, generally (do NOT dally at the checkout line -with bags, money and packing things up; Austrians are paragons of efficiency so you may feel a bit shamed if you do). Eventually, my very elementary understanding of the language came back to me so I could sort the food. I remembered to not dally, and my stress levels eased a bit.

After the jet lag passed, which took me a whopping week, only days later… we both got Covid. Ha! It was my first experience with Covid, and it WAS as bad as I thought it’d be. But I practiced excellent self-care, and we enjoyed a healthy last week and a half. The last week was my very favorite, in large part because I finally felt good. Also, I had figured enough things out to relax a bit. That’s travel for you! Or, at least for me.

When I had first envisioned this trip for myself, I “saw” myself finishing a book. I held the intention to do so… and SO IT IS! I DID complete a first draft of a work that I intend to publish in 2024.

But something else happened, too. As you might recall, my very first book A Love Alchemist’s Notebook: Magical Secrets for Drawing Your True Love Into Your Life, (FYI: you may not know that I’ve published 5 books now), was essentially written during a six-week stay in Vienna.  A few years ago, when this book went out of print, the rights reverted back to me. This means: If I want anyone to be able to ever read it again, I must re-design (new artwork) and republish it. It’s no small feat, figuring out how to reformat a book when all I have is a PDF copy, and designs I cannot use. But, while in Vienna, there was this painting that hung in the kitchen of our flat….which just kept nudging me to figure out how to do this: A woman in a wedding dress that was similar to mine, gazing over a body of water, and from behind she even looked “like me”.

LSS, now I’m working on two books for 2024! This process is hard work, AND so very fun for me.

But it’s also brought up the beast of marketing. Again. Along with some regrets about what didn’t work out, when I first became a published author with a public identity, back in 2010. So many new expectations! I didn’t want to do anything – but I made myself! I didn’t know how to say NO yet- so I didn’t! My grandmother died the same month the book was published! I got adrenal fatigue! Twice! Yes, I had just begun a Pluto transit. In the spirit of reflection, during the upcoming Mercury retrograde I plan to share more.

Back in Vienna… I had set the intention to do a self-paced six-week watercolor sketch journal class. I’ve done this class before (adored it), and since I had the old emails, decided to re-do it with my friend Alice from here in Honolulu. Almost daily we texted one another self-portraits and drawings, and LOL’d quite a lot.

So good.

Then, as if things couldn’t be any romantic, creative, or cozier for this Cancerian… I got a kitten!

I’ve had cats, but not a kitten and this was on my bucket list for this lifetime. I named her Baby Bean. She is mischievous, playful and all the sweet and salty that you want in a kitten. She cuddles, is quiet at night (thank Goddess!). I sometimes awaken with her sleeping in the crook of my neck. Just this morning she: Took a nap on my neck (yes, my neck), lovingly licked my armpit, and kissed my nose with hers. Awww. She’s a Virgo.

This year, I was also feeling so good continuing to teach my Intuitive Energy Divination Deck class. This class idea was a big YES that began in 2021, and because I have such a small following of you, I really wasn’t sure how to people my desire with actual students…but it’s not up to me to figure out “how”, is it? Steadily, for the past few years, I’ve had 3 different cohorts of Intuitives study with me. They are learning about their intuition, and I get to learn from them, and myself! I hope to continue in 2024, Goddess-willing.

Finally, after my friends, Alice Inoue, and Heather Fern Vuchinich hosted a really fun VIP Self-Care Day last Spring, for sixteen people, we conceived a Vesta retreat in 2024. This has taken shape for the last weekend of April, 2024. Expect more news about this forthcoming, but if you want to come to Oahu for a weekend, and learn practices and astrology surrounding your Divine Calling, from 3 astrologers/healers…email me.

This fall, one thing that’s become clear for me is that only good things happen when I really listen to myself, to what I want, desire, need… and give the hard NO to the rest. Lukewarm choices = lukewarm life, right? This happens in both the big, and the little choices I make. It was a big choice to say YES! to going to Europe this year; it was my first time abroad in five years, and due to pets, health, and well, everything, it took months of planning. Worth it. The little choices, like listening to the call to do some drawing in Vienna, which I got to share with Alice, was so incredibly satisfying; now I have a notebook full of drawings to reflect upon.

There were NO’s: Trips not taken, experiences not ready to be explored, relationships not furthered, classes not taken, or offered. Things that either felt “wrong” to the inner listener weren’t meant to fly – including a few interesting experiments with social media. It was fine. All of it reflects how my own Inner Guidance is showing up more smoothly, naturally. I feel this year’s positive momentum is a reflection of my self-alignment.

When I think about what’s next, all I feel that I need do is re-member: Who I Am. Re-member to do the things that I have spent years integrating, and be Who I AM. As I re-read A Love Alchemist’s Notebook, alongside my newest work – funnily, I’m still the same person! I’m still yammering on about the True Self Connection, self-care, intuition, self-love, remembering that you are Divine and you are of Love… and so on. So, I have been reassured, reading both works, that I am walking my talk and that my core message remains the same. Ha! It appears that some part of me, the Soulful Wise Eternal I AM, moves through my words and actions.

I feel more than blessed – I feel Abundant. I hope you do, too. And I also hope that you keep your energy and focus on what matters most. You are here for a reason. Much love to you and yours this season,



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