I’m back on the wagon.

After eating my share of sweets and yeasty treats through Europe, I was kind of expecting it. You know ladies -the dreaded yeast infection. What’s astrologically synchronistic about this is it happens on this day when Venus is quincunxed by Neptune. That funny quincunx, who knows what to expect? It’s got this “breaking up is hard to do” thing going on with Venus and Neptune…surrender the sweets, my pretty, all the yummy yeasty treats, the too close for comfort relationships with food, beauty and love that you’ve enjoyed. Yes, Neptune loves to take things away and Venus in Cancer has been nursing herself on some mighty sweet mother’s milk, mmm mmm good. What’s your sweet mother’s milk -is it a relationship to food, are you substituting real food for soul food, or are you feeling the codependence of a symbiotic relationship creep in? Are you being called to “mother” and nurture above and beyond the call of duty? Is Neptune asking you to give something up right now, something you love? To completely change your tune, ready or not? Is it a senseless surrender or can you find a reason to “give it up”?