Uranus Direct: Surrender The SuperEgo

Welcome Uranus Direct! Uranus retrograde has allowed us to get real familiar with how our SuperEgo limits our person-hood. Our SuperEgo is that part of us that is chock full of shoulds, judgment about being too out- there, different, weird, and whenever we experience an authentic call from the Self, SuperEgo has plenty of advice about what we cannot and definitely should not, do. Uranus is like that status quo figure, The Heirophant, in the Tarot, or the person in your life who will always tell you you should be a banker, lawyer, doctor –when you know in the depths of your heart you will die if you cannot be an astrologer. Who will you listen to?

As Uranus moves direct, you are being given full permission to do your thing. In what area of your life do you need to just stop playing by the rules and instead make up your own? Warning: it’s alienating being ahead of the times. It’s like being the only one at the planetary party who knows global warming exists – twenty years before the term “global warming” was ever uttered. You will feel like a freeeeeak. But if you’re a Uranian or have Aquarius strong in your chart, there is simply no other way. Whether SuperEgo Uranus is the should in your head telling you to give up on finding a way to make your own unique living, or you’ve magically embodied Uranus as a teacher-person in your life who is hellbent on holding you back from You, the Uranus high road is about finding your own authentic authority.

Because there is a high road for Uranus. Uranus in Aries is particularly fierce that you claim it though. It doesn’t suffer fools, or at least not for very long, gladly. Whereas low road Uranus shames you out of your authentic self, and leaves you feeling miserable, uninspired and more average than average, high road Uranus will test you by telling you to swim (because everyone else is), while awakening you to the fact that you are a flier, not a swimmer –then goad you to invent a flying water hovercraft thing. Yes, Uranus can turn you into a genius, but only if you’re willing to risk looking foolish to the rest of us.

What area of your life, and being, wants to live the truth of who you are? What area of your life has quietly (retrograde) been getting ready for radical reinvention? Where are you ready to seek out innovative methods, means, information and teachers to make it happen? There’s no time like the present to make sure the SuperEgo’s negative programming won’t get in the way of being You.


  1. Thank You!!!!!!!
    I feel so much better in my freeeeak-y nature, Jessica. Thank you so much for putting this out there and calling the Superego on the carpet. I wanted to write a post this week called, “Screw You, Superego!” But you went ahead and channeled it here, much better than I could have. It’s so lovely to love Uranus, once we understand him. True Selves, Unite! xoxoxo Erin

  2. Terrific writing….just terrific! thank you!

  3. I just came across your blogs. This one is really on target as are your others, especially on Chiron. I love the visual of how Freud’s theory ties in to Uranus going direct. As an Aquarian felt the restriction of Uranus retrograde recently. Fortunately, I now feel I have the permission to do my own thing. Thanks for your perceptive insights…Arlene

  4. FANTASTIC POST! Thanks for writing it Jessica!

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