Intuitive Energy Read for May 22-28, 2022

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I did a card draw for this week’s energy: What does Spirit want @moonkissd followers to know about this week’s energy? I’m reading this draw, consecutively: from start (card 1) to mid (card 2) to end of the week (card 3). I found the parallels to the timing of astrology fascinating, so I included those in italics, below. Let me know what you think in the comments!


ALIGNMENT: “Clarify what feels Right and True for you.” In a nutshell, this week starts off with a need to get CLEAR on what feels right for us to pursue, versus what does NOT – especially related to what we are taking on or beginning this week.

With Mars changing signs 5/24 eventually to join Jupiter in Aries (5/29), moving forward is indeed all about knowing WHAT WE TRULY WANT and the way to know this directly is to ask: “What feels good and in alignment with me? And what does not?”

DEEPENING: “Greater satisfaction is available to you.” By mid-week, we discover how well we are feeling is inextricably tied to how deeply we are connecting to our experience; don’t superficially glide over things that are tugging at your heart and feeling-awareness at the expense of your DEEPER SATISFACTION.

Gemini season always runs the risk of dissipating energies; too many things compete for attention which can cause us to overlook, or not track deeper aspects of our experience, thereby missing deeper joy available. Pause in the spaces in-between.

LIGHTEN UP (reversed): “Let go of the pressure to feel or be better.” Finally, at week’s end there will be a tendency to make things heavier than they need to be. To protect your own well-being and energy (which is what a reversed indicates) LIGHTEN UP. Feel your feet on the ground, or take a mental health day, and just let it go.

At week’s end, Venus squares Pluto 5/26, which feels heavier than what we’ve been experiencing (and may cause us to re-think, re-hash old issues since Mercury in Venus-ruled Taurus is still retrograde). Protect your energy by letting go and lightening up.

To integrate into this more deeply, here’s a little bit more of the excerpted text — from my deck.

ALIGNMENT. This week’s energy begins with evaluating where you are in integrity with yourself and where you are not.

“The appearance of this card suggests you are being called to more deeply evaluate your sense of alignment. Alignment is inextricably tied to living in your Authentic Self and Truth. Alignment is your supple and natural sense of rightness with who you are, who you are with (your relationships and connections), where you live (geographical and your living environment), work, and what you are doing in any given moment. When all these elements are in alignment, you will know it by the way you feel integrated and generally content.

As you read the above elements of alignment listed, one word or phrase may light up for you. Make sure you are grounded, rooted, and centered. Then ask, “What is not in alignment?” Allow your inner knowing to gently surface. Notice what about this, specifically, is off for you. Remember, the fact that you are picking up on something “off” means you already know exactly what requires adjusting…”

DEEPENING. The mid-week “how-to” or key is to pause and deepen for your well-being.

“What have you been gliding over a little too easily, too quickly? Where have you been a little too dismissive of something that deserves your loving attentiveness? Would it feel delicious to generally deepen? Deepening is the way our Soul delivers deeper levels of satisfaction when we have become too busy to notice what is available to us. Often, the deepening our Soul wants is for us to notice a positive shift or experience we’ve had, or to become aware of a yummy opportunity for greater fulfillment. When so much competes for our attention in the world, when the pace of life is fast, it is easy to overlook opportunities for more intimacy with: pleasure, joy, connection, acknowledgment…

This is how to move through what is bothering you right now: take it in a little more deeply. Dive down, deep. Reconnect with your feelings, your body, this moment. What are you feeling? Wait for your Truth to arise. Your answer may be as simple as, “I need to take a walk,” or, “I’m tired.” Feel the emotional truths land softly in your belly…”

LIGHTEN UP. Finally, this card suggests that, this week, we risk losing energy by taking things that will arise (especially towards the latter part of the week, since it’s the last card) way too seriously, or making life heavier than it is.

“It’s easy to get bogged down by external energies and thoughts, habits of conditioning, to get caught up in the energy of conflict and worry. It is easy to forget that our True Divine Nature is not these temporary energetic experiences. Our True Nature is Light, feeling good, bright, clear. All else is just passing phenomenon. The appearance of this card suggests you have temporarily forgotten your Divine Identity and birthright. Things have become too heavy, onerous. You are working way too hard at trying to feel okay instead of embodying the ease you already are. Lighten up. Let go of the conditions, pressures, and expectations you have created for yourself. A tree doesn’t judge itself for not growing fast enough. No one tells a sunrise to work harder, or a flower to create a more beautiful, more perfect bloom. Are you doing this to yourself? Applying pressure and perfectionism where you could be offering yourself compassion?

Light is the Truth of who you are. While you are undeniably, eternally Light, Love, Bliss, in order to remember, to reconnect again, and so feel lighter than you do now, you must step into it energetically. It doesn’t matter what heavy thing you have going on in your life or in your mind. It is time. Decide, now, to lighten up. About everything…”

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Intuitive Energy Divination Deck! You can purchase your own copy right here:



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