Neptune that planet of discontent, dreams, imagination and punch drunk divine love is going retrograde and he’s left a note at the doorway for the Saturn part of us – who is quite honestly, terrified of losing his cotton pickin’ grip on reality. Saturn’s learning tho’ that without creative and spiritual replenishment he really loses it.  Lean into it, let your consciousness stream and dream…

Dear Saturn (in Saturn’s language),

Don’t insist on reality. Really, honey its better that way.

Don’t argue with your writer’s block, get mad that the kitchen’s a mess again or that you just spilled coffee on your white sweatshirt (that’ll teach you to not be fool enough to wear white on a Neptune day). Don’t force yourself to concentrate when you’d rather daydream, and don’t put off writing down your dreams, inspirations or lay in the sunshine because you’ve got to work on the project that kidnapped last years creative energy and threatens to take this year’s down, too. Don’t hurry. Don’t drown your creative energy in overwork, insistence on “the way things are” which always leads you to hit the bottle of emotional self-pity and self-doubt, hard. Reflect. Lose yourself. Go to the park, the sea, anywhere you can to get yourself outside that shell of a cubicle self you’ve inhabited like a prison term. Don’t insist on your “should”. Really, dear, you’ve insisted on reality far too long, it’s what trapped you in this colorless world and sends you scheduling weekend meditation stress survival retreats, yoga between lunch and conference calls like a multi-tasking maniac. You can’t get rid of me with drugs, God, belief…still too solid. I’m far more fluid than a Friday night bender….

Shift into Neptune’s stream of consciousness…. Sleep in let your spirit rise when it’s moved to. Keep your obligations but don’t sacrifice your wellness for them. Notice what you’re feeling…subtly manipulated by someone… sensitive and vulnerable…trapped in a dream,

longing for escape… haunted, slightly out of reach, love… yearning, yearning….inspiration…confusion… light streaming through a cathedral window…organ music, soft and powerful…spinning around in circles, dizzy…connected beyond time and space…a Georgia O’Keefe flower, infinitely small and large…weeping…ecstatic…forgiveness…whooooooooossssssssssssssshhhhhhh
Go farther deeper….what is that feeling…where is the loss coming from? Is there an “I” or is there only space….Noticing…

What is your music, your song? What is your theme? What does it sound, taste, feel like….what’s it’s color?

Vast space….the infinite expanse of time…..I have all the time in the world to accomplish your mission of self-crumbling….surrender the layers, peel back

There are no complete sentences where I’m from…no periods (.) No certainty…the only solution to your big dilemma is to be unsure… embrace your confusion… accomplishment is a ruse, a scene stealer from the real show of Spirit connecting everyone and everything everywhere…whoooooooooooooooooosssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh

Say it with me…”I AM…and that is enough”

Love ya babe,


p.s. – will you water your soul while I’m gone?
p.p.s.- and also feed the beauty around you?