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it is normal to feel afraid

let me tell you a secret,
a way to disarm your fear,

a way to use your fear —
instead of allowing it to use you,
instead of turning that knife onto yourself:

*tell me what has most scared you,
and I will tell you what matters most to you*

afraid of pain?
comforting is your temple

afraid of suffering?
compassion is your way

afraid of not being seen?
acknowledgement and appreciation are Truths to live by

scared of being alone?
loving companionship is your treasure, and skill

scared of abandonment?
showing up for yourself is golden

scared of others’ disappointing you?
freedom from expectations is your gift

afraid of: aggression, rage and anger?
peace is all you’ll ever wage

afraid of betrayal?
a loyal, steady, heart is yours for life

scared of not being “enough”?
self-acceptance is your sacred way

…and so on

on the other side of
what has most SCARED you: lives your most SACRED strengths

gifts you have cultivated,
which you can now more consciously carry,
~and devote yourself even more fully to~,
for having passed through
the alchemical fires
of your very worst fears.

What has fear made SACRED for you?

Please share your reflections in the comments below.


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  1. Luisa

    It is so beautiful Jessica! Wauw I am amazed by the power and simplicity! Thank you for sharing this insight

  2. Jessica

    Thank you, Luisa! much love xx

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